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During his first day photographing in Rome in 2007, Tim Davis was taken to an abandoned slaughterhouse by his assistant, who told him about the Roman cuisine “Quinto Quarto” – made from the discarded and unwanted parts of the animals, taken home and made for the families of the factory’s workers. The concept resonated with Davis, who used his camera to investigate the discarded and forgotten parts of the city. The images in Quinto Quarto feature a number of series made by Davis, including taxonomies of graffitied depictions of penises and swastikas, no photography signs and prostitutes that he encountered while wandering the edges of the city.

European Photography No. 94 features the work of Julia Murakami, Hisaji Hara, Erwin Olaf, Neil Krug, Alexandra Polina, Stacey Tyrell, Nathalie Daoust, Jeff Cowen, Elmira Sidyak, Piotr Zbierski, Nettie Edwards, Collin J. Rae, Alison Turner, Yasumasa Yonehara, Andrea Tonellotto, and Abelardo Morell, whose works consider the movement toward 'creative remembering' in the photographic field. Also included in this issue are essays by Ronald Berg, Boris von Brauchitsch, Benjamin Füglister and Dieter Hübsch and an interview with Daido Moriyama.

The Ceremony and the Spirit is a visual dialog between American photographer Roe Ethridge and Belgium-based Canadian artist Zin Taylor, who take into consideration La Loge — a former freemason temple in Brussels, where they were employed for this site-specific commission. The two began their collaboration via email — starting with Taylor's creation of ceremonial objects, referencing the ceremonial practices of the freemasons, and Ethridge's infusion of the soul or spirit into the sculptures through photography.

Topography is Fate presents sixty color photographs by Matthew Arnold taken all over North Africa. Arnold utilized old battle maps from World War II, retracing the steps of the Allied military units and photographing old battle sites in a muted color palette. Seascapes, grasslands and sprawling desert views are recontextualized as old bunkers, trenches and artifacts of war remain in the landscape over sixty years later.

Anatomy by Malerie Marder blurs the line between documentary and fine art photography in this exquisite photobook. Spanning six years, Marder's thirty-seven color photographs of prostitutes in the Netherlands command our attention — often posing on beds, in the nude or barely clothed, the collection of photographs evaporates our moral judgments as the women seeringly look into the camera, gazing back at the viewer. The photographs are haunting — sometimes intimate, sometimes distant — and we cannot look away.

Painful Singularities is the second artist book by Jimmy Robert. Roberts uses three black & white photographs of one man shot over the course of several years as a way to engage concepts of representation as discussed in a series of short, poetic texts. Printed in an edition of 300, Painful Singularities explores the power of the photographic image in the context of masculinity, desire and memory. The newsprint-like paper is folded and enclosed in a cardboard envelope.

Yonder by Marnix Goossens considers interiors riddled with artificial representations of nature. Photographs of fake wood grain adhesive, colorful tapestries of nature, flowery motifs and posters of mountains point to a post-industrial society yearning to return to a pristine, untouched environment, and the ways in which we reconcile that need.

Cuny Janssen's Yoshino presents a beautiful documentation of Japan's Yoshino Mountains. Planted with over 30,000 cherry trees, the Yoshino Mountains are spotted with exquisite colors, a temple and river — making it a popular destination for tourists and Buddhist pilgrims alike. Janssen's sensitive photographs of this peaceful place are lavishly reproduced in this over sized monograph and contextualized by a small anthology of Japanese poetry about the Yoshino Mountains.

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  • Two Scarce Editions by Raymond Meeks: Carousel & who will stay (deluxe edition with three prints)
  • Todd Hido: House Hunting (signed)
  • Keizo Kitajima: A.D. 1991 (signed)
  • Ugo Mulas: New York: The New Art Scene (inscribed)

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    Tim Davis
    Quinto Quarto - SIGNED
    Andreas Muller-Pohle
    European Photography No. 94
    Roe Ethridge & Zin Taylor
    The Ceremony and the Spirit
    Matthew Arnold
    Topography Is Fate
    Malerie Marder
    Jimmy Robert
    Painful Singularities
    Marnix Goossens
    Cuny Janssen
    Mike Mandel: Untitled (Baseball-Photographer Trading Cards), Complete Set of 135
    Robert Doisneau: La Banlieu de Paris (First Edition in Dust Jacket)
    Paolo Roversi: Nudi
    Thomas Struth: Museum Photographs (True First Edition!), SIGNED!)
    Bertolt Brecht: Kriegsfibel (War Primer)--1955 First Edition
    Keizo Kitajima: A.D. 1991 (SIGNED)
    Hans Finsler: Mein Weg zur Fotografie / My Way to Photography
    Boris Becker: ArchitekturZeit Photographien (Signed, Limited Edition with 10 Photos, 1/100)
    Bernhard Fuchs: Autos + Roads & Paths (2 Books)
    Ugo Mulas: New York: The New Art Scene (INSCRIBED)
    Raymond Meeks: Carousel (Handmade Artist Broadside)
    Raymond Meeks: Carousel (Handmade Artist Broadside)
    Philip Blenkinsop: The Cars That Ate Bangkok
    Antoine D`Agata: Ice + Position(s) + Vortex (3 Books, ALL SIGNED)

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