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Book of the Week: A Pick by Mårten Lange
Phenotype by Jochen Lempert

"This is the most extensive book on Lempert's work to date, published to coincide with an exhibition at the Hamburg Kunsthalle this summer. Intelligent and with a great deal of humour and poetry, Lempert's photographs of the lifeforms of earth never cease to fascinate me."
— Mårten Lange

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New Arrivals

The Photographers Gallery in London hosts an annual Photography Prize, illuminating important bodies of work by both esteemed and up-and-coming photographers. The Deutsch Borse Photography Prize 2012 contains work from the four finalists of this year's prize — Pieter Hugo, Rinko Kawauchi, John Stezaker and Christopher Williams. Each photographer is given numerous pages of images, a biography and accompanying texts that shed light on their work. Collectively, the book provides a cross-section of four very different artists, working in divergent genres and means of expression. While their works explore distinct subjects and themes, each photographer presents a clear vision backed with a unique voice and a strong concept.

The Pacific Northwest has been home to photographer Robert Adams since 1997, where he has been photographing the lush, overgrown landscapes in a protected forest along Oregon's Columbia River. In Light Balances/On Any Given Day in Spring, he meditates on the subtle interplay between light and trees. The fifty-nine abstract black & white photographs illustrate the natural beauty of the Northwest. Additional copies will be arriving soon.

In 1970, photographer Tom Bianchi began traveling to New York where he discovered a thriving community of gay men in Fire Island. Documenting their camaraderie, intimate moments and sun-drenched summer days on the beach with his Polaroid SX-70 camera, Bianchi amassed an extensive collection of photographs from 1975-1983. The rich, warm tones of the Polaroid film help create an atmosphere characteristic of the 70s and early 80s. Mustaches, trim torsos, and nude men fill the pages of Fire Island Pines. Bianchi's photographs suggest that if you were a gay man in the New York area during the 70s and early 80s, Fire Island was the place to be.


Ain't Bad Magazine #5 underlines the work of Clayton Cotterell, Daniel Gordon, Trey Wright, Andrew B. Myers, Anthony Gerace and Stefan Vorbeck/Stillsandstrokes. This issue's theme is Escapism and explores the variety of ways photographers are reducing the photographic image to its surface — patterns, shapes and colors jump off the pages and into our imagination. As if an homage to the Dadaists, the form becomes the content in these various bodies of work, allowing the viewer to unpack our own fantasies into the images presented to us.

Nude/A Room/Flowers is a collection of work spanning twenty years by Japanese photographer Sakiko Nomura, who worked as Nobuyoshi Araki’s assistant for many years. Printed on the most exquisite textured paper, this monograph gives us a sensual experience as we meander through Nomura’s loose narrative, reflecting on the natural ebb and flow of daily life. Environmental portraits are placed beside landscapes, mostly black & white, but occasionally color is slipped into the sequence, creating an element of surprise that delights the senses.

First published in 2009 in an edition of 300 copies, Sol & Luna is now available in an expanded second edition of 1,000 copies, each including a folded poster. Swedish clothing brand Our Legacy approached Viviane Sassen to shoot an editorial spread and the resulting photographs were published in Sol & Luna. Capitalizing on the model's androgynous look, Sassen explores her evocative subject in black & white, both clothed and nude, employing her signature genre-straddling style. Sol & Luna is beautifully produced with a cloth cover that nods to the fashion work contained within.

In Antone Dolezal's review of American Faith by Christopher Churchill, he writes, "In a nation polarized by starkly different personal and cultural beliefs, it's hard to imagine that Christopher Churchill's monograph American Faith wouldn't have its own slanted perspective... Churchill set out in 2004, making short trips throughout the United States and exploring the idea of what it is that defines an individual's faith. Assuming that in order to have faith one must be religious, the photographer's own notions quickly dissolved. Instead, he found an America full of people who spoke to a more universal outlook than one of simple religious dogma."

Best wishes,
Erin Azouz
photo-eye Newsletter Editor

This Week's Auctions
In this week's presentation, Eric continues the Photobook Remix project with a sonic-visual mash-up made in 'heaven': Joel-Peter Witkin's Songs of Innocence and Experience and the eerie neo-psychedelia of the Scottish band Clinic.
Also on the block this week:
  • Two pairs of scarce early 80s Araki titles: Romantic Images: Araki's Alices + Ikonta Story plus Pseudo-Diary + Pseudo-Reportage
  • Lot of 6 items by Les Krims (3 Boxed Sets + Chicken Soup* + Fictcryptokrimsographs + Eight Photos)
  • Nan Goldin: Ballad of Sexual Dependency (First Edition)
  • Eikoh Hosoe: The Butterfly Dream (Butoh Master, Kazuo Ohno)

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    Art Collection Deutsche BÖrse
    Deutsche Boerse Photography Prize 2012
    Robert Adams
    Light Balances / On Any Given Day in Spring
    Tom Bianchi
    Fire Island Pines - SIGNED
    Clayton Cotterell
    Aint-Bad Magazine No. 4
    Sakiko Nomura
    Nude/A Room/Flowers
    Viviane Sassen
    Sol & Luna
    Christopher Churchill
    American Faith - SIGNED
    Les Krims: Lot of 6 Items ( 3 Boxed Sets + Chicken Soup* + Fictcryptokrimsographs + Eight Photos)
    Eikoh Hosoe: The Butterfly Dream (Butoh Master, Kazuo Ohno)
    Nan Goldin: Ballad of Sexual Dependency (First Edition)
    Nobuyoshi Araki: Pseudo-Diary + Pseudo-Reportage (2 Books)
    Nobuyoshi Araki: Romantic Images,: Araki's Alices + Ikonta Story (2 Books)
    Olafur Eliasson: Your Engagement has Consequences; On the Relativity of Your Reality
    Joel-Peter Witkin: Songs of Innocence and Experience (SIGNED Limited Edition)
    Stephen Shore: The Nature of Photographs
    Josef Koudelka: Invaze. '68 (SIGNED)--Rare Czech Edition!
    Ernest Cole: The House of Bondage

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