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Thousands of carrots are deemed unfit for human consumption every day due to their visual idiosyncrasies. Simply put: they’re just not pretty enough. Tim Smyth presents a typological study in Defective Carrots, documenting carrots whose shapes refer to human body parts and imaginary creatures. Focus® is the mechanical sorting machine that scans each carrot, assessing its physical attributes and deeming it 'good' or 'bad.' Smyth opens the book with a press release about the machine and includes fifty-six color photographs of the 'bad' carrots.

SMA Negeri 1 was built in the 1930s by Dutch settlers in Semarang, Indonesia. The school never changed its appearance so today, the school sits as a visual reminder of Dutch colonialism. Marco van Duyvendijk photographed the teenagers who attend SMA Negeri 1. The portraits are remarkably beautiful as the subjects seem suspended in time and space. Van Duyvendijk also photographed the building itself, focusing on the visual clues that hint at a dark past.

Riko, the second photobook by Marco van Duyvendijk featured this week, documents a Butoh dancer the photographer met while traveling through Kyoto, Japan. Butoh is an experimental dance form combining theater, improvisation and dance with traditional Japanese performance art and German Expressionist dance influence. The photographs play on the light, form and movements of the beautiful Butoh dancer.

Justin James Reed deconstructs the traditional photobook format by utilizing a reflective silver metallic ink and stripping the original book to its most basic shapes and forms for Mystic Places. Mystic Places (Mysteries of the Unknown) was first published by Time-Life in 1987 and focused on the legend of Atlantis, Stonehenge, the Nazca lines and other unexplained phenomena.

Shoah is a visual contemplation on the Holocaust memorial in Berlin, photographed in rich black & white 35mm film and afternoon light by Michael Benari. The mood is poignant and deeply affecting, allowing the viewer to experience the memorial in a new way.

The Tenuous Stem was reviewed by Christopher J. Johnson for photo-eye Blog. He writes, "Sunlight, this is the thread that undeniably links the five sections — Fruits and Vegetables, Flowers, Pregnancy, Dolls, and Memory — of Russek’s The Tenuous Stem. For all the photographs in the collection Russek used the natural light of her home in New Mexico... The production of the book is what one expects from Radius; the pages are high quality and glossy, leaving Russek's photos radiant. Its assembly, the excellent dust jacket design, page layout, and additional texts, have been well selected and manufactured."

Not many people have explored the remote badlands of the Navajo Reservation in northwest New Mexico, but Walter W. Nelson has spent the last twenty years photographing the exquisite beauty of one particular place — The Black Place. Georgia O’Keeffe spent many years making paintings of the otherworldly site, which she deemed The Black Place. Nelson has brought The Black Place to life in stunning black & white images made with a large format 8x10 camera, as well as digital color captures. It is a place that will leave a viewer speechless if seen in person — but Nelson's photographs perfectly capture the strange and mysterious beauty of this remote landscape.

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This Week's Auctions

Among this week's stellar auction listings, two prints: another of Jeanloup Sieff's austerely elegant landscapes, Cyne Suisse, Vevey (Swiss Swan), a 1974 vintage print plus the limited edition print, Sailor and Girl, c. 1940 by Lisette Model. Also on the block:
  • Allan Sekula's epic Fish Story
  • A rare signed copy of Keizo Kitajima's A.D. 1991 (SIGNED)
  • Stephen Gill's unforgettable Hackney Wick (SIGNED)
  • Three books by Hiroshi Sugimoto: Theaters + Conceptual Forms + Architecture

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    Tim Smyth
    Defective Carrots - SIGNED
    Marco Van Duyvendijk
    Sma Negeri 1 - SIGNED
    Marco Van Duyvendijk
    Riko - SIGNED
    Justin James Reed
    Mystic Places - SIGNED
    Michael J. Benari
    Shoah - SIGNED
    Janet Russek
    The Tenuous Stem - SIGNED
    Walter W. Nelson & Douglas Preston
    The Black Place - SIGNED by Walter W. Nelson & Douglas Preston
    Jeanloup Sieff: Cyne Suisse, Vevey (Swiss Swan), 1974--Vintage Print
    Lisette Model: Sailor and Girl, c. 1940
    Richard Prince (Scarce Early Catalogue, 1988)
    Guy Bourdin: A Message for You (2 vols.) + 1 other
    Allan Sekula: Fish Story
    Keizo Kitajima: A.D. 1991 (SIGNED)
    JH Engström: Trying to Dance
    Stephen Gill: Hackney Wick (SIGNED!!)
    Rinko Kawauchi: Hanabi (SIGNED)
    Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places, The Complete Works (SIGNED)
    Geert Van Kesteren: Why Mister, Why? Iraq 2003-2004 (Inscribed)
    Irving Penn: Worlds in a Small Room (SIGNED)
    Hiroshi Sugimoto: Theaters + Conceptual Forms + Architecture (3 Books)

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