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Nirvana was more than a band — it was the music that defined a generation of rebellious youth. Nirvana by Jason Lazarus probes into the world of the kids who listened to the iconic grunge band of the early 90s, asking each of his subjects, "Who introduced you to Nirvana?" Each of the 23 responses, which are printed on the back cover, came with a photograph taken during the time in question, making a photographic document reflective of being a teenager in the 90s.

American Places by Oscar Palacio explores the unremarkable sites of deep political and social conflict hidden within the American landscape. From Mount Rushmore to Manzanar, Palacio, originally from Colombia, brings an outsider's perspective to these highly contentious historical locations. Thirty-four color photographs investigate these ordinary-looking places, whose dark pasts are revealed through the captions accompanying each photograph.

Road to Seeing is a massive, 700-page anthology exploring the vast body of work by famed portrait photographer Dan Winters. Aiming to ignite a spark of confidence and inspiration in photographers, the book touches on key topics in sustaining a career in the field of photography from the importance of a portfolio, editing, various photographic genres and personal projects.

Le Crowbar by Tom Hunter documents the travels of he and his friends in 1995. The group set out in a double decker bus from Hackney and traveled all over Europe, fueling their travels by selling food and beer. From gatherings on the beaches of Spain to folk festivals in France, the color photographs in Le Crowbar transport the viewer to another time and place — one of a nomadic lifestyle and carefree youthfulness.

Homegrown by Julie Blackmon is the artist's highly anticipated second monograph, a follow-up to the wildly successful and out-of-print Domestic Vacations. Blackmon's work explores the Dutch proverb, "a Jan Steen household," which references an active home in disarray, filled with rowdy children. Jan Steen's paintings provided Blackmon with inspiration to create colorful, vibrant photographs of her family in the Dutch and Flemish painting aesthetic of the 17th century. Blackmon's work also draws inspiration from her own experience of being raised in a large family. Julie Blackmon is represented by photo-eye Gallery and you can see her work here.

Made in the wake of Kodak's declaration of bankruptcy in 2012, Memory City by Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb is a thoughtful documentation of the city of Rochester and the failure of one of its most notable businesses. The Webbs traced the history of Rochester from its once-bustling culture to its current decline, with a timeline and quotations from some of its most notable residents. Alex utilized his final rolls of color Kodachrome — a film that can only be processed in black & white now — to document the city in its current state of decay. Rebecca's color portraits and still lifes of Rochester's women were made with one of Kodak’s last color films and provide an engaging contrast to Alex's photographs. The two artists trace the evolution of Rochester as its prominence in the Northeast fades into the sunset — while another narrative on the decline of film photography runs parallel.

A quarter billion dollars was spent moving the earth and erecting enormous desert palaces in the suburbs of Las Vegas just before the housing bubble burst in 2008. Michael Light photographed the lifestyle resort of Lake Las Vegas, comprised of 21 Mediterranean-theme communities that still sit unfinished and empty. Lake Las Vegas/Black Mountain is a fascinating aerial documentation of the strange topography of half-built homes and cul-de-sacs that have lain dormant for over six years.

Taxonomy of a Landscape presents over one hundred color photographs of the American landscape by Victoria Sambunaris, who has seemingly traveled every road in America with her 5x7 field camera. Sambunaris’ diligent documentation of the American landscape is accompanied by collected ephemera, maps and more from her research and travels across the country. Natasha Egan, MOCP Director, offers an insightful essay of Sambunaris’ chronicles.

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Alexey Brodovitch's legendary 1945 book Ballet, of which it is thought only a few hundred were printed, is among the most radical, futuristic and 'disruptive' photobooks of the twentieth century. Brodovitch "spat in the face of technique and pointed out a new way in which photographers could work," wrote Kerry William Purcell in a 2002 monograph. Also on the block this week, a gorgeous copy of Ken Domon's seminal 1958 account of the aftermath of the Hiroshima atomic bomb blast (with a stellar example of the Joan Miro designed jacket). Plus:
  • Pekka Turunen: Against the Wall: Lypö, Tilkkanen, Mörsky and I
  • Post-Provoke style meets youthful rebellion in Mikio Tobara's Document Miseinen [Document Teenagers]
  • Chris Killip: Here Comes Everybody (limited edition with print, inscribed)
  • Peter Hujar: Portraits in Life and Death (hardbound)

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    Jason Lazarus
    Oscar Palacio
    American Places - SIGNED
    Dan Winters
    Road to Seeing
    Tom Hunter
    Le Crowbar
    Julie Blackmon
    Homegrown - SIGNED
    Al Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb
    Memory City - SIGNED
    Michael Light
    Lake Las Vegas/Black Mountain - SIGNED
    Victoria Sambunaris
    Taxonomy of a Landscape - SIGNED
    Alexey Brodovitch: Ballet (1945 1st Edition!)
    Pekka Turunen: Against the Wall: Lypö, Tilkkanen, Mörsky and I
    Ken Domon: Hiroshima (1958, First Edition)
    Mikio Tobara: Document Miseinen [Document Teenagers]
    Peter Hujar: Portaits in Life and Death (Hardbound)
    Alessandra Sanguinetti: On the Sixth Day. Photographs (SIGNED)
    Chris Killip: Here Comes Everybody (Limited Edition with Print, INSCRIBED)
    Halil (ed.): A Cloud of Black Smoke: Photographs From Turkey 1968-72 (SIGNED)
    Luigi Ghirri: It's Beautiful Here, Isn't It
    Kenneth Anger: Hollywood Babylon (1959 1st Edition!)

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