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Changing the Guard by Fred Cray presents a single photograph of a museum guard over-printed on a variety of images — from graffitied walls to vernacular and found photographs. The obsessive repetition of the image of the museum guard teeters on the line between playful and sinister. The book is signed and numbered, printed in an edition of 200, and each copy includes four unique photographs of the guard.

Christopher J. Johnson reviewed Brutal by Michal Luczak for photo-eye Blog. He writes, "Brutal by Michal Tuczak is a book like many other books; it tries to tell the story of a place and its people. It is a documentary. All the photos in Brutal are of the Katowice Station in Katowice, Poland and of the people who make their way there to take the train into other cities for work and leisure. These are photographs of shadow and concrete, torn clothes and weathered faces. Tuczak photographed the Katowice station between July 2010 and January 2011 before it was to be refurbished. His hope was to capture the station in its 20th century glory before it, like most things, made the transition to our own century."

Shoah is a visual contemplation of the holocaust memorial in Berlin, photographed in rich black & white 35mm film and afternoon light by Michael Benari. The mood is poignant and deeply affecting that allows the viewer to experience the memorial in a new way.

The MVS Resource Guide: Winter/Spring 2014 is a valuable resource compiled by one of the leading photography industry professionals, Mary Virginia Swanson. This comprehensive guide provides the working photographer with invaluable information from applying to competitions and portfolio reviews to writing grant proposals and crowd funding. The guide also includes upcoming deadlines and career-building opportunities available to photographers.

View from Inside edited by Karin Adrian von Roques is an expansive collection of contemporary Arab photography and media from all over the Middle East and North Africa featured this year at FotoFest. It presents a compelling look into the myriad of ways the photographic medium has revolutionized art and culture in Arab countries. The book includes work from more than fifty Arab artists from fourteen different countries as well as a handful of insightful essays about art, politics and culture in the Arab world. FotoFest 2014 Biennial Catalogue is the complete guide to this year's FotoFest and is now in stock at photo-eye. 129 museums, galleries, universities, corporate and non-profit spaces participated in FotoFest this year — all of the exhibitions are detailed in this catalog.

The highly-anticipated Spook Light Chronicles Vol. 2 by Lara Shipley & Antone Dolezal is now available for pre-order and we are expecting copies to sell out quickly. The spook light is a mysterious orb of light appearing on a remote road deep in the Ozark hills and over the last several years artists Lara Shipley and Antone Dolezal have explored the vibrant culture surrounding the spook light myth. In this volume, the focus turns to the Phosphorescent Man — one of the many gatekeepers of the Spook Light Museum — whose reputation has elevated him from a mere mortal to a mythic local figure. A limited edition of only 25 copies is also available with an 8"x10" print.

Migrant Documents by Tina Enghoff explores the contentious issue of immigration as well as the ability of certain strata of society to move more freely about the world. Enghoff's photographs depict vials of blood of undocumented migrants, faceless portraits, postcard images, surveillance stills and more. Her photographs weave together a story of hope and loss amidst a modern rendition of the ageless tale of the immigrant's struggle.

Killing Time by Kent Klich presents over 150 photographs — an expansive volume documenting the conditions of people living in Gaza. Philosopher Judith Butler gives context to the photographs, writing, "If we come to understand what it means to live with the imminent, certain yet unpredictable destruction of someone's daily life, then perhaps we have begun to understand the spatial and temporal modalities by which terror is administered in Gaza."

78-87 London Youth is Derek Ridgers' documentation of the youthful, vibrant nightlife and subculture in London. The photographs explore ten years of a changing music and cultural scene including punk's evolution and the birth of the Acid House and new psychedelia movements.

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This Week's Auctions

Check out this week's bounteous trove of signed, inscribed and limited edition books from the likes of Josef Sudek, Irving Penn, JH Engström, Sally Mann, Saul Leiter, Susan Meiselas and more. Plus:

  • c/o The Velvet Underground, New York, NY—Exhibition Catalogue—signed by Lou Reed & Moe Tucker
  • Eikoh Hosoe: Otoko to Onna (Man and Woman)— first edition
  • Michael Kenna: A Twenty Year Retrospective— signed by Ruth Bernhard & Michael Kenna
  • Kikuji Kawada: Chizu (The Map)—signed, limited edition reprint

  • For an extended look at this week's selections, check out the slideshow below.

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    Fred Cray
    Changing the Guard - SIGNED
    Michal Luczak
    Michael J. Benari
    Shoah - SIGNED
    Mary Virginia Swanson
    MVS Resource Guide
    Karin Adrian Von Roques
    View from Inside
    FotoFest 2014 Biennial Catalogue
    Lara Shipley & Antone Dolezal
    Spook Light Chronicles Vol. 2 - SIGNED
    Tina Enghoff
    Migrant Documents
    Kent Klich
    Killing Time
    Derek Ridgers
    78-87 London Youth - SIGNED
    Josef Sudek: Fotografie (SIGNED in 1959)!
    c/o The Velvet Underground, New York, N.Y.--Exhibition Catalogue--SIGNED by Lou Reed & Moe Tucker
    Kikuji Kawada: Chizu (The Map)--Signed, Limited Edition Reprint
    Alexander Liberman: Art & Technique of Color Photography (INSCRIBED by Irving Penn)
    Lillian Bassman (1997 Monograph)--SIGNED
    Joel Sternfeld: Walking the High Line (SIGNED)
    Eikoh Hosoe: Otoko to Onna (Man and Woman)--1st edition!
    JH Engström: Härbärge [Shelter]--SIGNED!
    JH Engström: La Residence + CDG/JHE (BOTH SIGNED)
    Michael Kenna: A Twenty Year Retrospective (SIGNED by Ruth Bernhard & Michael Kenna)
    Masao Yamamoto: É
    Dave Heath: Dialogue with Solitude (2000 reprint, SIGNED!)
    Sally Mann: Motherland (SIGNED)
    Susan Meiselas: Pandora's Box (SIGNED)
    Matt Mahurin (1989 Twelvetrees Press Monograph), SIGNED by Publisher Jack Woody
    Tom Baril: 4 AD monograph (Signed!)
    Sebastião Salgado: In Human Effort (SIGNED)

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