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Book of the Week: A Pick by Michael Schmelling
Once A Year by Axel Hoedt

"Small, 100 pages, simple glossy jacket, some kind of cat-like figure on the cover — I almost passed this by in the bookstore, thinking it was a children's book. And maybe it actually could be a spooky children's book — something you know will maybe give you nightmares, but you look at it anyway. Like Grimms' Fairy Tales, which were misleadingly first published as "Children's Tales," you're fooled by something that seems kind of cute and magical. But look twice, you realize there's nothing really cute about it. Caught off-guard, you're left with an open-ended sense of foreboding. This is a strange and impressive accomplishment, especially when you consider that there's no real attempt to create fantasy here (and when you consider how often we've seen masked subjects in photography, from Irving Penn to Phyllis Galembo). I can imagine how the photographer made the work, I can see the seamless and the tape — and I know these are people in costumes in a studio, but I'm still left uneasy." — Michael Schmelling

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New Arrivals

In David Ondrik's review of The City by Lori Nix, he writes, "The cover image, Library, is stunning and tells you everything you need to know about the rest of the images contained within. The titular library is in the midst of prolonged decay; three trees, possibly aspens, are growing up from the ground, fed natural light and presumably water, through a gaping hole in the roof of the structure. The decay of the library itself is in various stages: some of the art on the wall isn't holding up too well, and the walls themselves are discoloring. Dust covers everything, and library chairs are scattered as if they were hastily abandoned before the unknown cataclysm that precipitated the abandonment, and thus decay, of the place."

Michael Wolf has spent a lifetime photographing the dynamic megacity of Hong Kong. For Small God, Big City, Wolf documented the Earth God shrines he found in the doorways, homes and back alleys all over Hong Kong. Two illuminating texts by Lee Ho Yin and Lynne DiStefano frame our understanding of Wolf's photographs around the urbanization of Hong Kong that has left its residents suspended between traditional beliefs of the past and the fast-paced modern life in a bustling metropolis. Read George Slade's review of Small God, Big City on photo-eye Blog.

Josef Koudelka's Wall explores the complicated relationship between Israel and Palestine through photographs of the physical barrier between the two cultures. Koudelka focuses on the vast and ubiquitous presence of the wall, which acts as a metaphor for the cultural division intervening in the natural and impartial landscape.

Koudelka presents a sweeping survey of the Czech photographer's prolific oeuvre. Josef Koudelka has made significant contributions to the photographic lexicon throughout his career, photographing Eastern European social, culture and geographic landscapes with a highly-controlled and inquisitive eye. In this book, published by Aperture, many images make their first appearance in print.

On November 21, 2011 at 5:40pm Richard Misrach photographed a couple sitting on the beach. At first glance, it appeared the couple was photographing the sunset with their iPhone. It wasn't until Misrach was back in his studio that he discovered something uncanny — the couple was not photographing the sunset, but making a portrait of themselves on the beach. Misrach realized they were photographing the same subject in that moment — and this began a new series, entitled "On the Beach 2.0." The sixteen photograph sequence in 11.21.11 5:40pm starts with Misrach's original photograph of the couple on the beach, zooms in to the point of abstract pixilation, and then out again — a single photograph and a single moment in time, imagined sixteen different ways.

In Sarah Bradley's review of Letters from Utopia, she writes, "Dutch photographer Daan Paans considers his work documentary, which is strictly true, though I wouldn't immediately think to classify his book Letters from Utopia as such. Letters from Utopia is an investigation into the practical search for immortality. The book is arranged in a sort of chronology, but also in an order indicating the evolution of human thought on the subject. A collection of five dossiers, each opens with an introduction of the subject before presenting a series of captioned photographs with the occasional snippet of related text sharing the page."

From Colin Pantall's review of Strangely Familiar by Peter Mitchell, he writes, "To see the old [Leeds], the best way is to take a trip in the time machine of Strangely Familiar, Peter Mitchell's book of photographs of Leeds in the 1970s... This book is number 7 in Nazraeli's series of 10 books chosen by Martin Parr and it's a classic, a marvel of decrepit cityscapes mixed with environmental portraits that show the soul of a city and a people at odds with what Mitchell calls the 'glittering emptiness' of the city today. The pictures were made between 1974 and 1996 but the bulk of them are from the seventies, pictures that point to Mitchell's love of architecture and social histories."

Dead Man's Hand by Jonah Samson is a refreshing and innovative take on the traditional photobook format. Samson's fascination with mid-century crime photography and pin-ups comes to life in a creative and compelling fiction. Comprised of loose plate photographs over-painted by the artist, a narrative written by Sheila Heti, pin-up photographs, clippings from detective magazines and rap sheets, the entire loose-plate book is housed in a hand-made linen box, signed and numbered in an edition of 200 copies. The presentation draws the viewer in, inviting us to solve a fictional crime with the "evidence" presented to us in the box.

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This Week's Auctions

The Photobook Remix is back with the astounding book by Arthur Omar, Antropologia Da Face Gloriosa (Anthropology of the Glorious Face) paired here with "Baby," the best-known song by Tropicalia-psychedelic avatars Os Mutantes. Also on the block this week:
  • Lisetta Carmi: Il Travestiti (The Transvestites)—a sweet copy of a fragile book!
  • Josef Koudelka: Animals (SIGNED, Limited Edition Portfolio of 18 Héliogravures)
  • Dag Alveng: Asylum
  • Trent Parke: Dream/Life
  • Ken Magazine (Rare Japanese Photo & Graphics Quarterly—3 Issues—Complete Set!)

  • Plus SIGNED books by Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, Stephen Shore & much more! Don't forget: all books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown!

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    Lori Nix
    The City - SIGNED
    Michael Wolf
    Small God, Big City
    Josef Koudelka
    Josef Koudelka
    Richard Misrach
    11.21.11 5:40 PM - SIGNED
    Daan Paans
    Letters from Utopia
    Peter Mitchell
    Strangely Familiar
    Jonah Samson
    Dead Man's Hand
    Lisetta Carmi: Il Travestiti (The Transvestites)
    Dag Alveng: Asylum
    Helmut Newton: White Women (SIGNED)
    Trent Parke: Dream/Life
    Ken Magazine (Rare Japanese Photo & Graphics Quarterly--3 Issues--Complete Set!)
    Irving Penn: Worlds in a Small Room (SIGNED)
    Stephen Shore: The Nature of Photographs (1st Edition)--SIGNED
    Arthur Omar: Antropologia Da Face Gloriosa (Anthropology of the Glorious Face)
    Ellen Von Unwerth: Revenge (Deluxe Limited Edition with Print!)
    Josef Koudelka: Animals (SIGNED, Limited Edition Portfolio of 18 Héliogravures)
    Josef Koudelka: Invasion. Prague '68 (SIGNED)
    Jan Saudek: The World of Jan Saudek (SIGNED)
    Richard Avedon: Avedon at Work: In the American West (SIGNED by Avedon)

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