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Book of the Week: A Pick by Shane Lavalette
Disko by Andrew Miksys

"Photographer Andrew Miksys explores a unique nightclub culture in his new book DISKO, a culmination of ten years photographing Soviet-era village discos in Lithuania. As the youth of these towns move to cities or leave for Western Europe and America, these unique clubs are slowly fading. Many of the discos are barely attended, with just a few teenagers getting drunk late into the night, seeking something, or someone, to hold on to in a place with little opportunity. The greasy, colorful corners, bloodstains, and dark smoky slow dances are made beautiful through Miksys’ lens, yet together the photographs in DISKO reveal a feeling of hopelessness, and the palpable uncertainty in the eyes of a new generation." — Shane Lavalette

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New Arrivals

Hustlers by Philip-Lorca diCorcia documents male prostitutes in Los Angeles from 1990-1992. After receiving funding from the NEA, diCorcia made several trips to Los Angeles to find the models to act out his pre-established narrative, and paying the men their regular "hustler" fee to pose for his camera. In 1993, twenty-five of the photographs marked diCorcia’s first solo exhibition (at MoMA), and now, twenty years later, the entire series of sixty-six color photographs has been published for the first time in Hustlers.

An Atlas of War and Tourism in the Caucasus presents the photographs of Rob Hornstra and the writing of Arnold van Bruggen, who have been working together since 2009 to illuminate the idiosyncrasies of Sochi, Russia — the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics. The two, committed to “slow journalism,” have revisited Sochi several times over the last few years to research and engage with the culture of Sochi before it finds itself in the international spotlight. Hornstra’s storytelling combines exquisite contemporary portraiture, found photographs and collected objects from Sochi.

Water Matters by Julia Baier ruminates on the many ways our physical bodies come into contact with water. From diving, swimming and other water sports to looming weather systems that threaten our livelihood, Water Matters employs over fifty rich black & white photographs about our relationship to water, taken all over the world.

Cuny Janssen's Yoshino presents a beautiful documentation of Japan's Yoshino Mountains. Planted with over 30,000 cherry trees, the Yoshino Mountains are spotted with exquisite colors, a temple and river — making it a popular destination for tourists and Buddhist pilgrims alike. Janssen's sensitive photographs of this peaceful place are contextualized by a small anthology of Japanese poetry about the Yoshino Mountains.

All 4 You! includes photographs by masters of surreal photography, Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor, as well as Korean photographers Joo Myungduck and Kang Woongu. Together, the four seemingly different image-makers illustrate the vast and varied ways the realm of nature and our surroundings can be illuminated through the photographic image. From surrealist and mythic representations to documenting nature’s abstract beauty, All 4 You! is a fascinating and engaging photobook that encourages the viewer to draw connections between the four photographers’ different methods of representing similar subject matters.

In Christopher J. Johnson’s review of 7 Rooms by Rafal Milach, he writes, “7 Rooms presents the reader with seven different people's perspectives on contemporary life in Russia. These are seven windows into seven different interior lives; the theme that runs through all of them is the adjustment between a communist USSR and a democratic Russia. The views in the book are all provided by people who spent their childhoods in a communist milieu where they learned to prepare for a communist future. Their parents and neighbors and grandparents knew the Soviet system but after the collapse of the government these parental figures struggled to embrace a new post-Soviet life, a 'free' life.”

Between the Shell by Paul Salveson includes thirty-four color photographs of constructed domestic environments using commonplace objects. When the common household objects are divorced from their intended use, the affect is jarring — but Salveson’s creative use of color and form invite us to accept their new purpose and simultaneously attempt to solve his visual riddles.

Wilder Mann by Charles Freger is an enthralling document of the centuries-old rituals that celebrate the cycles of life, fertility and death. People put themselves into costumes of animals and mythological figures of the "savage" or Wild Man and Freger is there with his camera to document the performance. Over one hundred and fifty color photographs comprise Wilder Mann — an ambitious project perfectly executed by Freger. An essay by Robert McLiam Wilson is also included.

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This Week's Auctions

Among our stellar offerings this week, three utterly iconic images of twentieth century suavitude and cool: Walker Evans' Man in a White Suit (Havana, 1933) and two images of Beat writer Jack Kerouac taken by his comrade in literary arms Allen Ginsberg—one with an inimitable hand-written caption by Ginsberg! Also on the block for your Holiday delectation:

  • Enrique Bostelmann: America: Un viaje a traves de la injusticia (America: Journey Through Injustice)—a gorgeous copy!
  • Anton Bruehl: Photographs of Mexico (SIGNED)
  • Albert Watson: Cyclops + Mad Dog (2 Books, Both Signed)
  • TBW [This Bird Walks] Subscription Series #2 (Todd Hido, Abner Nolan, Marianne Mueller, Alec Soth)

  • In this week's presentation, Eric opines on the prints of Ginsberg and Evans on offer. Gift-giving season is upon us! Bring some joy to your favorite photobook addict: all books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown!

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    Julia Baier
    Water Matters - SIGNED
    Cuny Janssen
    Paul Salveson
    Between the Shell
    Rafal Milach
    7 Rooms
    Rob Hornstra
    The Sochi Project
    All 4 You! - SIGNED by Maggie Taylor, Jerry Uelsman, Myungkuck Joo and Woongu Kang
    Philip-Lorca Dicorcia
    Charles FrÉger
    Wilder Mann
    Allen Ginsberg: Jack Kerouac ('Railroad Brakeman's Manual'), 1953
    Allen Ginsberg: Jack Kerouac ('Staten Island Ferry'), 1953--with Ginsberg's Handwritten Caption
    Walker Evans: Havana 1933 (with Print, 'Man in a White Suit', 1933)
    Enrique Bostelmann: America: Un viaje a traves de la injusticia (America: Journey Through Injustice)
    Anton Bruehl: Photographs of Mexico (SIGNED)
    Mike Mandel: seven never before published portraits of Edward Weston
    Roy DeCarava & Langston Hughes: The Sweet Flypaper of Life (INSCRIBED by Langston Hughes)
    Dag Alveng: Asylum
    Albert Watson. Cyclops + Mad Dog (2 Books, Both Signed)
    Alessandra Sanguinetti: On the Sixth Day. Photographs (SIGNED)
    Larry Towell: Mennonites (SIGNED, Slipcased Edition)
    Anton Breuhl: Magic Dials
    Xu Yong: Xiaofangjia Hutong
    Philip Jones Griffiths: Agent Orange (SIGNED)
    Thomas Struth: Museum Photographs (First English Edition, SIGNED)
    Mike and Doug Starn (1990 monograph) -- INSCRIBED
    Josef Koudelka: Invasion. Prague '68 (SIGNED)
    Sebastião Salgado: Africa (SIGNED)
    TBW [This Bird Walks] Subscription Series #2 (Todd Hido, Abner Nolan, Marianne Mueller, Alec Soth)

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