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It has been my great pleasure and honor writing for the photo-eye Newsletter for the past three years. Beginning this week, Erin Azouz brings a fresh spirit and knowledge to our weekly publication as she takes over as the Newsletter Editor. From all of us at photo-eye, have a happy and safe holiday season!


Antone Dolezal
Photo-eye Newsletter Editor

Daido Moriyama's Labyrinth is a comprehensive collection of the photographer's contact sheets spanning his fifty-year career. Labyrinth offers new insight into Moriyama's work process — at times, an entire roll of film is spent getting the perfect shot, at other times, only one frame. The sequencing of the contact sheets is mixed — new images appear next to older, recognizable photographs. Nothing is enlarged here, but the democratic display of each of his negatives speaks to the sheer volume of images he has created over the years.

In Rosette, Mauricette et Roby, photographer Zoé Beausire documents the physical changes of three aging people. The soft-bound monograph is beautifully printed with an accordion-style insert in the center. The photographs focus on these three aging bodies — wrinkles, laugh lines, slumping shoulders and sagging bellies — but are done in such a way that the viewer is invited to explore, understand and accept our inevitable mortality. The process of aging is not often photographed in a youth-centric culture, making Rosette, Mauricette et Roby a stand-out monograph.

Laurie Simmons explores the relationship between reality and fiction, the studio and the home, and sex and love in her new monograph, The Love Doll. While Simmons was traveling in Japan, she discovered an ad for a love doll — a life-sized anatomically correct silicone female doll. Simmons documents her day-to-day experience photographing the Love Doll, which provides a compelling narrative, sometimes touching, sometimes humorous. First described as an awkward "newborn adult," the doll becomes a part of the family with her own feelings and thoughts and has "good days and bad, just like the rest of us." The photographs are well composed with mostly soft, natural light, bringing to life the more humanistic qualities of the silicone sex doll.

The Rencontres d'Arles, an annual photography festival in the southern French town of Arles, celebrates cutting-edge contemporary photography from all over the world. Les Rencontres Arles Photographie (2012) published by Actes Sud commemorates this year's festival, with a focus on work from the graduates of the National School of Photography in France. The volume is richly illustrated with text in French.

"Mark Klett and frequent collaborator Byron Wolfe bring the rephotography project to the rim of the Grand Canyon in Reconstructing the View. Primarily photo-based depictions of this natural wonder – from modernist abstractions to garish tourist postcards – are both conspicuously inserted and insinuated into their composite imagery. Environmental historian Stephen J. Pyne contextualizes the canyon's visual history for the catalog, detailing how this place became fodder for so many scientist-adventurers, artists and entrepreneurs, from high to low culture and back again." —from Karen Jenkins' review of Reconstructing the View on photo-eye Blog

Working Memory by photographer Jim Reed is an exploration of the life, home and belongings of Shirley Jorjorian, an elderly woman living with Dementia. The photographs depict Shirley and her personal space, and most notably, a comprehensive file folder system that she used to keep track of her memories and daily life. Shirley dubbed herself The Hug Lady, and she meticulously and obsessively kept track of all the people she hugged in a day. The book pays tribute to Shirley's impressive folder system by utilizing folders in its presentation — organizing the photographs of her and her space in much the same way she used folders to organize her memories.

"For this book, Cain Marcus forgoes black and white and the urban for color and the ice deserts of Patagonia, Iceland, Alaska and Norway. At first glance, the landscapes seem to be one place. Going through the book a second or third time and examining the mostly vertical pictures, the differences in how the ice appears and how it was seen become clear. The amazing blue tint that resides in some of the glaciers highlights the reasoning for the switch to color. There is also dirt, pollen and other elements in the ice that help to show the differences in the areas. At the end of the book notes about the glaciers and the trips Cain Marcus made provide a greater understanding of the locations. This is done succinctly and elegantly; those two words also describe the object of the book." —from Tom Leininger's review of A Portrait of Ice by Caleb Cain Marcus on photo-eye Blog.

"The plates are printed in tritone with separations by Thomas Palmer and printing by Meridain Printing in Rhode Island, two of the finest practitioners in their respective field. The gallery has reproduced 16 of Sugimoto's silver gelatin photographs and 17 of Rothko's later untitled acrylic paintings on paper mounted on canvas with one gatefold of Sugimotos's Tyrrhenian Sea, Mount Polotriyptch. Sugimoto's Seascapes strike the eye with varying degrees of white and black with subtle tones of grays that developed based on the artist's exposure, time of day or night and source of light—Boden Sea, Uttwil; English Channel, Weston Cliff; Lake Superior, Cascade River all glisten on the page as the silver print might illuminated on the Pace London walls." —from Melanie McWhorter's review of Rothko/Sugimoto on photo-eye Blog

photo-eye Auctions

Best of luck to my colleague Tony in future endeavors and a warm welcome to Erin!

Among this week's auction items, a loose, mini-survey of nude photography since Weston, beginning with 1977 Aperture publication, Nudes edited by Weston's one-time wife, long-time muse and inspirator, Charis Wilson, who signed this Limited Edition of 350 slipcased copies. Also, the cult classic, Nues by Jean Clemmer & Paco Rabanne; a stunning, provocative artist's book by Bettina Rheims, Morceaux Choisis; the classic Richard Price artist's book, Naked Nurses (SIGNED) and Bruce Weber's Chop Suey Club.

Finally, three prints by legendary Beat Poet Allen Ginsberg, all featuring his friend Neal Cassady, purported to be the model for the hero of Jack Kerouac's On the Road, Dean Moriarty & so much more!! Be sure to check out Eric's weekly presentation below. As always, thanks for looking!! Best to you & yours for the holidays!

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Edward Weston: Nudes (Limited Edition, SIGNED) + California and the West (2 Books)
Richard Prince: Naked Nurses (SIGNED)
Bettina Rheims: Morceaux Choisis
Jean Clemmer & Paco Rabanne: Nues (English title, 'Canned Candies')
Thomas Struth: Museum Photographs (SIGNED)
Guy Bourdin: Sighs and Whispers (1976 Bloomingdale's Catalogue)
Allen Ginsberg: 'Timothy Leary, Neal Cassady--with 'Merry Pranksters' on the 'Further' Bus', 1964
Allen Ginsberg: Neal Cassady & Natalie Jackson, Market Street, San Francisco, 1955
Allen Ginsberg: 'City Lights Bookshop', 1956
Jonas Bendiksen: Satellites (SIGNED)
André Kertész: Az Igazi Ady (The Real Ady). Text by György Bölöni (1934 First Edition!)
Daido Moriyama
ZoÉ Beausire
Rosette, Mauricette et Roby
Laurie Simmons
The Love Doll
Rencontres Internationales De La Photographie Arles
Mark Klett
Reconstructing the View
Jim Reed
Working Memory
Caleb Cain Marcus
A Portrait of Ice
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Rothko / Sugimoto

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