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Empire marks the culmination of a three year collaboration between photographer Martin Hyers and Will Mebane, who traveled all over the US between 2004–2007. They created a photographic archive of objects taken in the homes, offices and factories of strangers they met along the way. The objects, such as stoves, trophies, food, computers, projectors and typewriters, were photographed with handheld 4x5 cameras and speak to a theme problematic of American culture: endless consumption through the vehicle of planned obsolescence. What do these ubiquitous, everyday objects — and the accumulation of them — say about our society?

Ermitazhniki is a collection of fourteen color photographs of museum guards standing next to their favorite painting in St. Petersburg's State Hermitage Museum. Photographer Lucia Ganieva reveals a remarkable connection between the paintings and the guards who have stood among the same works of art for years — throughout the series of sophisticated, elegant portraits, the guards resemble the figures who appear in their favorite painting.

The Waiting Game by Txema Salvans is an engaging documentation of the streets, intersections and roundabouts where Spanish prostitutes wait and solicit their next client. Forty color photographs tell the story of the impersonal places where, in their waiting, the women transform into objects of sexual desire and gratification.

Xavier Guardan traveled to Kenya in 2006 and produced an exquisite series of portraits of Kenyan tribesmen and women. Guardans used a car window to frame each of his subjects in Windows, who are outlined in white light. The continuous framing through the window allows the viewer to focus on the minute details of each subject and variances in their postures, creating a surprisingly diverse and expressive series.

The Sami people have inhabited the far reaches of northern Scandinavia for centuries, living a semi-nomadic lifestyle that centers around reindeer herding. In Erika Larsen's Sami, she explores this fascinating, centuries-old tradition with engaging portraits of the Sami, the landscapes they call home, and the complex symbiotic relationship between their culture and the reindeer they herd for survival. The warm, diffused light in the Arctic Circle creates a striking ambiance throughout the work. Watch my video presentation on this book here.

Harry Callahan is considered by many to be one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century, pioneering a new vision of abstract interpretations of the world around him while always carefully balancing light and shadow. He is one of the few photographers whose works in color and black & white are both highly regarding. Retrospektive is an exhibition catalog including over 200 photographs from Callahan’s rich oeuvre.

Matt Mahurin 1998 includes photographs from Mahurin's travels across America, France, Nicaragua, Ireland, and Mexico. His photographs are quiet contemplations of everyday life in rich black & white photogravure illustrations. His subjects are often caught mid-jesture, freezing them in time.

17 Days by Terri Weifenbach presents over thirty color photographs made on the artist's front porch as she watched the hatching of four robins one summer. Weifenbach draws the connection between the cycles of life witnessed on her front porch and a simultaneous synchronicity happening all around the globe.

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This Week's Auctions
Leading off this week's offerings is one of the great city books of the 1950s: Mario Carrieri's astounding, Milano, Italia, " of the most important works of the neo-realist tendency of the late 1950s." —Martin Parr & Gerry Badger. Also on the block:
  • Osamu Nagahama's post-Provoke gem, Atsuku Nagai Yoru no Shima (The Island of Long Hot Nights)—inscribed in the year of publication
  • Mikio Tobara's classic of alienation, Document Miseinen [Document Teenagers]
  • A gorgeous livre d'artiste by Wynn Bullock, The Photograph As Symbol
  • Josef Koudelka's Gypsies—signed first printing

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    Martin Hyers & Will Mebane
    Lucia Ganieva
    Txema Salvans
    The Waiting Game
    Xavier Guardans
    Erika Larsen
    Sàmi - SIGNED
    Harry Callahan
    Matt Mahurin
    Matt Mahurin 1998
    Terri Weifenbach
    17 Days - SIGNED
    Mario Carrieri: Milano, Italia
    Osamu Nagahama: Atsuku Nagai Yoru no Shima (The Island of Long Hot Nights) --INSCRIBED
    Mikio Tobara: Document Miseinen [Document Teenagers]
    Wynn Bullock: The Photograph As Symbol
    50 Jahre Madaus: Ein aufgeschlossene Firma (Madaus: An Innovative Company)
    Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment
    Tad Wakamatsu: Ipy Girl, Ipy
    William Klein: 'Eenstemmig' (Rare Late 60s Citroën DS Catalogue)
    Eikoh Hosoe: Kamaitachi + Barakei (Both SIGNED, Deluxe Limited Edition Re-Issues)
    Miguel Rio Branco: Nakta
    Josef Koudelka: Gypsies (1st Printing) --SIGNED
    Miyako Ishiuchi: Scars + Yokosuka Story; Apartment; Endless Night; 1947; 1906 to the Skin; Mother's
    Anders Petersen: Cafe Lehmitz (1st edition!)
    Asako Narahashi: Half Awake and Half Asleep in the Water (First Printing)
    Anders Petersen: City Diary

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