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Asger Carlsen is known for his contributions to the genre of Surrealism and Hester is no exception. Here, he reconstructs the nude form in black & white photographs, questioning the use of photography as a vehicle for documenting reality. Torsos are contorted and reconfigured with new, protruding limbs. His human forms are not quite human and none of them have heads. The nude forms are grotesque yet somehow still manage to maintain a strange elegance, asking the viewer to reconsider idyllic notions of beauty.

Continuing in the vein of the surreal and grotesque, German artist Hans Bellmer's seminal book, The Doll, has been translated into English and reprinted by Atlas Press. Bellmer hand-colored photographs of dolls whose parts he had taken apart and reassembled in strange new configurations. His interests lied in repulsive manifestations of beauty, the female form and over-sexualized childhood. The book's conceptual framework is weaved together through text on psychology, mathematics, optics and poetry.

From Action of Matchmaking Photons to Zen Buddhists' Bad Breath by Voebe de Gruyter is a fascinating collection of work focusing on the arbitrary nature of science, synchronicity and patterns. The image on the cover of the book is an indication of what you'll find inside. For this piece, she photographed her calcium-deficient nail and placed the photograph inside of a ring adorning her finger, which is then re-photographed. Her nail grew out, but the ring remained as a sort of time capsule. The book contains photographs, installation shots, illustrations and musings by the artist about her intriguing, progressive work.

Collected Works by Gordon Parks is an extensive five-volume collection from the archives of the legendary documentary photographer. Each volume covers a decade of his important career, from his early work for the Farm Security Administration through his later work for Life magazine. His expressive, lyrical approach in covering sensitive social issues during a heated political era in America left a significant mark on documentary photography, changing the genre for years to come. Collected Works is a rich collection of his prolific ouevre. Copies are available to order and will be arriving soon.

Published as a companion to the solo exhibition at Rat Hole Gallery, Elad Lassry challenges the photographic medium by allowing the viewer to consider the photograph as an object as well as an image, both tangible and elusive. From every day objects to landscapes, from found photographs to staged studio portraits, Lassry's work is an encyclopedic look at how we obtain information through visual media. He reminds us of how unsettling it is when our critical faculties are interrupted by digital manipulation as we garner information from images.

As a follow-up to American Minor, which was recently featured on the Huffington Post, Such Appetite by Charlie White explores the banality of teenage life and suburban ennui. In this monograph, White follows a melancholic adolescent girl through her daily life in a vapid suburban town. The photographer injects a bit of humor and sarcasm in this series with his dead-pan photographic compositions, playfully reiterated by Stephanie Ford's poetry.

Selected by Martin Parr as one of his Best Books of 2012, Surrogates by Luciano Rigolini is filled with over 100 sourced photographs from the internet of car parts, pieces of furniture and strange found objects. Parr writes, "Sam Stourdze, the new director of the Musee de L'Elysee has emerged as an excellent champion of vernacular photography. In a very crowded field it will be hard to beat this wonderful collection of car parts, found for sale on e-bay by Rigolini. A great production just gives the book the final boost."

Colin Pantall recently reviewed The Garden by Alessandro Imbriaco on the photo-eye Blog. He writes, "Dirty greens, charcoal greys and dusty browns. A landscape that consists of barren brambles, rambling ivy and mutilated trees. And a family who live in the middle of all this, under a flyover in a landscape next to a swamp. These are the ingredients that won Alessandro Imbriaco the European Publisher's Prize, awarded for his book, The Garden." Read the review in full here.

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Before Gypsies put him on the map of international photography, some of Koudelka's earliest professional work as a photographer was for the avant-garde theater company, Divadlo za branou (Theater Beyond the Gate). Many of these pictures appeared in the journal Divadlo; on offer is a complete run from 1964 that situates this work in its original context. An amazing find for the Koudelka completist (we know you're out there!). Also on offer this week, the complete Collection Huit series; created by famed editor Robert Delpire. It features books by Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier Bresson and George Rodger.

From Japan, an important early protest book from Hiroshi Hamaya (later, the first Asian member of the Magnum Agency), Record of Anger and Sadness. On a rather lighter note, Tad Wakamatsu's Ipy Girl Ipy is an absolute classic in the micro-genre of Japanese psychedelic-erotica; we have a rare DOUBLE SIGNED copy, with signatures from both Wakamatsu and his model (and later wife) Haruko Wanibuchi. As usual, Eric talks about some of this week's featured items in his weekly presentation—be sure to check it out along with the rest of our auction listings! Thanks for looking!

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Tad Wakamatsu: Ipy Girl Ipy (DOUBLE SIGNED, with Obi!)
Bruce Weber, et. al.: Joe's Magazine (First Issue!!)
(Josef Koudelka) Divadlo [Theater]--1964 Run of Czech Theater Magazine with Photos by Koudelka
(Cartier-Bresson, Rodger, Doisneau): Complete Collection Huit Series (created by Robert Delpire)
Boris Mikhailhov: Case History (In Shrink wrap)
SebastiĆ£o Salgado: Workers (Hardbound, SIGNED)
J.H. Lartigue: Diary of a Century (First Edition!)
Hiroshi Hamaya: Record of Anger and Sadness [Ikari to Kanashimi no Kiroku/]
Richard Avedon: In the American West (SIGNED) + 1 other
Kurt Blum & Michele Parrella: Immagine di una fabbrica [Pictures of a Factory]--1959 First Edition
Asger Carlsen
Hester - SIGNED
Hans Bellmer
The Doll
Voebe De Gruyter
From Action of Matchmaking Photons to Zen Buddhists Bad Breath
Gordon Parks
Collected Works
Elad Lassry
Elad Lassry
Charlie White
Such Appetite
Luciano Rigolini
Alessandro Imbriaco
The Garden

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