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Hidden Islam by Nicolo Degiorgis documents the makeshift mosques strewn about North Eastern Italy. Despite a growing Muslim population in Italy, the country only has five mosques throughout — so Muslims are forced to transform garages, warehouses, factories and retail shops into places of worship. Degriorgis explores these strange spaces in a beautifully presented book with gatefolds that reveal the hidden mosques within the buildings.

In the mid 1990's, China built a massive, 500km highway across the Taklamakan Desert to aid in the extraction of oil. The desert is one of the world's least hospitable with very little water. Oasis Hotel presents Nicolo Degiorgis' hitch-hiking journey across the Taklamakan, as he stopped to photograph the people — from truck drivers to cotton pickers and prostitutes — and the oil industry that supports the small desert towns along the highway.

Linger (Teikai) by Daisuke Yokota includes over fifty black & white photographs that abstract the human form, reducing it to strange shapes that appear like landscapes.

There is a popular subgenre in Bollywood called masala — and much like the eclectic mix of spices that bears the same name, masala films pack comedy, romance, action and drama into a single film in order to appeal to a wide audience. Will They Sing Like Raindrops Or Leave Me Thirsty by Max Pinckers is a smart and engaging look into the paradoxes that exist within the genre as well as the larger paradoxes found in Indian society.

Spook Light Chronicles Vol. 2 by Lara Shipley & Antone Dolezal is now available as a special edition. The spook light is a mysterious orb of light appearing on a remote road deep in the Ozark hills and over the last several years artists Lara Shipley and Antone Dolezal have explored the culture surrounding the spook light myth. In this volume, the focus turns to the Phosphorescent Man — one of the many gatekeepers of the Spook Light Museum — whose reputation has elevated him from a mere mortal to a mythic local figure. The special edition is printed in a limited run of only 25 copies and comes with an 8”x10” print.

Wynn Bullock is noted as one of the most important photographers of the twentieth century and rightfully so. Revelations presents over one hundred photographs by the prolific photographer — one of the most comprehensive volumes of his extraordinary career. This retrospective follows Bullock's experimental work of the 1940's all the way through the philosophical and metaphysical photographs he made in the 1970's and includes some unpublished work.

Rosalind Fox Solomon spent five months photographing in Israel and the West Bank from 2010–2011 for Them. Traveling via bus along with local commuters, Solomon found inspiration in the variety of people she encountered during her travels, photographing with great sensitivity the people living in the region whose lives are shaped by violence. Interspersed within the book are quotes and short texts from background conversations collected by Solomon.

Polaroids by Agafia Polynchuk is a mysterious exploration of the artist's psyche through nude self portraits and still lifes — all captured with Polynchuk's Polaroid camera.

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This Week's Auctions

Leading off this week's auction listings, an absolute gem of environmental portraiture from a leading proponent of New Nordic Photography: Pekka Turunen's 1995 Against the Wall. Also in this week, L'Assassinat de Baltard by Jean-Claude Gautrand, a brilliant piece of 70's graphic design with images documenting the 1972 demolition of the famous Parisian marketplace les halles de Baltard; a perennial photo-eye favorite (and a must for stylists in the know!), Bruce Davidson's Brooklyn Gang & much more!

  • Christian Boltanski: Diese Kinder suchen ihre Eltern (signed, limited edition with print, 1/77)
  • Elliott Erwitt: Snaps (deluxe edition with signed print)
  • Robert Capa: Death in the Making (in scarce dust jacket)
  • Grace Coddington: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue (Work by numerous photographers — signed!)

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    Nicolo Degiorgis
    Hidden Islam - SIGNED
    Nicolo Degiorgis
    Oasis Hotel - SIGNED
    Daisuke Yokota
    Linger (Teikai)
    Max Pinckers
    Will They Sing Like Raindrops Or Leave Me Thristy - SIGNED
    Agafia Polynchuk
    Polaroids - SIGNED
    Lara Shipley & Antone Dolezal
    Spook Light Chronicles Vol. 2 - Limited Edition (trade is sold out)
    Wynn Bullock
    Rosalind Fox Solomon
    Pekka Turunen: Against the Wall: Lypö, Tilkkanen, Mörsky and I
    Christian Boltanski: Diese Kinder suchen ihre Eltern (SIGNED, Ltd. Ed. with Print, 1/77)
    Jean-Claude Gautrand: L'Assassinat de Baltard
    Bruce Davidson: Brooklyn Gang
    Elliott Erwitt: Snaps (Deluxe Edition, with SIGNED Print)
    Guy Tillim: Six Books (ALL SIGNED)
    Robert Capa: Death in the Making (in Scarce Dust Jacket)
    Chistopher Bucklow: Guest (Limited Edition with Signed Print)
    André Kertész: Day of Paris (in Scarce Dust Jacket! )
    Richard Misrach: Crimes and Splendors, The Desert Cantos + Violent Legacies (BOTH SIGNED)
    Masahisa Fukase: The Solitude of Ravens (2008 Reprint)
    Richard Misrach: 1991 (SIGNED, Ltd. Ed.) + Petrochemical America (w/ Kate Orff, SIGNED by Both)
    Massimo Vitali: Landscape and Figures (First Printing)
    Grace Coddington: Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue [Work by Numerous Photographers]--SIGNED

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