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Larry Sultan & Mike Mandel include over seventy five photographs plumbed from the archives of corporations, government, educational and medical institutions for Evidence. The photographs offer objective evidence yet when presented as art objects our assumptions are transformed and the line between fact and fiction are distinctly blurred. Originally published in 1977, Evidence is now available as an iBook.

We are pleased to announce that No. 223 is now in stock. No. 223 was selected as a Best Book of 2012 by Dutch photography/publishing team WassinkLundgren. They write, "Lin Zhipeng is able to produce daily live fashion shots with a raw sexual edge in a perfect edit. In this multiple-book-publication he proves again to be China's most interesting fashion photographer at the moment."

Selected by Darius Himes as one of his Best Books of 2013, Stump by Christopher Anderson is now in stock. Himes writes, "Anderson's closely cropped portraits of American politicians caught in the act of giving their 'stump speeches' is a visual tour de force. Anderson enhances the effect by including formally identical portraits of audience members, a syrupy dose of color to balance out the intense, sweaty, grainy black and white images. Helmar Lerski's portraits made in the first part of the 20th century come to mind, but Anderson's feel more like a slap than a caress. Powerful."

The Box: A Typology of Poses in a Confined Space by Eric Kellerman includes over sixty photographs of nude women in various contorted positions, all photographed within the confines of a box. This typological study blurs the lines between sculpture and classical nude photography — making it a visually enthralling collection that allows the viewer to relish the beauty of nature's golden ratio.

Don McCullin contains over sixty black & white photographs by the photographer who spent a fifty-year career documenting the conditions of war and poverty around the globe. The power of McCullin's images capture great pain, loss and horror — and the occasional glimmer of hope he finds in humanity's darkest moments. A particularly unsettling spread in the book pairs a photograph of a shell-shocked American soldier in South Vietnam beside a photograph of an old Vietnamese man whose face has been hardened by the conditions of war. These two portraits provide an over-arching narrative about the shared experience from both sides of the battle line. Watch the In-Print Photobook video on Don McCullin.

Sarah Bradley wrote about AMC2 Journal Issue 6 for photo-eye Blog. She writes, "AMC2 Issue 6 comes to us in the form of a 32-page newsprint publication with the headline Space Conquerers! A launching rocket is pictured next to a sci-fi looking photograph of two people holding what we come to understand is a dog in a flight suit. The image doesn't seem real... Issue 6 was assembled from the Archive's collection with the help of Cristina de Middel, whose recent book about an imagined African space program is now the stuff of photobook collector legend, and Thomas Mailaender, who has consistently proven his love and aptitude for the artistically strange. These seem like the prefect companions for such a project."

Deborah Parkin's photographs depict a magical world of childhood and its quieter, sentimental moments. Parkin has been photographing children with medium and large format cameras and occasionally employing wet plate collodions to capture timeless, still portraits. She writes, "I am intrigued by people, particularly children, their thoughts and behavior. I am fascinated by memory. I am obsessed with the photographic image. That is what my work is about." William Ropp presents Deborah Parkin includes sixty of Parkin's exquisite black & white photographs, framed by insightful text by Prof. John Wood.

William Ropp — 20 Years of Photography presents over one hundred tritone illustrations from the photographer’s rich and prolific oeuvre. Ropp's photographs explore what psychologist Carl Jung called the collective unconscious — ubiquitous, timeless moments and experiences that reside deep within our psyches. The book breathes new life into Ropp's work and features an essay by Prof. John Wood.

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This Week's Auctions

Long before the new wave of online art sales web sites such as Artspace, Exhibition A, Grey Area aimed to democratize collecting by offering moderately priced original art works, Chris Pichler, founder and publisher of Nazraeli Press, launched the One Picture Book series. Writing in the New Yorker blog, Photo Booth, critic Jessie Wender called the series "one of the most affordable ways to collect books and original prints of this caliber." We're thrilled to offer the entire series to date (numbers 1 through 84), including the rare four volume sets from John Gossage and Todd Hido.

Stay tuned for more books to be listed in the coming days, including stellar copies of Robert Frank's Lines of My Hand (the 1972 first edition); Eikoh Hosoe's Man and Woman; Moriyama's Bye Bye Photography and more! Check out the video below for an extensive tour of the amazing One Picture Book series, from its inception in 2000 up to the present day.

Don't Forget: All books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown! Thanks as always for looking!

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Larry Sultan & Mike Mandel
Evidence - iBook
Lin Zhipeng (aka No.223)
Christopher Anderson
Eric Kellerman
The Box
Don McCullin
Don Mccullin
Amc2 Journal Issue 6: Space Conquerers
Deborah Parkin
William Ropp Presents Deborah Parkin
William Ropp
William Ropp - 20 Years of Photography
Nazraeli Press One Picture Book--COMPLETE SET, Nos. 1-84 with Two 4-Vol. Sets (Gossage & Hido)

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