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Building by Barney Kulok is a black-and-white study of both the physical object of a building as well as the act of building. Kulok photographed the construction site of Four Freedoms Park designed by architect Louis I. Kahn as a memorial for Franklin D. Roosevelt. Kahn died only 4 years into its construction in 1974, and in 2012, forty years after its original commission, the building was finally completed. Kulok photographs the final days of the building's construction in stunning black-and-white compositions that employ a classic architectural aesthetic — shapes, shadows and light are all as prominent in the frame as the building materials being photographed. Kulok successfully bridges the gap between experiencing the construction itself and the building’s beauty and elegance. Buildings was selected by Adam Bell as one of his Best Books of 2012.

Departures and Arrivals by Charles Harbutt was selected by Rebecca Senf as one of her Best Books of 2012. Senf writes, "This quiet and beautiful book offers a simultaneously powerful and subtle experience. Expertly sequenced, the images move back and forth between grainy, atmospheric, tonal images and more crisp and concrete views suggesting the experience of coming in and out of sleep, with dream and waking images woven together. Pictures of people are some of the book's best; the intensity of the psychological state of Harbutt's individuals comes ripping out of the picture, despite obscured eyes, lack of detail or the distance between photographer and subject. The plate pages are clean, with no titles, captions or dates to interrupt the flow from one image to the next. A timeline section, which incorporates pictures, snapshots, ID cards, stamps, documents and book covers, provides insight into the artist's career."

Sex Press documents the sexual revolution in America from 1965-1975. Underground presses produced a slew of comic books, journals, magazines and more during a time of great sexual creativity and freedom. The book travels from the mid 60s, when topics like homosexuality and women's rights were at the forefront of American culture, through the mid 70's when the revolution reached its pinnacle and hardcore pornography became accessible to the masses. The full-page, full-color reproductions speak to the tremendous influence underground presses had on the sexual revolution. Sex Press was selected by Todd Hido as one of his Best Books of 2012.

Selected by Aaron Schuman as one of his Best Books of 2012, The River Winter by Jem Southam is a stunning monograph exploring the British landscape. Schuman writes, "If you've ever rambled through the English countryside in winter, you know that, despite the dampness of the surroundings and drabness of the light, there is a quiet, tranquil, hibernating beauty to be found within it — to recognize this is one thing; to photograph it is quite another. In The River Winter, Southam once again reaffirms his mastery of both his chosen medium and the British landscape, unveiling within the fallen leaves and twisting naked branches along the River Exe a world of true elegance, serenity and transcendence."

One of the most popular titles on our Best Books of 2012 list was Stephen Gill's Coexistence. Alec Soth, who selected Coexistence as one of his Best Books of 2012 writes, "The Stan Brakhage of contemporary photography, Gill uses the materiality of the photographic process to explore the big issues. With Coexistence, Gill uses a bucket of water from a polluted pond to explore the meeting of microcosms and macrocosms." Also making Martin Parr's Best Books of 2012 list, Parr writes, "He not only explores what is in the pond, but then takes buckets of pond water, dips an assortment of cameras into these and does portraits of local people, who live near the pond. He then takes the prints of these portraits and dips them into his pond and waits for the partial disintegration of the image. It sounds mad, but it all works very well."

Miwa Susuda selected Maurice Scheltens' Unfolded as one of her Best Books of 2012. Susuda writes, "Without exception, books by Kodoji Press maximize the concepts of the work at hand and make their care concerning the presentation photography undeniable. Unfolded by Scheltens & Abbenes pushes this creative drive by relaying the work through its actual exhibition space. Unfolded as well as their other titles serves as a complete and individualized art form and avoids excessive decoration and production. While it can seem easy, this is a fragile balance and they do it best."

Dead Traffic by Kim Thue unveils the stark reality of Freetown — the capital of Sierra Leone. Melanie McWhorter writes, "Kim Thue, a self-described bald, blue-eyed Dane, was invited to document daily life surrounding a charitable Danish hospital in the capital of this West African city. He found Big Wharf, a small community filled with youth and immersed in a world that faced challenges of crime, prostitution and drugs. Thue’s personality and spirit resonated with these individuals and, striving to reject the cliched Western images of the postcolonial world, he set out to document a different view of the everyday life of Freetown." The book was also selected by Svetlana Bachevanova as one of her Best Books of 2012.

Reprinting the City by Stephan Keppel was selected by Remi Faucheux as one of his Best Books of 2012. Faucheux writes, "A very graphic book, using different found set of printers and Xerox machines. With a complex approach, mixing several kinds of material and subjects, Keppel makes a portrait of the Dutch city Den Helder."

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Jim Goldberg: Raised By Wolves (SIGNED, First Edition) + War Is Only Half The Story (SIGNED)
Rinko Kawauchi: Utatane (Nap)--First Edition--SIGNED!
Alex Webb: Hot Light/Half-Made Worlds (SIGNED)
Nobuyoshi Araki: Tokyo Lucky Hole [with Obi!] + Senti-Roman
Robert Adams: California (SIGNED, Limited Edition)
Helmut Newton: Big Nudes (First Printing) + White Nights
Lillian Bassman: Women (SIGNED)
Bruce Weber: O Rio de Janeiro
Bruce Weber: Shufly (for Fisherman, Hunter, Canoeist, Camper, Prospector, Yachtsman--Inscribed
Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places (Hardbound, 1st Edition!)
Christian Boltanski: Lot of 5 Books and Catalogues (1988-1997)
Dominique Aubier: Guerre a la Tristesse [Photos by Inge Morath & others]--INSCRIBED ASSOCIATION COPY
Naoya Hatakeyama: Limeworks (First Edition!)
Bill Brandt: A Night in London (+ 1 other)
Barney Kulok
Charles Harbutt
Departures and Arrivals
Vincent BerniÈre
Sex Press
Jem Southam
The River Winter
Stephen Gill
Coexistence - Limited Edition
Maurice Scheltens
Kim Thue
Dead Traffic
Stephan Keppel
Reprinting the City

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