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Darkened Days is a melancholic visual exploration of photographer Simone Kappeler's native Switzerland and abroad. Kappeler's arresting black & white photographs allude to the passage of time, loss and death. Her atmospheric compositions illustrate the moods of the people she encounters and the landscapes in which she finds herself, emanating a strong emotional intensity, linked to a particular time and place.

Easter and Oak Trees by Bertien van Manen includes 25 tritone illustrations of the artist's family life in the 1970s. Her children play to the camera with fake cigarettes and bottles of beer, run naked and play freely during family holidays in den Eikenhorst, Netherlands. The photographs raise questions about childhood innocence and spontaneity that allow us to further examine popular culture that has deprived children of their youth.

The Cliffs was inspired by an intense dream of Fleuret Bertrand, who aimed to reconstruct through photographs the vivid details he remembered when he awoke. Bertrand recollects the strange dream through written narratives that accompany the photographs. Natural cliffs provide the perfect metaphor in this psychological landscape — climbing and striving for something. For what, perhaps only Bertrand knows.

Containing 64 photographs of flowers by Daido Moriyama, Sunflower is a beautiful compilation from the photographer known for his street photography all over his home country of Japan. From tattoos to curtains to a field of sunflowers, this elegant curated selection of photographs spans forty years, and is printed with Moriyama's signature, deep blacks.

White and Vinegar refers to Daido Moriyama’s commitment to his art and describes the process he would use should the chemicals and photographic paper used in his current practice become obsolete — egg whites and vinegar. The photographs in White and Vinegar were all made on square instant films, trimmed to Moriyama's chosen 35mm format. The book combines his photographs with over 40 years of selected essays.

Arriving Soon

Two exquisite new monographs by Michael Kenna will be arriving soon. Thomas Jefferson's Paris Walks contains forty-six photographs illustrating the five years Jefferson spent in Paris. The collection is beautifully produced and printed to accentuate the rich tonality of Kenna's photographs. Thomas Jefferson's Paris Walks is limited to 400 copies, each signed and number by the artist.

This small, softbound monograph, Michael Kenna, was published as a companion reader to the black & white landscape photographer's first exhibition in London in seven years. Containing his timeless, iconic photographs as well as newer work, the catalogue also boasts a comprehensive biography and in-depth interview with the master photographer.

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Publications by the madly prolific Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki are now said to number well over 400. But he had to start somewhere. Following his now highly sought-after self-published efforts, the Xerox Photo Albums (1970) and Sentimental Journey (1971), Oh, Nippon! was his very first conventionally published book. Other rare Japanese titles are on the block this week, including the rare self-published 1963 monograph by Yasuhiro Yoshioka (probably best known as the cinematographer for renowned director Nagisa Oshima); the idiosyncratically designed Tokyoites (Tokyo-Jin) by Yutaka Takanashi (SIGNED) and Hiroshi Hamaya's visceral 1960 protest book Record of Anger and Sadness [Ikari to Kanashimi no Kiroku].

Also on the block this week, a dazzling work of Chinese propaganda that highlights the relationship between state power, architecture and photography, The Great Hall of the People, a portfolio of 20 photographs. Aperture set to release a history of Chinese photobooks in the spring of 2014.

PLUS, the rare first monograph by Hiroshi Sugimoto (1988); a lot of three books by 'Existentialist' Danish master Krass Clement, including stunning 'city books' on Paris and Berlin and MORE. Be sure to check out Eric's presentation below! Thanks as always for looking!!

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Nobuyoshi Araki: Oh Nippon!
Yasuhiro Yoshioka [Self-Pulbished, 1962 Monograph by Famed Cinematographer to Oshima]
Ed Templeton: Teenage Smokers (First Edition!)
Yutaka Takanashi: Tokyoites (Tokyo-Jin)--SIGNED
Robert Adams: Close at Hand (Limited Edition, 1/100) + Eden
Hiroshi Hamaya: Record of Anger and Sadness [Ikari to Kanashimi no Kiroku]
(Anonymous) The Great Hall of the People (Portfolio of Twenty Photos)
Krass Clement: Skygger Af Øjeblikke + Berlin Notat + Paris. Carnet de recherche (3 Books)
Hiroshi Sugimoto: Sugimoto (Dioramas, Theaters, Seascapes--1988 Exhibition Catalogue)
Larry Sultan: Pictures from Home
Lazlo Moholy-Nagy: Vision in Motion (1st Edition in Scarce Dust Jacket!)
Michael Lesy: Wisconsin Death Trip
Simone Kappeler
Darkened Days
Bertien Van Manen
Easter and Oak Trees
Bertrand Fleuret
The Cliffs
Daido Moriyama
White and Vinegar - SIGNED
Daido Moriyama
Sunflower - SIGNED
Michael Kenna
Thomas Jefferson’s Paris Walks
Michael Kenna
Michael Kenna (Chris Beetles Gallery Catalogue)

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