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"With a title referencing the 1976 film about an extra-terrestrial looking for water, The Angler Who Fell to Earth brings together a seemingly disparate selection of images that pull closer and closer together on each reading. Full of subtle connections and clever image pairings, the sense of water and the figure of the angler are everywhere to be found; in photographs of rivers and fishermen and even in the texture of a horse's fur or the elements of a construction site. Mark Mattock likens the creation of his photobooks to making music, assembling 'visual riffs' until the pieces come together. Color, form, composition and theme criss-cross, creating a visual narrative that continually gets richer." –Sarah Bradley on The Angler Who Fell to Earth by Mark Mattock

In 2007, UNICEF studied the overall well-being of children in 21 industrialized countries and Britain fell to the bottom of the list. Our Kids Are Going to Hell presents three years of Robin Maddock's photographs made while shadowing police officers working in east London where a youth culture that prizes drugs and violence has led to near constant police intervention. Documenting the atmosphere of the endless raids and arrests, Maddock's photographs combine with text from Iain Sinclair to tell a dark narrative about the troubling state of British youth and give dimension to a systemic problem.

If you loved Todd Hido's Excerpts from Silver Meadows released by Nazraeli last year, Silver Meadows: B-Sides Box Set is a must-have. Presented in a petite, clear plexi box and referencing a deck of playing cards, 50 loose-leaf cards of alternate photos and inspirations left on the cutting room floor from the Silver Meadows project give additional context for the work.

Elisa Medde selected The Photography of Nature & The Nature of Photography by Joan Fontcuberta as one of her Best Books of 2013. Medde writes, "This publication comes after Joan Fontcuberta was granted with the Hasselblad Award 2013. Beautifully produced by MACK, it presents as a unique, fantastic journey in six different series spanning from 1984 to 2002. Through a fascinating wandering through botany, zoology, astronomy, cosmonautics, paleontology, geography and geology, Fontcuberta makes us test the limits of our desire to believe in photography, as Geoffrey Batchen writes in the accompanying text."

An Archeology of Fear and Desire by Frederic Brenner is a profound and inspired look at the people of Israel living in a perpetually paradoxical state of fear and desire. Brenner traveled to over 40 countries to document the contemporary Jewish social landscape and Diaspora. Along with Martin Kollar's Field Trip and Stephen Shore's From Galilee to the Negev, An Archeology of Fear and Desire is part of a larger project that brought together twelve international photographers to describe the complexity of Israel today.

Allie Haeusslein reviewed Sacrifice Your Body by Roe Ethridge for photo-eye Blog. She writes, "When you crack the handsome, white leatherette spine of Sacrifice Your Body — emblazoned with an emerald font evocative of an Eighties horror movie poster — you would never imagine end pages suggestive of your grandmother's bucolic home. This jarring tension is taken to an extreme as the book unfolds."

Karen Jenkins reviewed Casa de Campo by Antonio M. Xoubanova for photo-eye Blog. She writes, "I thought the tacit presence of Madrid would matter more in my reading of Antonio M. Xoubanova's photographs of Casa de Campo, that city's massive, wooded park. Instead, as I moved through the pages of his new book, I rather quickly jumped down the rabbit hole, into a sylvan fable with only tenuous ties to its urban setting and temporal roots. For years, Xoubanova photographed Casa de Campo, going into the woods to articulate a moody photographic telling of this amorphous place and its mysterious inhabitants. The story opens with a short sequence of views that conjures neither the fairy tale forests of my recollection nor ordered public grounds. They are dry bramble and smudged paths, and perfectly communicate that this place is not what you expected and not for everyone."

Anthropocene by Nicolas Guiraud is a visual exploration of the crossroads facing humanity — the planet's accelerated evolution has threatened our survival. Guiraud's photographs of the natural world, portraits and ubiquitous scenes of daily life in the modern world provide a compelling narrative of the artist's objective. French writer Marie Darrieussecq completes the photographic narrative with two pages of writing of an otherwise fictitious novel.

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This week in photo-eye Auctions, signed books by Hiroshi Sugimoto—including his rare 1988 first monograph, Dioramas, Theaters, Seascapes; two by Wolfgang Tillmans; Luis Gonzales-Palma; Alessandra Sanguinetti; Susan Meiselas; Roe Ethridge & more.

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Mark Mattock
The Angler Who Fell to Earth - SIGNED
Robin Maddock
Our Kids Are Going to Hell - SIGNED
Todd Hido
Silver Meadows: B-Sides Box Set
Joan Fontcuberta
The Photography of Nature & The Nature of Photography - SIGNED
Frederic Brenner
An Archeology of Fear and Desire - SIGNED
Roe Ethridge
Sacrifice Your Body - SIGNED
Antonio M. Xoubanova
Casa De Campo - SIGNED
Nicolas Guiraud
Roe Etheridge: Le Luxe (SIGNED) + Orange Grove
Susan Meiselas: Five Books, ALL SIGNED
Hiroshi Sugimoto (Dioramas, Theaters, Seascapes--1st Monograph, 1988! )--INSCRIBED!
Hiroshi Sugimoto (Major Monograph) + Nature Of Light (BOTH SIGNED)
Andy Warhol/Gerard Malanga: Screen Tests/A Diary
Lucas Samaras: Album (SIGNED with Print)
Arnold Genthe: Old Chinatown (+ Calendar)
Josef Sudek (Set of 12 Postcards, Orbis, 1962)
Ruth Bernhard: Victorian House, San Francisco, 1963
Vaclav Jiru: Slunecne Pobrezi Jugoslavie (The Sun Coast of Yugoslavia) --SIGNED
Wolfgangs Tillmans: (Phaidon Contemporary Artists Series) + Neue Welt (BOTH SIGNED)
Ross Bleckner: Photographs (1998 Twin Palms Monograph)--SIGNED, Limited Edition
Pekka Turunen: Against the Wall: Lypö, Tilkkanen, Mörsky and I
Luis Gonzales-Palma: The Silence of the Gaze (SIGNED)
Bruce Weber, et. al.: Joe's Magazine (First Issue!!)
Gregoire Pujade-Lauraine: The Significant Savages (SIGNED)
Cristina De Middel: Self-Publish and Be Happy Book Club Vol III (SIGNED)
Ali Taptik: Depicting Istanbul - Introduction to History of Visuality in Turkey
Halil (ed.): A Cloud of Black Smoke: Photographs From Turkey 1968-72 (SIGNED)

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