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Book of the Week: A Pick by Melissa Catanese
Fires by Ron Jude

"Ron Jude’s newest book, Fires, is a great example of my favorite type of photobook - one that invites collaboration between the author, the reader and its content. Fires poetically shuffles Jude’s three seemingly disparate projects (Alpine Star, emmett, and Lick Creek Line), including even a few outtakes from the original books. Its loose bound pages imply that meaning is not fixed and encourages the reader to engage both physically as well as psychologically."
— Melissa Catanese

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This Week's New Arrivals

Commissioned by a Japanese newspaper, Keizo Kitajima entered the USSR in November 1990, spending one year there tasked with documenting daily life behind the Iron Curtain. Little was known about Soviet society until the USSR was dissolved in late 1991 — just when Kitajima finished his assignment. The grainy color photographs describe some places Westerners have never seen. Keizo Kitajima USSR 1991 is an important document of a Soviet Union grappling with a new identity in the face of rapid cultural and political change.

In Melanie McWhorter's review of The Enclave by Richard Mosse, she writes, "The idea of death and war permeates Richard Mosse’s photos yet he rarely shows the macabre nature of the conflict in the Congo. The Enclave features 142 four-color plates divided into photographic images and grainy film stills. Its respective limited edition version includes a signed and numbered book, a 45 rpm record of sound and music, a transcription from the film and poster. The images feature portraits of military men and villagers, grand landscapes, and a few photographs of the causalities of the long-raging war – victims of neighboring villagers, government-supported militia or any of the numerous rebel groups."

On November 21, 2011 at 5:40pm Richard Misrach photographed a couple sitting on the beach. At first glance, it appeared the couple was photographing the sunset with their iPhone. It wasn't until Misrach was back in his studio that he discovered something uncanny — the couple was not photographing the sunset, but making a portrait of themselves on the beach. Misrach realized they were photographing the same subject in that moment — and this began a new series, entitled "On the Beach 2.0." The sixteen photograph sequence in 11.21.11 5:40pm starts with Misrach's original photograph of the couple on the beach, zooms in to the point of abstract pixilation, and then out again — a single photograph and a single moment in time, imagined sixteen different ways.

Paris in My Time is Mark Steinmetz's long-awaited monograph encompassing a twenty-five year span of photographs the artist made during extended trips to Paris. Steinmetz modernizes the aesthetic choices of Atget and Kertesz who spent their lives photographing Paris, but with a twist that extends and updates their tradition. Paris In My Time is beautifully printed on uncoated Japanese stock with rich blacks in a first edition of 1,000 copies.

Arriving Soon

In October 2010, a wall collapsed in a reservoir used to store hazardous waste from alumina production, releasing approximately 35 million cubic feet of highly toxic sludge into the village of Ajka, Hungary and surrounding areas. Palíndromo Mészáros explored Ajka six months later in The Line, after the caustic red mud had been contained. What he found was a line, a mark on the landscape and buildings that acts as a permanent visual reminder of the catastrophe. Meszaros captured new plant life emerging from the red, contaminated soil. Bright white cherry blossoms signify spring and remind us that somehow, life continues after tragedy.

Halfway Pretty includes the work of Amanda James, Alex Nichols, Andrew Fedynak, Chris Bennett, Gretchen Sayers, Jerome Ming, Lucy Helton, Pam Connolly, Saleem Ahmed, Tsar Fedorsky. Each artist used the same story by writer Thom Jones as a starting point for their photographic series, each personally interpreting and representing what they read. The variety of work is impressive — and at first glance, perhaps a bit overwhelming. But a second glance makes the seemingly tangential moments and various practices come together beautifully, in a strange, unexpected way.

No. 223 by Lin Zhipeng provides a wildly colorful, vivid glimpse into life and love in the Guangdong province of China. From landscapes to portraits to sexual rendezvous, Zhipeng has a pulse on the world around him, capturing subtle, beautiful and sometimes jarring moments. A loose narrative comes into focus, linking love and sex to the lush, natural landscapes and subtropical climate.

Onna (Japanese for woman) is an exquisite, tiny photobook measuring just a little over 3x4." The page spreads are carefully sequenced diptychs, pairing a woman with another object, landscape, or portrait. The pairings are sometimes cliche, sometimes unusual, but all seem to inject just a bit of humor into the series.

Best wishes,
Erin Azouz
photo-eye Newsletter Editor

This Week's Auctions
Swedish photographer JH Engström is credited by Parr & Badger with inventing what they call, "a new genre that depicts a veiled, oblique, almost novelistic view of modern life..." Set against the glacial lyricism of Icelandic 'post-rockers' Sigur Rós, Photobook Remix #4 features five of Engström's very hard-to-find books, along with the maximalist religiosity of Miguel Rio Branco's Silent Book; Paris- Les cathedrales inconnues; and the sharply observed Holy Crap by Rob Pruitt.
Also on the block:
  • Philip-Lorca diCorcia: A Storybook Life (Limited Edition, SIGNED)
  • Pierre Jahan: Mer
  • Gerard Malanga: Autobiography of a Sex Thief
  • Alvin Langdon Coburn: London (1914)

  • And Much More!
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    Keizo Kitajima
    Keizo Kitajima USSR 1991
    Richard Mosse
    The Enclave - Softbound and Limited Edition
    Richard Misrach
    11.21.11 5:40 PM - SIGNED
    Mark Steinmetz
    Paris in My Time
    Palíndromo Mészáros
    The Line - SIGNED
    Amanda James, Chris Bennett, et al.
    Halfway Pretty
    Lin Zhipeng (aka No. 223)
    The Work
    Ichiba Daisuke
    Onna - SIGNED
    Miguel Rio Branco: The Silent Book
    JH Engström: CDG/JHE [Charles De Gaule Airport] + La Residence (2 Books, BOTH SIGNED!)
    JH Engström: Härbärge [Shelter]--SIGNED!
    Gerard Malanga: Autobiography of a Sex Thief
    Rob Pruitt: Holy Crap
    Piero Steinle & Julian Rosefeldt:Paris. Les cathedrales inconnues
    Bruce Davidson: East 100th Street (Hardbound, First Edition!)
    Leigh Bowery (1st Ed., Major Monograph)
    Pierre Jahan: Mer
    Lewis Baltz: New Industrial Parks Near Irvine, California (1st Edition!)
    Philip-Lorca diCorcia: A Storybook Life (Limted Edition, SIGNED)
    Alvin Langdon Coburn: London (1914)
    Aaron Siskind (and Walt Whitman): Song of the Open Road (SIGNED, Limited Edition with 6 Gravures)
    JH Engström: Haunts (SIGNED) + Sketch of Home (SIGNED, Limited Edition of 250!) --2 Books

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