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The West Behind Us explores four small towns in Oregon by Portland-based photographer Bobby Abrahamson. Forty-four photographs fill the pages of The West Behind Us, as well as extensive interviews with local residents, presenting a sobering documentation of the economic hardships facing these rural communities. Author Lisa Wells offers an insightful narrative written in first-person based on her experiences talking with the locals. A limited edition is also available with an 8"x10" original silver-gelatin print.

Gordon MacDonald selected Imaginary Club by Oliver Seiber as Book of the Week. MacDonald writes, "The first thing that hits you about Oliver Seiber's new book Imaginary Club is the handsome scale, the weight and the feel of the publication. The second is the rich, pungent smell of printing ink rising from the beautifully printed pages. From the outset it feels (and smells) like a photobook lover's dream. Inside, the mixture of striking colour portraits of the young and the strange, and the dark monochrome photographs of street scenes and nightclub interiors take you on a journey with Oliver to his Imaginary Club. If I were 20 years younger, I would go there every night."

An Archeology of Fear and Desire by Frederic Brenner is a profound and inspired look at the people of Israel living in a perpetually paradoxical state of fear and desire. Brenner traveled to over 40 countries to document the contemporary Jewish social landscape and Diaspora. Along with Martin Kollar's Field Trip and Stephen Shore's From Galilee to the Negev, An Archeology of Fear and Desire is part of a larger project that brought together twelve international photographers to describe the complexity of Israel today.

III by Robin Maddock was selected by Barry Hughes as Book of the Week. Hughes writes, "The small white ball and other small white interventions that continuously bounce through the monochromatic landscape of Robin Maddock's III are utterances, glances, skipped-beats and double takes; they represent tiny moments when the rules of life (or indeed photography) become arbitrary. The refined photographs of contrasting light and deep shadows suggest an underlying seriousness, transcending them from play to game. Moments of quotidian beauty are created from the simplest of gesture, with mirth injected into a seemingly concrete existence."

Sarah Bradley reviewed The Pencil of Nature by Manabu Miyazaki. She writes, "The cover of Manabu Miyazaki's The Pencil of Nature pictures a black bear clutching the legs of a tripod, standing on leaf litter and surrounded by blackness, it presses its mouth to the camera shutter release. It’s an astonishing photograph; the bear is so perfectly positioned that the image seems without question staged, a trained animal photographed in carefully managed conditions. While the placement and positioning of the cameras were carefully arranged, the bear itself is wild. Miyazaki has been shooting wildlife for over 40 years, gradually honing his technique through meticulous observation and trial and error, eventually learning that he achieved better results when he wasn't waiting behind the camera."

Walter Chappell is considered by many to be among the most iconic and prominent figures in 20th century American photography. Produced as an exhibition catalog of the first major European retrospective of his work, Walter Chappell: 1925-2000 provides an extensive look at his rich oeuvre. Chappell's photographs illustrated his interest in the underlying energies that connect all living things, creating a complex body of work on the human form and the natural landscape.

A Journey Through Asia by Michael Kenna presents forty-nine black and white photographs of Michael Kenna's travels throughout Asia. The exhibition catalog of his first traveling exhibition in India takes us through Thailand, Vietnam, China, South Korea, Japan and India, where we give pause and contemplate the beauty and quiet of the natural world.

Nature/Nurture Book #3 by Jennifer Shaw presents eleven black & white photographs made with plastic, toy cameras that focus on the details of plant and animal life. The book is printed in an edition of only 100 copies, signed and numbered by the artist, and comes with an original split-toned silver gelatin print.

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This Week's Auctions
This week in our auctions, a Koudelka completist's delight: 30 issues of the journal Divadlo (Theater) — 1962, 1964 & 1965 complete, which together offer a comprehensive look at Koudelka's early theater photography; three programs from Divadlo za Branou (Theater Beyond the Gate) productions with photos by Koudelka and Respekt, the Czech weekly where in 1990, Koudelka's 1968 Prague invasion photos were first credited to him!. Also open for bidding:

  • Enrique Bostelmann's Un viaje a traves de la injusticia (America: Journey Through Injustice)
  • Sartre visita a Cuba — Ediciones R, 1960, with photos by Alberto Korda & Ernesto Fernandez
  • Liz Cohen's Bodywork
  • Florian van Roekel's How Terry Likes His Coffee: A Photo Odyssey into Office Life

  • For a entrancing look at Koudelka's work for Divadlo (Theater), check out this week's slideshow!

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    Bobby Abrahamson
    The West Behind Us - SIGNED
    Oliver Sieber
    Imaginary Club
    Frederic Brenner
    An Archeology of Fear and Desire
    Robin Maddock
    Michael Kenna
    A Journey Through Asia
    Manabu Miyazaki
    The Pencil of Nature
    Jennifer Shaw
    Nature Nurture - SIGNED, Limited Edition
    Walter Chappell
    Walter Chappell
    Enrique Bostelmann: America: Un viaje a traves de la injusticia (America: Journey Through Injustice)
    (Alberto Korda, Ernesto Fernandez): Sartre visita a Cuba (Ediciones R, 1960)
    Masahisa Fukase: The Solitude of Ravens (2008 Reprint)
    Bettina Rheims: Morceaux Choisis
    Anna Clarén: Holding (SIGNED)
    Josef Koudelka: Respekt (1968 Prague Invasion Photos!)
    (Josef Koudelka) Divadlo [Theater]--Run of Czech Theater Magazine w/ Covers & Photos by Koudelka
    Josef Koudelka:Three Programs for Divadlo za Branou Productions with Photos by Koudelka
    Florian van Roekel: How Terry Likes His Coffee. A Photo Odyssey into Office Life
    Liz Cohen: Bodywork. The Trabant Project 2002-2006, From An East German Trabant to a US El Camino
    Luigi Ghirri: It's Beautiful Here, Isn't It
    Kenneth Anger: Hollywood Babylon (1959 1st Edition!)
    Ryuji Miyamoto: Cardboard Houses

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