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No Ordinary Days by Maggie Taylor is comprised of more than one hundred photographic color illustrations spanning Taylor's career from 1998-2012. The cornerstone of Taylor's highly imaginative work is rooted in childhood and history through the process of discovery and personal memory. Watch Melanie McWhorter's video presentation on photo-eye Blog.

The Black Kingdom by Brian Griffin was selected as Book of the Week by Mark Power who writes, "The Black Kingdom is an autobiographical work tracing Brian's childhood in the Black Country, then at the core of industrial Britain. Archive family photos (those by his mother Edith are particularly good) weave between relevant examples of his celebrated corporate work and some extraordinary tableaux vivants, recalling Carravagio or Stanley Spencer, in which Brian often uses friends (or even himself) as models. Beautifully designed by Stuart Smith, Griffin's intimate and often humorous text is bravely set in an unusually large font, allowing the pride he clearly feels for his homeland to shine throughout the whole book." Read more on photo-eye Blog.

Enduring Spirit of Vietnam by Peter Steinhauer presents more than one hundred black & white photographs of the exquisite landscape, culture and people of Vietnam. Four different bodies of work are included: The Mekong Delta; Canals of Saigon; Ethnic Minorities of Vietnam; and Hanoi — Streets, Roofs and Houses. As a whole, the book provides a sweeping look at this beautiful place, photographed from the mid 90s through the book’s publication in 2006.

Known for his evocative and beautifully eerie photomontages, the first book from Tom Chambers, Entropic Kingdom, is now back in stock at photo-eye. Published by ModernBook, the book was designed by Chambers and features work from five of his photographic series and an essay from photographer and editor of the Lenscratch blogzine Aline Smithson. As with all ModernBook editions, Entropic Kingdom is also available in a limited edition of 100 copies that includes a matted print of With the Pack, signed and numbered. Read Anne Kelly's interview with Tom Chambers where she asks him about the process of publishing Entropic Kingdom here.

Rothko/Sugimoto by Hiroshi Sugimoto was reviewed by Melanie McWhorter for photo-eye Blog. She writes, "The book [Rothko/Sugimoto] and exhibition feature works by Mark Rothko from 1969, the year before his death, contrasted with many of Hiroshi Sugimoto's Seascapes from the 1990s. The hardbound 12 1/4 inch square exhibition catalogue begins with an essay by Richard Shiff drawing obvious visual connections between the work and their allusion or non-descriptive connections to the land and sea. Shiff connects the artists' work with something much larger than the artists-the organic, the universal, the infinite — Rothko and Sugimoto's non-self image-making, both defining the 'artist' as those who can guide humanity by witnessing and archiving the world. The essay adds depth to what would already be an aesthetically rich comparative experience."

Reviewed by Tom Leininger for photo-eye Blog, Leininger writes, "Robert Adams is one of the most influential photographers of the 20th Century. He is prolific with both the image and written word. What Can We Believe Where? brings together his best known works of the last 40 years into one book. It is more than just a best of collection. This is Adams on Adams, he selected the images for the book himself from the holdings at Yale University. Adams also helps the reader understand the artistic framework from which he has worked for so long. In the forward, Adams writes of the three questions he asks himself when photographing: 'What does our geography compel us to believe? What does it allow us to believe? And what obligations, if any, follow from our beliefs?' These questions are both a challenge and guide to the reader." Strip-O-Gram is a collection of photographs acquired by Sebastien Girard through eBay after setting up search notifications for the word "stripper." The photographs will give you a good laugh between the sequined-chaps, g-strings and whipped cream — not to mention the surrounding women having the time of their life. Though traditionally hired for bachelorette parties, we get the impression that these women may have commissioned these men-for-hire for work parties and Valentine's Day celebrations as well.

Out to Lunch by Ari Marcopoulos was reviewed by Melanie McWhorter for photo-eye Blog. She writes, "Ari Marcopoulos is a photograper known for many things: his documents of his life surrounded by graffiti artists and skateboarders, his love of the Xerox as a means to produce zines and books and a no bullshit, no frills approach to his photography. His new limited edition book Out To Lunch is all that and more. The designers do not deny Marcopoulos' love for matte paper and have printed many of the plates on uncoated stock. The book is worth the cost with all its object elements: the matte pages, glossy contact sheets, vinyl stickers, and over-sized teen-magazine-like pullout posters. All this great content is wrapped in black gauze binders housed in a bag with comments, yearbook style, addressed to Ari on the outside. Two of the comments on the book on my desk read: 'Ari, he burns bridges before he crosses them — Jeff' and 'Ari tried to time stamp my balls — KEITH.' Each book is unique and printed in an edition of 350 copies signed and numbered by Marcopoulos."

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This week in photo-eye Auctions: Prints by Willy Ronis, Jeanloup Sieff and Lucien Clergue; three anthologies of photographs from the storied Magnum Agency with signatures from dozens of artists plus signed books by Richard Avedon. Be sure to check back, more items will be listed throughout the week! Thanks for looking!

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Maggie Taylor
No Ordinary Days - SIGNED
Brian Griffin
The Black Kingdom - SIGNED
Peter Steinhauer
Enduring Spirit of Vietnam
Tom Chambers
Entropic Kingdom - SIGNED
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Rothko / Sugimoto
Robert Adams
What Can We Believe Where?
Sebastien Girard
Strip-O-Gram - SIGNED
Ari Marcopoulos
Out to Lunch
Willy Ronis: La chevelure, 1990
Christian Boltanski: Lot of 5 Books and Catalogues (1988-1997)
Jackie Nickerson: Farm
Richard Avedon: In the American West + Autobiography + Evidence + Sixties + (4 BOOKS, ALL SIGNED)
Jean-Pierre Sudre: M+V, 1978 (Unique Mordançage Print)
Richard Avedon: In the American West + Autobiography + Evidence + Sixties + (4 BOOKS, ALL SIGNED)
Lucien Clergue: Nu cévenol, La Grand-Combe, 1993 (Platinum-Palladium Print)
Lucien Clergue: Two Torsos (Platinum-Paladium Print)
Jeanloup Sieff: Kenya, 1961 (Vintage Print)
Leonard Freed: Another Life (SIGNED)
Magmum Stories (SIGNED by 21 Magnum photographers!)
Magnum Magnum (Sixtieth Anniversary Retrospective, Edited by Brigitte Lardinois,with 16 Signatures!)
New York September 11 SIGNED by 9 Magnum Photographers

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