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Philipp Ebeling has been documenting the social landscape of Germany and its relationship to its past. Land Without Past is an engaging exploration of the precision with which Germans manage their daily lives, the strong work ethic and the cultural fixation on all things "new." Through contemporary portraits of villagers and exquisite landscapes, Ebeling weaves together rich narratives contemplating war, family, nationalism and identity. Each book includes an original photograph.

8 Women by Collier Schorr was selected as Book of the Week by Harvey Benge. He writes, "In her new bookwork 8 Women, Collier Schorr has abandoned the German countryside and has moved inside the studio. What's not been lost is the fundamental landscape of desire that continues to permeate her work, where the reader inevitably questions the nature of the relationship between Schorr and her subjects. These profoundly enigmatic photographs deal with identity, power and issues of gender and sit on the edge of knowing and not knowing. Unsettlingly, the work picks at the scabs of our own past relationships. This is a loaded and layered series that leaves the reader never quite knowing what is going on and what they are looking at. Richard Prince says that this is Schorr’s best bookwork, I think he may well be right."

Jay Maisel spent over 60 years photographing New York. Known for his commercial work and portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Miles Davis, Maisel scoured his archives to put together a beautiful portrait of his city. New York in the 50s includes over seventy black & white photographs of daily life in this cultural mecca, explored by one of the city's long-time residents.

To Belong by Anders Petersen documents the vulnerability of Finale Emilia, a small village outside of Modena, whose residents were forced to pick up the pieces after a massive earthquake hit in May of 2012. Petersen traveled to Finale Emilia in November 2012, spending eight days in the small village, photographing the people and the crumbling society around them, as they struggled to rebuild. Petersen's raw photographic style illustrates the vulnerability of the people of Finale Emilia and their strong spirit.

H. Lee spent a year photographing cannabis culture in Humboldt County, California, where much of the country's marijuana is grown. New markets are now emerging due to progressive legislation, and Lee explores the new "Green Rush," where the cultivation of marijuana is changing at light-speed. Lee captured quiet and beautiful moments on the farms as she lived with the growers in Grassland.

The Last Road by Anne Noble was selected by William L. Fox was a Book of the Week. Fox writes, "New Zealand photographer Anne Noble has traveled to the Antarctic as a visiting artist with both New Zealand and American government programs, and from those visits generated a body of work that effectively builds upon, extends, and then ultimately counters images made during the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration of the early twentieth century. ...The Last Road presents portraits in a series of quotidian items such as heavy equipment, shipping containers, and the 'piss poles' around which workers relieve themselves in order to contain contamination of the ice by urine. Noble is picturing the backside of civilization at the ends of the earth, and unlike most other photographers who have worked on the ice, she has taken a direct look at our relationship to this landscape not through the lens of the sublime, but rather through that of the constructed reality that is allowed to live and work there, albeit for only brief periods of time."

Unverbunden by Sonja Trabandt explores the notion that no one is truly connected to anyone else — and that our desire for connection is an animal-like compulsion to ease our sense of loneliness. Trabandt collected staged and documentary photographs for Unverbunden, weaving together a grim story about a collective desire for connection and unity.

Todd Hido on Landscapes, Interiors and the Nude includes the insights of one of the world's top contemporary photographers, aimed to inspire photographers to improve their own work and working process. Hido ruminates on his own process and discusses inspiration, memory and experience and the use of light and detail to tell visually-engaging and emotionally weighted stories through photography.

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This Week's Auctions

This week on the photo-eye Auction block: a signed copy of a rare 1965 book by Swedish master Christer Strömholm (of Poste Restante fame); late Conceptualist Sol Lewitt's Autobiography, a pioneering work of 'life-as-inventory' that anticipates the digital diary mode by a couple of decades; brilliant volumes from the Golden Age of Gravure, Adolf Fassbender's Pictorial Artistry (a signed limited edition) and Alvin Langdon Coburn's Men of Mark (the 1913 first edition with 33 original gravures), plus:
  • The essential fashion title, Grace Coddington: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue
  • Sally Mann: Second Sight — inscribed
  • Chris Killip: In Flagrante — signed, hardbound first edition
  • Daido Moriyama: The Complete Works — 4 volumes, 1964-2003, all signed

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    Philipp Ebeling
    Land Without Past - SIGNED
    Collier Schorr
    8 Women
    Jay Maisel
    New York in the '50s
    Anders Petersen
    To Belong
    H. Lee
    Anne Noble
    The Last Road
    Sonja Trabandt
    Todd Hido
    Todd Hido on Landscapes, Interiors and the Nude
    Christer Strömholm: Till minnet av mig själv [In Memory of Myself]
    Sol LeWitt: Autobiography
    Adolf Fassbender: Pictorial Artistry (1937 Signed Limited Edition)
    Ernesto Bazan: Bazan Cuba (SIGNED, Limited Edition with Print)
    Jan Saudek: Dopisy (Letters)
    Sally Mann: Second Sight (INSCRIBED)
    Chris Killip: In Flagrante (SIGNED, Hardbound 1st Edition!)
    Ikko Narahara: Europe, Where Time Has Stopped
    Kikuji Kawada: Sacré Atavism
    William Klein: Close-Up + Films + Paris (ALL SIGNED)
    Grace Coddington: Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue [Work by Numerous Photographers]
    Daido Moriyama.: The Complete Works (4 volumes, 1964-2003)--ALL SIGNED!
    Andrey Tarkovsky: Bright, Bright Day (First Printing)
    Josef Sudek (Major 1995 Czech Monograph by Anna Farova)
    Paul Nash: Fertile Image (Inscribed in Year of Publication)
    Don Hong-Oai: Photographic Memories
    Adam Fuss: My Ghost (SIGNED)
    Rineke Dijkstra [Jacob Molenhuis]: Gold Dust

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