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This week, we have four signed monographs from the illustrious Martin Parr, whose critique of modern culture has solidified his place as one of the most important contemporary photographers of our time. Spanning the years leading up to one of the greatest financial crises in history, Luxury takes a critical look at the wealth and culture of the upper class around the globe. Parr photographed art fairs, fashion shows, derbies, and other places the rich and powerful gather, mingle, and dine. Decked out in high fashion couture, Parr's subjects are cleverly subverted in humorous ways that give us common-folk a rare and welcomed glimpse into a life of luxury. A fly idly rests on an expensive derby-style hat; a woman adorned in fur bears a milk mustache. Parr's portraits are always satirical yet maintain a humanistic approach. Even so, we still can't help but laugh.

The Last Resort, originally published and exhibited in 1986, is updated in this 2009 reprint. The sequence and edit are identical to the original printing, but for this edition Gerry Badger was commissioned to write an introductory essay. Badger ruminates on the importance of The Last Resort, making a case that Parr's use of color film ushered in a new era of documentary photography. The Last Resort explored the holiday resort of New Brighton, where the British working class often flocked to escape the pressures and obligations of daily life. Parr tirelessly seeks out irony with his lens, and found it in the decaying, dilapidated landscape of the holiday resort — a supposed "escape" from polluted city life.

In this revised version of Martin Parr's classic, Small World looks to the culture of tourism and gazes with a critical and farcical eye at a 'global culture' — one that craves a spectacle and to understand The Other. Parr suggests the Western appetite for the exotic is by nature insatiable — but perhaps a photograph, a postcard, or a meal in a faraway land will suffice. Originally published in 1996 and updated in 2007, this definitive monograph is just as timely now as it was in the 90s. Signed copies are now in stock and available to order.

In Joscelyn Jurich's review of Up and Down Peachtree, she writes, "Parr's photographs are large in scale and personality: they are flashy, brash, whimsical and garish and much less subtle than Garry Winogrand's work, one of Parr's most revered photographers. His style and subject matter is almost akin to Tom Wolfe's early journalism: performative, opinionated and exaggerated. But his curiosity, energy and delight in his subject matter is palpable and infectious for the viewer, who enthusiastically becomes the photographer's fellow traveler down Peachtree Street." Read the full review on the photo-eye blog.

Containing an impressive 228 black & white and color illustrations, Man Ray Portraits is an extensive survey of the portrait work of one of photography's most important practitioners. Beginning in New York in 1916 and ending in Hollywood in the 1960s, this collection includes both Man Ray's iconic and lesser-known portrait photographs from his expansive career. An introduction by Terence Pepper and an essay by Marina Warner open the book and frame his creative process as an exercise in experimentation and ingenuity. The book includes testimonies from his portrait sitters and closes with a comprehensive chronology of his life, work, exhibitions and personal achievements. This striking volume is not only a survey of Man Ray's portraits, but a portrait of the man himself.

First published in 2009 in an edition of 300 copies, Sol & Luna is now available in an expanded second edition of 1,000 copies, each including a folded poster. Swedish clothing brand Our Legacy approached Viviane Sassen to shoot an editorial spread and the resulting photographs were published in Sol & Luna. Capitalizing on the model's androgynous look, Sassen explores her evocative subject in black & white, both clothed and nude. Sassen employs her signature style, which straddles the genres of fashion editorial and fine art. Sol & Luna is beautifully produced with a cloth cover that nods to the fashion work contained within.

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This week we feature powerful documentary photobooks that engage key moments in the twentieth century — the Great Depression and its aftermath (Say, Is This the U.S.A & Forty Acres And Steel Mules — two books in one lot!); the sustained and terrifying aftermath of the atomic bomb blast in Hiroshima (Ken Domon: Hiroshima—1958, First Edition, SIGNED!) and the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia (Josef Koudelka: Invaze. '68—the rare Czech edition, SIGNED)!

PLUS: One of the key works in the Dusseldorf School canon, Andreas Gursky's Montparnasse (with a stunning print!); Philip-Lorca diCorcia: A Storybook Life (Limited Edition, SIGNED); Michael Cooper: Blinds & Shutters (SIGNED by Ten Contributors); Saul Leiter: 2008 Steidl Monograph (SIGNED). Be sure to check back — we'll be adding a few more items over the weekend. Check out Eric's weekly presentation below. Thanks as always for looking!!

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Philip-Lorca diCorcia: A Storybook Life (Limted Edition, SIGNED)
Andreas Gursky: Montparnasse
Saul Leiter: 2008 Steidl Monograph (SIGNED)
Ken Domon: Hiroshima (1958, First Edition, SIGNED!)
Toshio Shibata: Dam (SIGNED, Limited Edition!)
Bourke-White: Say, Is this the U.S.A + Nixon: Forty Acres And Steel Mules (FSA Photographers)
Michael Cooper: Blinds & Shutters (SIGNED by Ten Contributors)
Martin Parr
Luxury - SIGNED
Martin Parr
Up and Down Peachtree - SIGNED
Martin Parr
Small World - SIGNED
Martin Parr
The Last Resort - SIGNED
Viviane Sassen
Sol & Luna
Terence Pepper
Man Ray Portraits

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