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Pieces of String is a beautiful new monograph from photographer Justin Kimball. Over the course of four years, Kimball photographed inside the homes of the recently deceased or displaced. The empty, eerie photographs provide insight into the lives of people we will never see or know. Kimball exercises great sensitivity in photographing these personal spaces through subtle compositions with rich and moody colors. The worn slipcase cover and box-like presentation make Pieces of String feel like a treasure you might uncover in the attic of one of these homes. Watch Melanie McWhorter's In-Print Photobook Video presentation of this book. Signed copies are due in March.

Selected as one of his Best Books of 2012 by Erik Kessels, Censorship Daily by Jan Dirk van der Burg is a reproduction of a Dutch newspaper censored with blue stickers by the Iranian authorities. One is able to reflect on what may be considered explicit content in today's image-saturated culture. Kessels writes, "A book that shows a collection of newspaper photographs taken from someone who received a Dutch newspaper in Iran. On all occasions where an image showed slight nudity, a censor board has put a blue sticker bluntly over the image. Not seeing all of it resulted in hilarious, new kinds of images."

Selected by Miwa Susuda as one of her Best Books of 2012, Scrapbook 1969-1985 by Walter Pfeiffer is a rich, densely packed scrapbook-style monograph containing photographs, newspaper clippings, notes, wrappers, and more — rife with humor, playfully mocking the banal and mundane. Susuda writes, "Juxtaposing Pfeiffer's Polaroid and photographs with various objects (newspaper clippings, postcards, packaging, tickets and brief punning notes), Scrapbooks 1969-1985 illustrates his creative foundation and his playful universe. This title not only exhibits his seminal style which has influenced the likes of Juergen Teller, Wolfgang Tillmans, Slava Mogutin and Brett Lloyd, but will also prove to be an essential resource in understanding contemporary European portrait photography."

Also selected by Erik Kessels as one of his Best Books of 2012, The Night is Never As Dark As It Is In Childhood by Marcel Gähler is a fascinating look into the fantasy world of children, employing multiple illustrative and photographic processes. Kessels writes, "Marcel Gähler makes miniature photorealistic drawings with a pencil and uses photographs as a reference. This book is a collection of projected photographs of sleeping children."

"A pivotal photobook of the late 20th century, Luigi Ghirri's Kodachrome was originally published in 1978 and is key to the history of European and color photography. While Ghirri's work has received renewed attention over the past several years, the witty, urbane and humanistic photographs of Ghirri have largely been under-appreciated outside his native Italy until now. Long out-of-print, the new edition of Kodachrome will hopefully help restore and cement Luigi Ghirri's stature as a vital photographer of the 20th century." —from Adam Bell's review of Kodachrome on the photo-eye Blog

Tales of Tono is a remarkable monograph from prolific photographer Daido Moriyama. Continuing his long-standing tradition of grainy black-and-white photographs taken in his native Japan, Tales of Tono borrows its name from Japanese folk legends and contains carefully selected diptychs within each page spread. This compact little book also comes with a thoughtful text from Moriyama about his practice. Despite its size, it packs a powerful selection of images, making it a must-have for Moriyama fans.

Photographed in the city of Brasília, O. Niemeyer is a visual survey of the stunning architecture of Oscar Niemeyer as photographed by Erik van der Weijde. Van der Weijde strategically omits people from all of the photographs and Niemeyer's architecture becomes anthropomorphized through this omission as the buildings begin to take on a life of their own.

Cutting Edges is an engaging, visually-rich look into the world of contemporary collage. Through the evolution of technology and the internet, artists have employed new techniques in the art of collage. Today the sea of content from which to choose seems endless, and ever-changing digital graphics programs simply become more robust over time. Cutting Edges looks at older, traditional paper collage as well as contemporary work from digital image-makers all over the world.

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The small package that is Miguel Rio Branco's Silent Book nonetheless contains a maximalist, Baroque meditation on classic Catholic themes. A stunning and sought after Latin American title! Among this week's other stellar offerings: Van Der Elsken's Love on the Left Bank (the desirable Dutch first edition!); a rare signed copy of Coyote, which documents a seminal 1974 "action" by German Conceptualist Joseph Beuys; Lee Friedlander's classic of dead-pan visual wit, Self-Portrait & MORE! Be sure to check out Eric's presentation below! Thanks as always for looking!

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Miguel Rio Branco: The Silent Book
Ed Van Der Elsken: Love on the Left Bank (Dutch First Edition)
Ryan McGinley: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (SIGNED)
John d Green: Birds of Britain
Allan Kaprow: Assemblage, Environments & Happenings
Joeseph Beuys: Coyote (Photographs by Caroline Tisdall)--SIGNED by Beuys
Hiroshi Sugimoto: The Day After (SIGNED)
[Various photographers]. XI Slet Vsesokolsky (Design by Vilém Ambrosi)
Sally Mann: Immediate Family (SIGNED!)
Lee Friedlander: Self-Portrait (First Edition)
Justin Kimball
Pieces of String (SIGNED copies due in March)
Jan Dirk Van Der Burg
Censorship Daily - SIGNED
Walter Pfeiffer
Scrapbook 1969-1985
Marcel Gahler
The Night Is Never As Dark As It Is In Childhood
Luigi Ghirri
Daido Moriyama
Tales of Tono
Erik Van Der Weijde
O. Niemeyer - SIGNED
R. Klanten
Cutting Edges: Contemporary Collage

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