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Book of the Week: A Pick by Yoko Sawada
Shrove Tuesday by Keijiro Kai

"...Shrove Tuesday is the first photobook self-published by Keijiro Kai (b. 1974) from Japan. Kai, who had experience in working for sports magazines, had learned from a book about an annual event in England which preserves the origins of the game of football... It is played by two teams and all the players fight over one ball together. However, Kai’s photographs do not show us the ball. Here lies the key to the success of this photobook. For the scenes without the ball remind us of the more energetic, yet primitive nature of human activities prior to the establishment of the modern concept of 'sports.' The pure movements of human bodies are revealed in the photographs of men who simply run, bump, shout and brace, just like animals pursuing their prey with passionate instincts. The farcically serious looks on each player's face are so dignified, as though cutting through the pressures and stress of contemporary society." — Yoko Sawada

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New Arrivals

Christina De Middel self-published one of the most critically acclaimed photobooks last year, The Afronauts. This year she is back with SPBH Book Club Vol III that takes the genre of street photography to an exciting, new territory. Wandering the streets of New York City, De Middel pays mind to the surreal quality of the iconic city. The sixty color photographs invite the viewer to unravel an enigmatic story about the cultural mecca through a set of visual clues, as if piecing together a large puzzle.

The Mushroom Picker by David Robinson is an inspired take on the traditional children's book format. Robinson made more than fifty color luminograms that are sequenced and paired with a written story about a mushroom, Penny Bun, who narrowly escapes The Mushroom Picker's annual autumnal harvest. Luminograms are made with light and light-sensitive photo paper. The exquisite, colorful illustrations, made without a camera, sit squarely between the medium of photography and painting.

Les Faits Secondaires by Christophe Agou explores the use of light as both a presence and an absence. Blurred, over-exposed images of nightlife, wildlife, cityscapes and portraits fill the pages of Les Faits Secondaires. Light is typically used in photography to illuminate a subject — but Agou turns this common trope on its head by abstracting his subjects through overexposure.

The Non-Conformists is Martin Parr's first major body of work, published for the first time in book form. Pre-dating Parr's iconic color work, The Non-Conformists boasts ninety black and white photographs from the picturesque Yorkshire Pennine mill town of Hebden Bridge, where Parr lived shortly after completing his art degree. Susie Parr joined Martin for a year to document the community — her descriptions punctuate his photographs, illustrating a small community on the brink of decline.

The Question of Hope is Robert Adams' urgent call to humankind to reconcile the need for natural resources with a mindfulness of the finite limitations of those resources. The Question of Hope presents two bodies of work — documentation of rapid deforestation in the first half of the book, and a study of the sublime natural world in the second half. The innate desire to bring these two seemingly disparate bodies of work together speaks to the disconnect between humankind and the natural world.

Shinan, also known as "The Island of Angels," is comprised of 1,004 untouched islands off the South West coast of Korea. In Michael Kenna's new monograph, he offers a stunning pictorial survey of Shinan — one of the last places on Earth unaltered by the modern world. The first printing of Shinan is limited to 3,000 slipcased copies. A limited edition of 250 copies, signed and numbered by the artist, will also be available.

He, She, It is a comprehensive survey of two of America's most iconic photographers, Harry Callahan and Edward Weston. This anthology examines the relationship between the body and nature, as well as photography and affection. Callahan and Weston both employed a strong affection for their subjects, making their portrait work exceptionally intimate and erotic.

Ghosts by Sophie Calle deals with the memory of absent art pieces. Misplaced, stolen or damaged, the missing art pieces are resurrected in memory by the art handlers, museum employees and collectors who knew and handled the works intimately.

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This Week's Auctions

This week's bounty of photography between covers ranges far and wide historically, geographically and stylistically. From pre-war Europe, the New Objectivism of Albert Renger-Patzsch and the Surrealist nudes of André Kertész in his Distortions (an INSCRIBED copy of the classic 1976 volume); from Nigeria, South African photographer Pieter Hugo's riveting images of Nollywood film sets; from 1960s New York suburbia, Daniel Seymour's influential autobiographical artist book, A Loud Song; Let's Get Lost by Bruce Weber & so much more!

  • Mark Power: The Treasury Project (SIGNED, Limited Edition with Print)
  • Elliot Erwitt: Four Books (ALL SIGNED)
  • Hans Aarsman Hollandse Taferelen [Dutch Tableaux]
  • Josef Koudelka: Reconnaissance Wales

  • Be sure to check out Eric's presentation below. In his ongoing attempt to simultaneously appeal to both visual and aural pleasure, this week he spares you his opinions and pairs images from a whopping eleven of this week's selections with music by Chet Baker (of course!) and Brian Eno (Huh? You'll see, it works!). Don't forget: All books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown!

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    Cristina De Middel
    Spbh Book Club Vol III - SIGNED
    Christophe Agou
    Les Faits Secondaires - SIGNED
    Martin Parr
    The Non-Conformists
    David Robinson
    The Mushroom Picker
    Robert Adams
    The Question of Hope
    Michael Kenna
    Edwar Weston & Harry Callahan
    He, She, It
    Sophie Calle
    Hans Aarsman Hollandse Taferelen [Dutch Tableaux]
    Daniel Seymour: A Loud Song
    Bruce Weber: Let's Get Lost (A Film Journal)
    André Kertész: Distortions (INSCRIBED!)
    Miguel Rio Branco: The Silent Book (SIGNED)
    Pieter Hugo: Nollywood (SIGNED, Limited Edition with Print)
    George St. Martin & Ronald Nelson (eds.): The Boy: A Photographic Essay
    Albert Renger-Patzsch: Kupferhammer Grünthal (The Grünthal Cooperworks)
    Mark Power: The Treasury Project (SIGNED, Limited Edition with Print)
    Joan Fontcuberta: Sputnik
    Werner Bischof: 24 Photos
    Masafumi Sanai: Wakaranai (I Don't Know)
    Walker Evans: Many Are Called
    Elliot Erwitt: Four Books (ALL SIGNED)
    Josef Koudelka: Reconaissance Wales
    Max Pam: Going East

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