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Book of the Week: A Pick by Maxwell Anderson
Karma by Oscar Monzon

"Intense, confusing, aggressive, playful, edgy... What, why, how. This book slaps me about a bit, which I quite enjoy. A couple of times I thought I got the drift of what was going on, then it hopped, skipped and jumped somewhere else. Details in images take on different implications because of the mashed-up influence of preceding images... and then a crudely made collage appears (I feel like I shouldn't tell you because they seem like they should be tiny surprises). I hated it, I loved it, I thought it was trashy, I thought it was genius. Whatever it is, it makes me feel slightly unstable. Whatever I think of it, it's a bold thing to make which many people probably won't like, which I'm totally in support of!!" — Maxwell Anderson

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New Arrivals

In Colin Pantall's review of Pictures From The Real World by David Moore, he writes, "In England, they say that it's grim up north; grim because of the weather, the cities, the houses and (sometimes) the people. And when the economic climate is grim, as it still was for many in the late 1980s, then the grimness is amplified. Pictures From The Real World is a visual exploration of the grimness of people's homes; it's the World of Grimteriors if you like. David Moore's prowling of the council estates of Derby, knocking on doors to get a picture of what lies behind, paid off with a particular vision of the (still) depressed Britain of the late 1980s."

Sarah Bradley writes of Alexandra Huddleston's 333 Saints, "In 2007 Alexandra Huddleston spent 10 months in Timbuktu, Mali documenting the rich and centuries old tradition of Islamic scholarship in the city. The home of hundreds of thousands of manuscripts, Timbuktu holds a special place in the history of Islamic and African culture. Huddleston was welcomed into classrooms, libraries and Islamic sanctuaries to document this unique and vibrant intellectual tradition. Her remarkable pictures show a community of intellectuals, teachers and students engaging in an enlightened educational system inclusive of women and multiple ethnic groups in the region. While Huddleston was quick to perceive the precariousness of the survival of these traditions in the modern world, she could never have anticipated the terrible events that were coming to Timbuktu." Read Alexandra Huddleston's essay about self-publishing this exquisite photobook here.

Ping Pong combines Alec Soth's love for table tennis and photography in a charming, petite hardbound photobook. Included are written responses from ping pong enthusiasts Geoff Dyer and Pico Iyer, who engage in a sort of literary back-and-forth, responding to the vernacular ping pong images collected by Soth.

John Cage's stories and William Gedney's photographs come together in the superb book Iris Garden. The book's design mirrors Cage's conceptual oeuvre based on chance — the unbound pages folding in on themselves, allowing for a reading experience that has no pre-set beginning or end. Gedney's black & white photographs take us on a walk in nature and through a suburban town and include a few self-portraits of Gedney himself.

Arriving Soon

Contacts by Toshio Shibata includes 27 color photographs made with a large format camera all over Shibata's native Japan as well as the United States. Shibata maintains a cool distance when photographing the intersection of natural landscapes and built environments — impartiality further complicates the subject matter. We're invited to look at these sites of urbanization and never-ending sprawl without bias. The photographs are a departure from many other bodies of work on the same subject, which often persuade the viewer to arrive at the conclusion of awe or disgust at the unquenchable thirst for and exploitation of natural resources.

Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs present site-specific installations of 2x4's and scrap wood erected in the foreground of each photograph, mimicking the buildings in the distance in Raise the Bar. Thirteen photographs document their dimensional constructions that interrupt our sense of space in a bizarre act of Trompe-l'oeil. Onorato and Krebs also made the film 'Blockbuster' to document this laborious exercise. Seven film stills from 'Blockbuster' are also included in the book.

Two new monographs from Misha Kominek will be arriving soon. Strangers in Paradise is a fascinating photobook highlighting the strangeness of Catalonia's Lloret de Mar — a popular vacation spot for Central and Eastern European tourists. Flocking to the beach town for an inexpensive vacation, the pilgrims are pictured soaking up the sun on the sandy shores of the town.

The second book by Kominek, First Journey Home, documents the photographer's first road trip around Poland after graduating from photography school in Barcelona. The photographs provide a romantic look at the place of his upbringing — visiting markets, fields, small villages and historical sites all over Poland. Kominek's black and white photographs bring together seemingly disparate scenes into a consistent narrative through his use of humor, irony and the longing for home.

Best wishes,
Erin Azouz
photo-eye Newsletter Editor

This Week's Auctions

This week's auction listings range far and wide historically, from the iconic Modernism of Constantin Brancusi and Aenne Biermann to the holy grail that is Robert Frank's The Americans (1st Grove Press Edition!). For connoisseurs of figural work, Martin Munkacsi's Nudes plus a sweet SIGNED copy of André Kertész's Distortions. Also on the block, Margaret Bourke White & Erskine Caldwell's 941 'post FSA' classic, Say, Is this the U.S.A (the hardbound first edition in the scarce dust jacket!); Ed Van Der Elsken's Love on the Left Bank (1st U.K. Edition); Fina Torres' searing account of the 1973 Chilean coup, Neruda: Entierro Y Testamento & much more!

  • André Kertész: Distortions (INSCRIBED!)
  • Constantin Brancusi (Little Review, 1921—Important Modernist Journal)
  • Aenne Biermann : 60 Fotos
  • Robert Frank: The Americans (1st Grove Press Edition!)

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    David Moore
    Pictures from the Real World
    Alexandra Huddleston
    333 Saints - SIGNED
    Alec Soth & Geoff Dyer
    Ping Pong
    William Gedney
    Iris Garden
    Toshio Shibata
    Contacts - SIGNED
    Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs
    Raise the Bar
    Misha Kominek
    Strangers in Paradise - SIGNED
    Misha Kominek
    First Journey Home - SIGNED
    André Kertész: Distortions (INSCRIBED!)
    Martin Munkacsi: Nudes (In Dust Jacket)
    Margaret Bourke-White: Say, Is this the U.S.A (Hardbound First Edition in Dust Jacket)
    Brassaï (1968 Museum of Modern Art Catalogue)--INSCRIBED
    Robert Frank: The Americans (1st Grove Press Edition!)
    Richard Prince: Naked Nurses + Inside World
    Robert Frank (3 Rare Catalogues)
    Ed Van Der Elsken: Love on the Left Bank (1st U.K. Edition)
    Glen Luchford (2009 Steidldangin monograph)
    Bill Burke: I Want to Take Picture (First Edition)
    Fina Torres: Neruda:Entierro Y Testamento
    Andreas Gursky: Montparnasse
    Constantin Brancusi (Little Review, 1921--Important Modernist Journal)
    Lee Friedlander (Museum of Modern Art Retrospective Catalogue--SIGNED!)
    Aenne Biermann : 60 Fotos
    Ikko Kagari: Chikan Rush

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