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Sergio Larrain was selected as Book of the Week by Jeffrey Ladd, who writes, "Having been a self-proclaimed Sergio Larrain junkie for a long while, I heard about and waited patiently for this book's release date. I wondered if there would be images that haven’t been published before. I didn’t realize that half the book would be of images new to me — and the best part is, much of it is even better than the work I had known."

Seldom Seen by George Tice is a brilliant exploration of four major themes in Tice's work: Paterson, Urban Landscapes, Lincoln and Hometowns. All of the one hundred exquisite, beautifully printed photographs in Seldom Seen are published here for the first time — bringing to life more than forty years worth of Tice's work locked away in his archive. The first publication from printer Brilliant Graphics, the book also includes thoughtful essays by Michael More and August Kleinzahler.

Another Happy Day is a collection of more than seventy vernacular photographs, found and collected by Jonah Samson. Largely figurative, the collection features odd studio portraits, staged circus images, snapshots, press photos and ordinary photos made remarkable by film or developer error. Samson's interest lies in uncanny gestures, magical and disturbing moments — where the casual snapshot reveals more than what lies before the camera. Samson scoured eBay for such strange photographs and presents them in this wildly entertaining and odd collection.

Photographs by Paula McCartney and writing by Andy Sturdevant come together to explore the poetry and politics of trees in Book of Trees. Illustrated with color photographs of a woman standing in heavily wooded landscapes, sometimes with a child or cat, the viewer is given the space to ruminate upon the native and transplanted trees that comprise a landscape. This petite softbound monograph is signed and printed in an edition of only 250 copies.

Sarah Bradley reviewed Joan Fontcuberta's Deletrix for photo-eye Blog. She writes, "Deletrix presents a collection of photographs of censored documents in the collection of European libraries, an on-going project by Joan Fontcuberta. With dates spanning between the 15th and 20th centuries, the images depict a range of scholarly, historical, religious and artistic texts, all the victims of censorship... By viewing historical censorship are we able to understand something fundamental about current battles for freedom of expression?"

In Elisabeth Tonnard's new monograph, The Man of the Crowd, she follows one man — a stranger — for four minutes in the streets of Paris. He appears, disappears and re-appears several times throughout the book's sequence. The book concludes with a poem by Edgar Allan Poe of the same name, in which a nameless narrator follows a man through the crowded streets of London, fascinated by the idea of being alone in the dense populous of a city. Each book is marked with a distinct word from Poe's poem and is printed in a limited edition — limited to the number of words in Poe's The Man of the Crowd.

In Adam Bell's review of A Partial Eclipse by Martin Boyce, he writes, "It begins with an encounter in a museum, ruins and a stolen camera. The images aren't entirely gone. They've just gone somewhere else. Perhaps already deleted. Fading from memory. Martin Boyce's gorgeous book, A Partial Eclipse, begins with a story of loss and confusion, and leads us through an archive of images that cycle between the natural and constructed, offer glimpses of the past, but also point forward. The haunting spaces and subjects of Boyce's photographs teeter between asserting their structural integrity and succumbing to the forces of nature and entropy, collapsing and at last disappearing into the landscape, yet offering hope and possibility."

Melanie McWhorter reviewed Terrain of Loss by Andrea Camuto. She writes, "Refugee camps and other locations of war's diaspora are often over flowing with the most vulnerable in society; the poor, children and their families who have moved away from the violence to protect their lives and those of their loved ones. The long history of conflict in Afghanistan has left many of these very people living on the fringes. Photographer Andrea Camuto had the opportunity to meet and document the lives of some of these Afghans, a group of people who occupied a bombed-out former Russian embassy on the outskirts of Kabul. Camuto's book Terrain of Loss: Afghan Exiles in Their Own Land is a somber yet artful depiction of the conditions that these refugees tolerate within the boundaries of their own nation."

Best wishes,
Erin Azouz
photo-eye Newsletter Editor

This Week's Auctions
We lead off this week's auction listings with another absolute gem of graphic design, Jean-Claude Gautrand's L'Assassinat de Baltard, a book that records the destruction of the Halles de Baltard market. Located in the heart of Paris, it was the first steel structure of its kind in France's capital. Gautrand's remarkable book dramatizes the poetry of destruction in images of metal, light and smoke. Also open for bidding:
  • Lisandro Otero: Cuba. ZDA (Zona de Desarrollo Agrario)
  • André Kertész: Day of Paris — in scarce dust jacket!
  • Sol Lewitt: Brick Wall
  • Ruth Bernhard: Gift of the Commonplace — limited edition with print

  • And much more! For an extended look at this week's selections, check out the slideshow below. Don't forget, all books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown! Invitation to Consign: Do you have photobooks or prints you'd like to sell? For consignment inquiries as well as discreet, expert advise on building or selling your collection, be sure to contact Eric Miles Director of Rare Books & Online Auctions.

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    Sergio Larrain
    Sergio Larrain
    George Tice
    Seldom Seen - SIGNED
    Jonah Samson
    Another Happy Day
    Paula McCartney
    Book of Trees - SIGNED
    Joan Fontcuberta
    Deletrix - SIGNED
    Elisabeth Tonnard
    The Man of the Crowd - SIGNED
    Martin Boyce
    A Partial Eclipse
    Andrea Camuto
    Terrain of Loss - SIGNED
    Jean-Claude Gautrand: L'Assassinat de Baltard
    Lisandro Otero: Cuba. ZDA (Zona de Desarrollo Agrario)
    Eikoh Hosoe: Kamaitachi + Barakei (Both SIGNED, Deluxe Limited Edition Re-Issues)
    André Kertész: Day of Paris (in Scarce Dust Jacket! )
    Cindy Sherman: Untitled Film Stills (1990 1st edition!)--SIGNED!
    Ruth Bernhard: Gift of the Commonplace (Limited Edition with Print)
    Merry Alpern: Dirty Windows
    Julius Schulman: Architecture and its Photography (SIGNED)
    Sol Lewitt: Brick Wall
    Miyako Ishiuchi: Innocence + Hiroshima: Strings of Time. (BOTH SIGNED)
    Miyako Ishiuchi: Scars + Yokosuka Story; Apartment; Endless Night; 1947; 1906 to the Skin; Mother's
    Frederick Sommer: Aperture 10:4 1962 (1939-1962 Photographs)
    Joel Sternfeld: American Prospects (SIGNED, Re-Issue)
    Edward Steichen: Steichen the Photographer (INSCRIBED)
    Philip-Lorca diCorcia: Hustlers (SIGNED)
    (Anonymous) Mao Tsetung: A Selection of Photographs
    Taryn Simon: A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters
    Richard Misrach: On the Beach (SIGNED)
    Andreas Gursky (2010 Gagosian Catalogue, 2 Vols. in Slipcase)
    Nan Goldin: Ballad of Sexual Dependency (First Edition)
    Lewis Baltz: New Industrial Parks, Tract Houses, Prototype Works (3 volume set)--SIGNED
    Zeng Li: A China Chronicle

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