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Published by Editions Bessard, each book in the Zine Collection series is printed in a limited edition of 250 signed and numbered copies and includes a signed, original print by the artist. Zine Collection No 9 by Robin Hammond presents a heartfelt documentation of Zimbabwe under the reign of the educated and articulate Mugabe, whose promise of a country free from colonialism won the support of millions. Hammond’s photographs focus on the unraveling of Zimbabwe’s dream for a new future amidst a massive genocide. Zine Collection No 10 by Jung S. Kim presents a narrative exploring the artist’s memories surrounding difficult childhood experiences. The photographs present human sitters in wildly colorful depictions of strange gods and deities. Zine Collection No 11 by Xiao Zhang looks to the workforce in the vast expanse of China, who are forced to find work many hundreds of miles from the places they call home. Zine Collection No 12 by Majid Saeedi focuses on the personal affects of the Afghanistan war. Black & white photographs of the men and women affected by war, from armed service people to civilians, weave together an engaging documentation of the crushing affects of war, as told from both sides of the battle lines.

"With a title referencing the 1976 film about an extra-terrestrial looking for water, The Angler Who Fell to Earth brings together a seemingly disparate selection of images that pull closer and closer together on each reading. Full of subtle connections and clever image pairings, the sense of water and the figure of the angler are everywhere to be found; in photographs of rivers and fishermen and even in the texture of a horse's fur or the elements of a construction site. Mark Mattock likens the creation of his photobooks to making music, assembling 'visual riffs' until the pieces come together. Color, form, composition and theme criss-cross, creating a visual narrative that continually gets richer." –Sarah Bradley on The Angler Who Fell to Earth by Mark Mattock

Anthropocene by Nicolas Guiraud is a visual exploration of the crossroads facing humanity — the planet's accelerated evolution has threatened our survival. Guiraud's photographs of the natural world, portraits and glimpses of daily life in the modern world provide a compelling narrative of the artist's objective. French writer Marie Darrieussecq completes the photographic narrative with two pages of writing of an otherwise fictitious novel.

At Zenith consists of forty color photographs of the sky and passing clouds, photographed by the inimitable William Eggleston. The body of work is a departure from most of Eggleston’s work — it presents a more contemplative approach to his vivid, colorful work on the social landscape of America.

High Tide by Mike Slack includes over forty close-up color Polaroids of actors caught in moments of quiet contemplation. The photographs are moving and multi-faceted as they aim to pull back the layers of artifice through acting, and present fleeting moments of authenticity.

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This Week's Auctions

Leading off this week is an unsung gem of urban documentary: Masao Gozu's incredible In New York — a rare, complete set of all three self-published volumes, all of them signed! Also on the block:

  • Sophie Ristelhueber (and François Hers): Intérieurs
  • Wolfgangs Tillmans: Phaidon Contemporary Artists Series + Neue Welt (both signed)
  • Terry Richardson: Lady Gaga (signed by Lady Gaga)
  • Frederick Sommer: Aperture 10:4 1962 (1939-1962 Photographs)

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    Robin Hammond
    Zine Collection N°9. Zimbabwe - SIGNED
    Jung S. Kim
    Zine Collection N°10 - SIGNED
    Xiao Zhang
    Zine Collection N°11 - SIGNED
    Majid Saeedi
    Zine Collection N°12 - SIGNED
    Mark Mattock
    The Angler Who Fell to Earth - SIGNED
    Nicolas Guiraud
    William Eggleston
    At Zenith
    Mike Slack
    High Tide - SIGNED
    Masao Gozu: In New York (3 Vols, ALL SIGNED)
    Terry Richardson: Lady Gaga (SIGNED by Lady Gaga)
    (Ginger Gordon/Anthon Beeke) Virgin Sperm Dancer (True First Edition)
    Roe Etheridge: Le Luxe (SIGNED) + Orange Grove
    Frederick Sommer: Aperture 10:4 1962 (1939-1962 Photographs)
    Ryan McGinley: Life Adjustment Center (SIGNED)
    Josef Koudelka: Lime
    Josef Koudelka: Respekt (1968 Prague Invasion Photos!)
    Lee Friedlander: Kitaj (SIGNED)
    Lee Friedlander: Self Portraits (Ltd. Ed. Fraenkel Gallery Catalogue)--SIGNED
    Lee Friedlander: The Little Screens (SIGNED)
    Lee Friedlander: At Work (SIGNED)

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