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Ice Antoine D'Agata takes the viewer on a surreal journey through sex and drug addiction in his new monograph Ice. Walking the line between psychedelic fiction and harrowing reality, the images build into a psychological drama displaying the horror that is associated with meth addiction. Dark and grungy rooms seem overwhelmed with sadness and the blurred memories of those who inhabit them. The images are a beautiful display of raw emotion and D'Agata has thoroughly mastered his conceptual craft. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

Out To Lunch "Ari Marcopoulos is a photograper known for many things: his documents of his life surrounded by graffiti artists and skateboarders, his love of the Xerox as a means to produce zines and books and a no bullshit, no frills approach to his photography. His new limited edition book Out To Lunch is all that and more.The designers do not deny Marcopoulos' love for matte paper and have printed many of the plates on uncoated stock. The book is worth the cost with all its object elements: the matte pages, glossy contact sheets, vinyl stickers, and over-sized teen-magazine-like pullout posters." — from Melanie McWhorter's post on photo-eye blog. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

Petrochemical America "In 1998, the High Museum commissioned Misrach for a series titled Picturing the South and he chose the industrial area nicknamed "Chemical Corridor" or, as Petrochemical America more often refers to it, "Cancer Alley," as his subject. The Museum revisited the project in 2012 and Aperture subsequently published a monograph to accompany the show. The artist wanted the book to function not just as a showcase for the project, but also as an illustration of the many issues surrounding this land's use and as a potential solution to the issues." — from Melanie McWhorter's post on photo-eye Blog. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

Heavy Hand, Sunken Spirit "Heavy Hand, Sunken Spirit is a tremendously powerful new monograph from David Rochkind exploring the gruesome reality of the Mexican drug war. The armed conflict between rival drug cartels and local government agencies has left over 80,000 casualities in Mexico since 2006. Published by Dewi Lewis, the book contains everything you'd expect to see from documentary work covering the subject — armed, masked men, dead bodies, and mass graves. However, Rochkind's deep understanding of the subject comes through clearly as he intersperses touching, emotive portraits and vast, impoverished landscapes bathed in beautiful light, conveying a sense of hope in a reality that otherwise seems hopeless." —Erin Azouz

Displayed in an elegant accordion fold design, History of Monuments by Wang Qingsong reflects on ancient Chinese traditions of handing down documents and historical artifacts from one generation to the next. Each generation or dynasty would typically highlight their personal achievements, creating a long lineage that displays a sense of grandeur and power. Covering his models in mud and placing them in front of elaborate backdrops, the artist has created a mural displaying a detailed account that challenges cultural norms and traditions. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

Published by Twin Palms, Sailboats and Swans by Michal Chelbin is a breathtaking series of portraits, taking the viewer through seven prisons in the Ukraine and Russia. And while the photographs themselves are beautiful representations of Chelbin's subjects, her images also hint at a life of sorrow, with little hope of reaching the outside world. The title itself comes from the elaborate murals and wallpaper found inside the prison living quarters. Picturesque landscapes seem always apparent, reminding inmates of a magical (if not fictitious) life on the other side of the prison walls. Chelbin's haunting narrative is also gorgeously displayed in design and print quality. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

Zine Collection No. 2 by Editions Bessard features the work of Mexican photographer Pablo Ortiz Monsaterio. The artist's documentary depictions of the struggles of life in Mexico City evoke a harsh reality while also highlighting the beauty and good that exist in a place overshadowed by sadness. The photographs here are stunning and function as a gateway to further explore Monsaterio's full body of exquisite imagery. Signed copies are now in stock and are available for order.

Down These Mean Streets by Will Steacy is a series of photographs, newspaper and magazine clippings and notes that combine to represent a collage-like journal depicting the current political state in America. Approaching themes of a changing political landscape, Steacy questions the current political system and idea of the American Dream. Down These Mean Streets presents a stark reality of a country deeply divided in cultural ideologies. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

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We kick off the photo-eye Auctions' Holiday Season listings with a selection that slants towards the Düsseldorf School: Mark Power gives us Treasury Project (SIGNED) from 2002; DL 07 Stereotypes of War from Jens Liebchen (also SIGNED) and finally Massimo Vitali: Les Plages du Var. The coolly objective, typological approach of the Düsseldorf tendency, as Parr & Badger refer to it, which has its roots in German Modernism of the 1920s (as typified by Lazlo Moholy-Nagy: Painting Photography Film) is manifest in Ed Ruscha, of course, perhaps most famously in his clinical images of vernacular architecture. This week we are thrilled to offer a super-crisp first printing of Some Los Angeles Apartments. Also on the block: Richter's Atlas; a signed 1st edition of Nicaragua by Susan Meiselas & MORE. Be sure to check out Eric's Weekly below! As always, thanks for looking! EM

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Ed Ruscha: Some Los Angeles Apartments (First Printing!!)
Ed Ruscha: Various Small Fires and Milk
Massimo Vitali: Les Plages du Var: les pieds dans l'eau
Dash Snow: Polaroids
Elizabeth Peyton: Craig
Allan Kaprow: Assemblage, Environments & Happenings
Matthew Sleeth: Tour of Duty (1st Printing, Signed)
Boris Mihailov: Die Dämmerung (At Dusk) + Am Boden (By the Ground)--2 Volume Set
Gerhard Richter: Atlas
Susan Meiselas: Nicaragua (First Edition, SIGNED)
Jens Liebchen: DL 07 Stereotypes of War (SIGNED)
Lazlo Moholy-Nagy: Paiting Photography Film (First English Edition)
Mark Power: The Treasury Project (SIGNED)
Emmet Gowin: 3 Books (ALL SIGNED)
David Rochkind
Heavy Hand, Sunken Spirit
Ari Marcopoulos
Out to Lunch - SIGNED
Richard Misrach & Kate Orff
Petrochemical America
Will Steacy
Down These Mean Streets
Antoine D’agata
Wang Qingsong
History of Monuments
Michal Chelbin
Sailboats and Swans
Pablo Ortiz Monasterio
Zine Collection N°2 - Signed

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