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Bernd and Hilla Becher have been documenting rock-processing plants and lime kilns all over Europe through the 80s and 90s, handsomely printed in Stonework and Lime Kilns. The kilns are impeccably photographed by the Bechers in black & white — omitting the details in the sky and surrounding landscape allows the viewer to focus on the unique architecture and structural qualities of the strange buildings. The kilns speak to the impact of the Industrial Revolution that laid the groundwork for building construction in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Darkened Days is a melancholic visual exploration of photographer Simone Kappeler's native Switzerland and abroad. Kappeler's arresting black & white photographs allude to the passage of time, loss and death. Her atmospheric compositions illustrate the moods of the people she encounters and the landscapes in which she finds herself, emanating a strong emotional intensity, linked to a particular time and place.

Two signed books by Mark Edward Harris are now in stock. North Korea and South Korea trace the effects and aftermath of the Korean War 60 years after the signing of the armistice. The two monographs provide a rare and welcomed glimpse into life on both sides of the Korean border. Both countries have clearly adopted their own identity; North Korea is structured and militaristic while its people hold onto traditional values — South Korea has accepted a Western influence by keeping its borders open, inviting trade relations with other nations. North Korea and South Korea are fascinating documents in and of themselves, but when viewed together, provide an overarching narrative about what happens to a nation's identity when new borders are drawn.

Jonnie Craig was only twenty years old when his monograph was published in 2009. Jonnie Craig explored the work of the cutting-edge photographer whose spontaneous portraits of nude people in urban environments solidified his place as one of the most promising contemporary photographers today. His work draws on Ryan McGinley's snapshot aesthetic and subject matter, but injects a bit more humor and playful curiosity in each frame.

In Sarah Bradley's review of Another Language by Marten Lange, she writes, "The simple and heavily textured cloth that wraps the boards of Another Language is reminiscent of the plain covers of mid 20th century volumes that lurked under elaborate dust jackets, and stamped with a line drawing of a whirlpool made from a photograph that appears later in the book. It feels like a mysterious little volume. Rich moss colored end paper somehow signals that this book is about nature. It is; but it is also about photography and how our minds work and interpret, finding ways to discuss, parse and wonder at our universe."

In Tom Leininger's review of America 101 by Arthur Grace, he writes, "Arthur Grace is a photographer who knows how to get his point across. Working as a wire service photographer in the 1970s trained him to sum up situations with a neutral, direct photographic language. This book is not a collection of retread journalistic pictures but a vision of a photographer with a statement to make. Typically, America is shown in books as a road trip a photographer may have made, or as a colorfully sentimental place. In this book Grace uses wit and humor to point out the small quirks of America, politicians and the landscape. Middle and rural America is well represented here."

In 1968, Japanese students protested the looming American military presence in Japan during the Vietnam War. Kitai photographed the protest in Tokyo on rich, black & white film and a selection of these images has now been published for the first time in Barricade. The book employs a clever design by John Gossage, who used scans of Kitai's previous book on the same subject titled Resistance.

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For the 4th of July holiday weekend, some delectable photobooks on which to feast your eyes! For a one-two photobook-fiction punch sure to delight the art history geeks among us, I can't think of any better combination than Ugo Mulas' 1967, New York: The New Art Scene and the brilliant recent novel by Rachael Kushner, The Flamethrowers, set in the art world of 1970s New York. Warhol associate Gerard Malanga appears with his 1984 artist's book, Autobiography of a Sex Thief.

For the ultimate in Easy Rider-era biker style — done the Japanese 'Bosozoku' way — Fumiaki Fukuda's One Night Carnival is not to be believed! Tumultuous seas have never looked better than in the lush gravure of Pierre Jahan's 1934 classic of 'maritime abstraction', Mer (Sea).

Plus: a lovely example of the hardbound first edition of Bruce Davidson's East 100th Street ; David Goldblatt's On the Mines; Signed books by Constantin Manos & Much More!

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Gerard Malanga: Autobiography of a Sex Thief
Fumiaki Fukuda: One Night Carnival
Ugo Mulas: New York: The New Art Scene
Bruce Davidson: East 100th Street (Hardbound, First Edition!)
Pierre Jahan: Mer
Nobuyoshi Araki: Oh Nippon!
David Goldblatt: Fifty-One Years (SIGNED) + On the Mines (First Edition)
Emmet Gowin: Photographs (1st monograph, 1976, Rare Hardbound Edition!) --SIGNED
Constantin Manos: American Color + Portrait of a Symphony (BOTH SIGNED)
Constantine Manos: Greek Portfolio + Bostonians (BOTH SIGNED)
Trent Parke: Bedknobs & Broomsticks
Constantine Manos: Greek Portfolio + Bostonians (BOTH SIGNED)
Bernd And Hilla Becher
Stonework and Lime Kilns
Simone Kappeler
Darkened Days
Mark Edward Harris
South Korea - SIGNED
Mark Edward Harris
North Korea - SIGNED
Jonnie Craig
Jonnie Craig - SIGNED
MÃ…rten Lange
Another Language - SIGNED
Arthur Grace
America 101
Kazuo Kitai

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