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Third Reich, Bavaria Trilogy Part 1 by Erik Van Der Weijde, documents the various buildings erected in Bavaria by Nazi Germany. The buildings were used as Hitler Youth headquarters, schools, government buildings, houses, factories, barracks and more — and provide a glimpse into the social and cultural landscape of Nazi Germany. Captions included indicate the location of each of the buildings and structures.

Volume V of Self Publish Be Happy Book Club features an exploration of female pleasure as presented by Esther Teichmann. Teichmann utilized classic representations of the female form in the history of art, which usually displayed the female body for the purpose of gratifying male pleasure. Reclaiming this traditional pictorialism, Teichmann’s collaged photographs and representations of femininity present a new look at the female body and the complexity of womanhood. The book is printed, signed and numbered in an edition of 500.

The Winners by Rafal Milach presents over fifty hand tipped-in photographs of winners of state and local competitions supported by Belarus. The contests range in subject from beauty to public space maintenance and are held locally and state-wide. Milach's photographs celebrate the winners of these various contests, whose accolades are presented in public institutions, schools and discos all over Belarus.

Birds of the West Indies by Taryn Simon is now back in stock. Watch Melanie McWhorter’s In-Print Photobook Video feature on Birds of the West Indies here.

Blake Andrews reviewed Rasen Kaigan / Album by Lieko Shiga for photo-eye Blog. He writes, "Where is the line between reality and representation? It's perhaps the central crux of photography, infatuating Shiga since her early career. Overall Rasen Kaigan / Album possesses the slightly crammed feel typical of many Japanese photobooks. It's large, thick, dense, and busy, with many full-bleed images, several spilling across the gutter, and a brooding sense of quiet chaos."

Selected by Rafal Milach as Book of the Week, The Irreversible by Maciek Nabrdalik is now in stock. Milach writes, "The book The Irreversible is a physical experience. It feels uncomfortable and coarse. The sandpaper on the cover hurts your fingers. The longer you hold the book in your hands, the more disturbing it feels. This is also the case with the subject matter of The Irreversible project. Page by page you read (or rather have the impression of hearing) voices of Nazi death camp survivors. But rather than being historical accounts, the 45 stories in the book are a testimony to human experience in the extreme conditions of a concentration camp."

The River Winter by Jem Southam was reviewed by Colin Pantall for photo-eye Blog. Pantall writes, “Jem Southam's pictures are quiet and unspectacular. They feature rural landscapes where changes happen over a period of days or months or years. Fields, ponds, rivers and rockfalls are Southam's territory, rural sites where there's nothing much to be seen, places where most photographers would move on from in search of a better (more spectacular) picture. So you look at his pictures and wonder what the fuss is all about. And then you look at another and another, and the fuss creeps up on you." The River Winter was also selected by Ron Jude as Book of the Week.

Domestic Vacations, Julie Blackmon's long out-of-print first monograph, is now back in stock as a Limited Edition. This version comes with a 14"x14" print of Powerade. Blackmon's work explores the Dutch phrase, "a Jan Steen household," which references a home in disarray, filled with rowdy children. Jan Steen's paintings provided Blackmon with inspiration to create wildly colorful, vibrant photographs of her children in the Dutch and Flemish painting aesthetic of the 17th century. Domestic Vacations also draws inspiration from Blackmon's own experience of being raised in a large family. Julie Blackmon is represented by photo-eye Gallery and you can see her work here.

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This Week's Auctions

This week's stellar selections include signed copies of some fairly recent, soon-to-be classics—Tiane Doan na Champassak's The King of Photography (signed); Lang Zal Ze Leven (Happy Birthday to You) by Anouk Kruithof and Rosângela Rennó's Paris Photo Award winner, A01 [COD.] — A27 [S | COD.23]. Plus Robert Capa and Gerda Taro's epochal Death in the Making — the book that virtually invented modern war photojournalism — in the scarce dust jacket; Martien Coppens' Monsters van de Peel, an unbelievable tour de force of graphic invention and more. Stay tuned: more books to be listed early in the week. Thanks as always for looking!

Don't forget, all books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown! Invitation to Consign: Do you have photobooks or prints you'd like to sell? For consignment inquiries as well as discreet, expert advise on building or selling your collection, be sure to contact Eric Miles Director of Rare Books & Online Auctions.

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Taryn Simon
Birds of the West Indies - SIGNED
Esther Teichmann
SPBH Book Club Vol V
Rafal Milach
The Winners
Erik Van Der Weijde
Third Reich
Lieko Shiga
Rasen Kaigan / Album
MacIek Nabrdalik
The Irreversible - SIGNED
Jem Southam
The River Winter - SIGNED
Julie Blackmon
Domestic Vacations - Limited Edition with Powerade
Martien Coppens: Monsters van de Peel
Tiane Doan na Champassak: The King of Photography (SIGNED)
Anouk Kruithof: Lang Zal Ze Leven (
Robert Capa and Gerda Taro: Death in the Making (in Scarce Dust Jacket)
Jun Morinaga: River, Its Shadow of Shadows (SIGNED)
Paul Graham: a shimmer of possibility (First Edition) + The Present (SIGNED)
Rosângela Rennó: A01 [COD.] — A27 [S | COD.23]--SIGNED
Sam Haskins: Cowboy Kate & Other Stories (INSCRIBED First Edition, in Slipcase)
Rong Rong's East Village 1993-1998 (With Portfolio of 40 Prints)
Ikko Narahara: Europe, Where Time Has Stopped
Kikuji Kawada: Sacré Atavism
Mary Ellen Mark: Ward 81
Shelby Lee Adams: Appalachian Portraits (Rare Hardbound Edition)
Toshio Shibata: Dam (SIGNED, Limited Edition!)

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