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cy twombly
Cy Twombly's Oeuvre Photographique 1951-2010 delves into the artist's lesser-known explorations with the photographic medium. Twombly himself helped select the images for this exhibition catalogue prior to his death in July of 2011. The photographs vary in subject but are almost always soft in focus, providing a hint of revelation to the artist's better-known paintings. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

black mirrors
Julien Langendorff's Black Mirrors brings together a collection of the artist's paintings and collage work. Often delving into themes of 70s subculture with a hint of mysticism and gothic overtones, the work pieces together a haunting psychedelic narrative. Langendorff's collages appear as pieces torn from old books that often juxtapose pornographic imagery of women. The odd depictions throughout this book are a cross between a B horror movie and a 70s adult film. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

Ten Ten: Photographs from the Southwest is an outsider's perspective on American culture. The photographs, taken by Swiss photographer Julian Salinas, explore the artist's assumptions of how America was founded and how those founding principles are fading into the past. Featuring passages from the bible, U.S. soldiers eating fast food and Wal-Mart bags blowing in the wind, Salinas has portrayed his view of American culture through its least desirable stereotypes. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

Two titles by French photographer Bernard Plossu are now in stock. First Le Voyage Mexicain is an exhibition catalogue that displays the photographer's travels through Mexico during 1965-1966. The book includes a wide-array of black-and-white photographs that show everyday life in Mexico mixed with beautiful landscapes. Second, La Retour a Mexico is a supplemental catalogue meant to accompany Le Voyage Mexicain. The images continue the photographer's portrayal of Mexican life and culture. Copies are now in stock and are available for purchase.

Risen in the East by Sato Shintaro documents the construction of the second tallest skyscraper in the world. Towering over the Tokyo skyline is the Sky Tree — a 634-meter structure used as a broadcasting tower. Shintaro's photographs capture the beginning to the end realization of this building from a variety of angles while also giving the viewer an idea of how overpowering this structure is. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

Himmel by Andreas Züst is a collection of the photographer's archives of images depicting dynamic skies and meteorological phenomena. From lightning storms to striking photographs of stars in the night sky, this atmospheric book takes the viewer on a journey through a variety of weather related conditions. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

U.S. Navy Book focuses on visual identity and fashion in the United States Navy. Looking backwards to the present, this book displays a wide array of clothing styles and is captioned in both English and Japanese. This odd collection is an interesting view at fashion as well as propaganda. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

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Frederick Sommer: Aperture 10:4 1962 (1939-1962 Photographs)
Kanendo Watanabe: Kishi no Machi [A Town Already Seen]
Robert Frank: The Americans (1st Grove Press Edition!)
Sebastião Salgado: Workers (SIGNED!)
Richard Avedon: In the American West
Duane Michals: Album: The Portraits of Duane Michals (SIGNED)
Takashi Hamaguchi: The Shudders of Narita Airport (Document Ju Nen no Kiroku)
Ed Ruscha: Babycakes With Weights
Joel Sternfeld: American Prospects (SIGNED!)
Nell Dorr ( with Covington Hardee): Lif e Dance (Iinscribed Presenation Copy)
Ed Ruscha: Real Estate Opportunities
Josef Koudelka: Respekt (1968 Prague Invasion Photos!)--INSCRIBED!!
Ed Ruscha: Colored People
Joel Sternfeld: Coeburn, Virginia, April 1981 (Color Print from American Prospects)
Frederick Sommer: Venus, Jupiter, and Mars (Inscribed Presentation Copy with Many Important Extras!)
Sato Shintaro
Risen in the East
Cy Twombly
Oeuvre Photographique 1951-2010
Andreas Zuest
World Photo Press
U.S. Navy Book
Julien Langendorff
Black Mirrors
Bernard Plossu
Le Voyage Mexicain
Julian Salinas
Ten.photographs from the Southwest
Bernard Plossu
La Retour a Mexico
Yann Gross
Kitintale - SIGNED
António Júlio Duarte
White Noise - SIGNED
John Burke & Simon Norfolk
Burke + Norfolk - SIGNED
Richard Misrach
1991 - SIGNED
Ed Panar
Animals That Saw Me - SIGNED

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