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Book of the Week: A Pick by Klara Källström
Rasen Kaigan / Album by Lieko Shiga

"Last weekend in Paris I visited Le Bal Photobook festival and I found this wonderful book by Lieko Shiga called Rasen Kaigan / Album. It is a very fascinating piece of work, like a phantasmagoria full of love and humor. A sort of light darkness seems to prevail in Shiga's world and to it, she adds hard flashes. What she shows and how she does it is very intriguing, it really triggers the imagination. This place is being created while she visits it, yet it seems like it has been there forever. She welcomes us to travel along with her here, and I have become a frequent visitor." — Klara Källström

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This week we are focusing on seven photobooks that made the Paris Photo/Aperture 2013 Photobook Awards Shortlist. You can find the complete list with links to order, BookTeases and reviews on our blog.

Adam Panczuk delivers a fascinating documentation of farmers in Eastern Poland in Karczeby. The polish word Karczeb describes a farmer deeply rooted in his cultivated land. The subject matter is particularly timely as farmers all over the globe struggle to make a living off of the land their families have cultivated for centuries in the wake of Monsanto and large-scale corporate farming. The book includes rich black & white portraits of the farmers in their land. Another book of portraits is included within Karczeby — depicting a group of amateur actors who farm fields during the day and act in plays in the evening.

Jin Ohashi is one of Japan's most significant photographers working today. His earlier books Ima and Menomaenotsuduki took the art world by surprise with their dynamic realism. In his first book in seven years, Surrendered Myself to the Chair of Life asks us to look at the place where life begins. Large groups of people are pictured having sex, running around in the nude, moving their bodies in unison while often acknowledging the photographer's presence. The photographs are simultaneously unsettling and enthralling, ensuring that Ohashi's fans will not be disappointed.

John Cage's stories and William Gedney's photographs come together in the superb book Iris Garden. The book's design mirrors Cage's conceptual oeuvre based on chance. Gedney's black & white photographs take us on a walk in nature and through a suburban town and include a few self-portraits of Gedney himself.

Silvermine is a compilation of five photo albums each containing 20 prints. The negatives were saved in Beijing from being filtered for their silver content and subsequently destroyed. Thomas Sauvin saved more than half a million negatives and has edited down an intimate portrait of the Chinese capital and its inhabitants. Limited stock is available.

Holy Bible is a collaboration between Oliver Chanarin and Adam Broomberg who mined The Archive of Modern Conflict's extensive collection with philosopher Adi Ophir's creed in mind: that God reveals himself through catastrophe and that Biblical power structures are analogous to modern systems of governance. Holy Bible mimics the physical form of the King James Version with images of conflict inserted within. Please note that Holy Bible is now in it's second printing.

New York Arbor is Mitch Epstein's new series of photographs illustrating the idiosyncrasies of trees in New York City. Epstein explored the five boroughs of the city in search of remarkable trees that had a commanding presence. Framing them in the center of each of his black & white photographs, Epstein allows us to experience the trees not as the background of a city, but as inhabitants that will likely outlive their human counterparts and the architecture surrounding them.

Coined by neoconservatives, the term PIGS is used to reference the financial and social plight of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. Photographer Carlos Spottorno set out to visually illustrate the stereotypes inferred by the term, focusing on the poverty, imbalance of power, and lack of opportunity. The glaring absence of beauty stands out in The Pigs — and this omission is Spottorno's clever way of questioning the authenticity of the stereotype and its origin.

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This Week's Auctions

So many outstanding books we don't even know where to begin! How about with the superb hardbound edition of Willy Ronis' Belleville-Menilmontant, with its fantastic 'Ab-Ex' boards? Or perhaps the ultra-scarce second book by Dirk Alvermann (Algerie), Keine Experimente (No Experiments)? And for something on the lighter side, the soft-focus 60s erotica of Karl De Haan's Happy Sun Day. Be sure to check out all of this week's auction listings! Highlights include:
  • Irving Penn: Moments Preserved, inscribed to the Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue
  • Mike Mandel: Untitled (Baseball-Photographer Trading Cards), Complete Set of 135—Pristine!
  • Robert Cumming: The Weight of Franchise Meat
  • Lee Friedlander: The American Monument (Limited Edition with Print)

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    Adam Panczuk
    Karczeby - SIGNED
    Jin Ohashi
    Surrendered Myself to the Chair Of Life
    William Gedney and John Cage
    Iris Garden
    Thomas Sauvin
    Silvermine (very limited stock)
    Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin
    Holy Bible (second printing)
    Mitch Epstein
    New York Arbor
    Carlos Spottorno
    The Pigs
    Lee Friedlander: The American Monument (Limited Edition with Print)
    Willy Ronis: Belleville-Menilmontant (Rare Hardbound Edition,)
    Karl De Haan: Happy Sun Day
    Johan van der Keuken: Acther Glass [Behind Glass]
    Josef Koudelka (2007 Aperture Monograph)--Signed!
    Dirk Alvermann: Keine Experimente. Bilder zum Grundgesetz [No Experiments. Pictures of Basic Law]
    Robert Cumming: The Weight of Franchise Meat
    Andrew Roth (ed.): The Book of 101 Books
    Christer Strömholm: Till minnet av mig själv [In Memory of Myself]
    Mike Mandel: Untitled (Baseball-Photographer Trading Cards), Complete Set of 135--Pristine!
    Irving Penn: Moments Preserved INSCRIBED, Association Copy)
    Daido Moriyama: Japanese Theater (Japan, A Photo Theater)--SIGNED
    Rineke Dijkstra [Jacob Molenhuis]: Gold Dust
    Uta Barth: Between Places + nowhere near + ...and of time (3 Books)
    Elliot Erwitt: Four Books (ALL SIGNED)
    [Anonymous] Deutschlands Autobahnen. Adolf Hitlers Straßen [Germany's Highways. Hitler's Streets]

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