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For the past seven years, Richard Renaldi has asked strangers to pose for him while physically interacting with one another. His book Touching Strangers presents over seventy color photographs from this series shot with a large format 8x10 camera. Featuring people Renaldi encountered in his travels all over the United States, the photographs offer subtle visual clues of the strange nature of two strangers being asked to embrace or touch one another for the camera. Levels of comfort vary wildly, making the images provocative but never upsetting — and some of them are actually quite tender. As a whole the book is a meditation on the hope of connection in modern society.

In his review of Katy Grannan's The 99 / The 9 Adam Bell writes, "Despite its fertility and proximity to the wealth of Los Angeles and San Francisco, California’s Central Valley has long been an area of entrenched poverty — an area to be driven past on the way to somewhere much less celebrated or visited. Long since overshadowed by the multilane RT-5, CA-99 cuts through the Valley and was once a major thoroughfare. Beginning in the area south of Bakersfield, the highway links the often-overlooked 'Valley Towns' of Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Fresno and others... Katy Grannan's two-volume book, The 99 and The 9, explores the region and its inhabitants through a series of unsettling and evocative color portraits and BW landscapes."

In her review of Is This Place Great or What by Brian Ulrich, Sarah Bradley writes, "From Aperture and The Cleveland Museum of Art, Is This Place Great Or What by Brian Ulrich is the publication of his ten-year Copia project, documenting the consumer-centric atmosphere of contemporary America. The project grew from Ulrich's curiosity at whether the 9-11 request of George W. Bush for Americans to go out and shop to support the country was truly taken to heart. As economic turmoil overtook the country, it was clear that what Ulrich was documenting was a massive story. Separated into three sections, Is This Place Great Or What is a triptych of the collapsing American consumer system."

Synergy by Tony Bonanno includes 18 nude black & white photographs made in New Mexico's Galisteo Basin. Evoking the spirit of Edward Weston, the contours of the rock formations create a sort of visual symphony with the model's shape. The book comes with a choice of one of two prints, signed by the artist, and printed on 5"x7" archival paper.

Between Fire/Smoke self-published by Jane Fulton Alt is an exquisite object in and of itself. The book is comprised of archival pigment prints on Hahnemühle photo rag paper, bound in a silk-screened grey book cloth. The lovely color photographs of smoke and fire are the focal points of the book — and as the title suggests, the photographs sit somewhere in between the two — the smoke provides a screen through which red and orange flames seep through. Text pages are also included and the book is printed in a small edition of only 18 copies, printed and bound by the artist.

PUD by Jason Nocito presents a series of photographs of puddles and street debris in New York City and from road trips taken across the United States, all shot with an 8x10 view camera to record the highest level of detail. The rich color photographs allow us to hone in on some of the most ubiquitous things we encounter in every day life and often dismiss without giving a second thought. Nocito's photographs ask us to look closer and find beauty in the details of these seemingly "ugly" scenes.

Preganziol, 1983 by Guido Guidi includes sixteen color photographs taken in the same room in Preganziol, Italy. The photographer's exercise illustrates the myriad of ways light describes and transforms a single, empty space. The photographs allude to the passage of time, abandonment and the world outside the room, filtering in through the room's windows.

Maanantai is the collective of sixteen photographers and image-makers from Helsinki who aimed to tell the story of the Norwegian Lofoten Islands in Nine Nameless Mountains. Combining analog photography, video stills, laser prints, drawings and mobile phone shots and challenging traditional notions of authorship, Nine Nameless Mountains takes us on a journey through the experiences and observations of sixteen image-makers on a single trip.

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This Week's Auctions

Leading off this week's auction listings, Ed Ruscha's quietly paradigm-smashing Every Building on the Sunset Strip, along with its more recently discovered Japanese predecessor Ginza Kaiwai. Ginza Haccho, included in Martin Parr & Gerry Badger's The Photobook: A History. Also on the block:

  • David Galjaard: Concresco — Winner of the 2012 Paris Photo/Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Award
  • Adam Bartos: Kosmos — limited edition with print
  • Conceptual masterpiece, One by Ken Ohara — first edition, signed
  • Hiroshi Sugimoto: Theaters (limited edition with signed gravure print!)

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    Richard Renaldi
    Touching Strangers - SIGNED
    Katy Grannan
    The 99
    Brian Ulrich
    Is This Place Great or What - SIGNED
    Tony Bonanno
    Synergy - SIGNED
    Jane Fulton Alt
    Between Fire/Smoke Limited Edition
    Jason Nocito
    Guido Guidi
    Preganziol, 1983 - SIGNED
    Nine Nameless Mountains
    Ed Ruscha: Every Building on Sunset Strip
    Yoshikazu Suzuki and Shohachi Kimura: Ginza Kaiwai. Ginza Haccho
    Adam Bartos: Kosmos (Limited Edition with Print)
    David Galjaard: Conresco
    Ken Ohara: One (1st Edition, SIGNED)
    Teruyoshi Hayashida: Take Ivy
    Bunyo Ishikawa: Chien Tranh Giai Phong Viet Nam
    Stephen Gill: Coexistence (SIGNED)
    Brad Zellar: Conductors of the Moving World
    Hiroshi Sugimoto: Theaters (Ltd. Ed. with Signed Gravure Print!)
    Chauncey Hare: Interior America
    Lee Friedlander: America By Car (SIGNED LTD) + New Mexico (SIGNED)--2 Books
    Josef Koudelka: Lime
    Ralph Gibson: The Somnambulist (SIGNED)
    William Eggleston: Elvis at Graceland
    Edward Burtynsky: China. The Next Industrial Revolution (SIGNED)
    Michael Kenna: Hokkaido (SIGNED Limited Edition)

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