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to draw with light Published by Radius Books, My Dakota by Rebecca Norris Webb is a thoughtful portrayal of the photographer's home state of South Dakota. Dedicated to Webb's brother who died suddenly of heart failure, My Dakota weaves together sentimental images alongside striking photographs of the wide-open landscape and abundant wildlife. From ranching, abandonment and unpredictable weather, this book depicts a journey both personal and unique and looks deep into the American West. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

You Look At Me "Upon first learning that Cig Harvey's wondrously whimsical photographs were being published I was skeptical. Not all photography needs to be seen in book form, and I was less than clear about how Harvey's images would fare on paper. They look great individually, and great framed and hung on walls. One by one they are enigmatic artifacts of an anomalous, nomadic imagination. Would this seemingly disconnected set of parenthetical tableaux translate effectively to book form? My guess was no. And my guess was wrong." — from George Slade's review of You Look At Me Like An Emergency by Cig Harvey on photo-eye Blog. Signed copies of You Look At Me Like An Emergency are now in stock and available for order.

Nathan Lyons: Selected Essays, Lectures and Interviews provides a comprehensive collection of written insights from the well-known curator, educator and advocate of photography. As a former curator for the George Eastman House, Nathan Lyons gained notable respect as a thinker and innovator within the photographic community as well as a leader in the field of photographic education. Collecting writings from his early beginnings to some of his most significant and most recent written contributions, this book provides detailed insight into this highly respected educator and artist. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

"Andrei Liankevich spent two years in his native Belarus documenting the many pagan rituals often associated with the changing of the seasons, fertility of the land and harvest of crops. His images presented in the book Pagan, though seemingly a documentary project, use selective focus and creative framing to create a more magical image of the rituals, the surrounding lands and those who participate. The 'pagans' are often decked out in regional clothing adorned with embroidery, ribbons and printed patterns while others don costumes portraying token animals or magical creatures associated with each festival. The book finishes with a description of each ritual — The Burial of the Arrow and Mermaid's Week to name a few — printed in Russian and English." — from Melanie McWhorter's post on Pagan on photo-eye Blog. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

The new set of Nazraeli's One Picture Books is now out and available for purchase. OPB # 73: Pet Pictures by Stephen Shore is a collection of pet portraits taken by Shore (with the exception of one taken by Ginger Shore) and includes a lifetime of animal companions from dogs, cats, chickens and goats. The images range from sentimental portraits to cute snapshots and give a small insight into Shore's personal life.

Martin Parr's OPB #74 7 Cups of Tea offers 6 reproductions and one original photograph of a variety of tea times in both England and India. Taken with Parr's signature style of humor and wit, these images are both beautiful in aesthetics and engaging in their depiction of leisure.

OPB # 75: Honk if You Love Stieglitz by Stu Levy is a unique book to the OPB series. A single fold out, it groups fifteen images that create one of Levy's signature Grid-Portraits. The Grid Portrait in this book is of Jerry Uelsmann in his studio and contains a congratulatory email from Uelsmann to Levy upon the publication of Levy's monograph Grid-Portraits, also published by Nazraeli Press.

Leon Borensztein's OPB # 76: Portraits ii gathers a series of thirteen stunning portraits of couples or family members. The same backdrop is used with all of the subjects in this series, but the frame usually expands to show the personal surroundings of each that takes a cue from Irving Penn's aesthetic style, yet adds an often quirky twist. Usually odd, the images in this publication are striking in their originality and reproduction quality.

All OPB titles come with an original signed print tipped-in to the back of the book.

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I Feel Lucky by Frank Yamrus is a personal investigation into the artist's midlife crisis. The photographs in this book depict reenactments of moments and life decisions from Yamrus' past and are reflections of his conscious embarkation into life past the age of 50. Often cinematic, these images depict universal questions of self-awareness.

Nadja Groux's 127th@StNick is a storyboard of photographs taken from the artist's window overlooking the Harlem street corner. Consisting of several years worth of work, 127th@StNick takes aim and observation at the use of surveillance technology and how it captures human interaction and habit. Bending the traditions of street photography, this book offers a long meditation on human convention.

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This week, a print that is as iconic as they get: Cecil Beaton's exuberant image of a young Truman Capote in Tangier circa 1949; plus architectural Chicago by Walker Evans; a super-crisp copy of one of Sol Lewitt's finest artist's books, Brick Wall; a rare 1965 Rally Brochure by André Martin for the Citroën DS19 AND MUCH MORE!!

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Lucien Clergue: Toros Muertos (1st Edition, In Slipcase!)
Jaromir Funke: Pressfoto, International Photography Edition, Vol. 2 (Portfolio of 12 Prints)
Lewis Baltz: The New Industrial Parks near Irvine, California (1st ed.!)
Sol Lewitt: Brick Wall (1977 Artist's Book)
Richard Avedon: Avedon at Work: In the American West (SIGNED by Avedon and author Laura Wilson)
Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places (1st ed.)
Peter Beard: The End of the Game, 1st edition
Cecil Beaton: Truman Capote in Morocco, 1949
Walker Evans: Chicago, 1946 (3 Prints for a 1947 Fortune Magazine Photo Essay)
Vaclav Jiru: Slunecne Pobrezi Jugoslavie (The Sun Coast of Yugoslavia)
Albert Watson: Cyclope (Rare French Edition!)
André Martin: Rare 1965 Rally Brochure for Citroën DS19
Christien Meindertsma: PIG 05049 (1st printing!)
Stu Levy
One Picture Book # 75: Honk If You Love Stieglitz
Stephen Shore
One Picture Book # 73: Pet Pictures
Martin Parr
One Picture Book # 74: 7 Cups of Tea
Leon Borensztein
One Picture Book # 76: Portraits II
Cig Harvey
You Look at Me Like an Emergency - SIGNED
Rebecca Norris Webb
My Dakota
Jessica S. McDonald
Nathan Lyons: Selected Essays, Lectures, and Interviews.
Andrei Liankevich
Frank Yamrus
I Feel Lucky
Nadja Groux

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