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to draw with light The newest addition to the Blind Spot Series, to draw with light by Uta Barth, brings together images from her series Compositions of Light on White as well as a new series created for the publication of this monograph. Minimalistic in form and color, her drawings with light display perfection in aesthetics and precision, offering subtle tones and delicate abstractions that hint at memory, art history and a quiet ambiance.

Hide & Seek New from Le Caillou Bleu is a stunning collection of images by Beata Szparagowska. Hide & Seek delves into the relationship of photography and performance with the photographer's exploration of photographic presentation of reality and theatrical fiction. The artist's subjects are at times masked — creating tension and mystery — while other times are seemingly forthcoming in their actions. Accompanied by empty landscapes and haunting interior spaces, Szparagowska's portraits in this series push the boundaries of traditional narrative representation.

New from Erik van der Weijde, This Is Not My Wife is the second installment of images looking into the personal family life of the artist. The first publication in this series, This Is Not My Son, was highly successful and garnered a certain cult following. This new title questions boundaries between husband and wife, photographer and model, and continues van der Weijde's unique interpretation of family life and intimacy.

Stay Cool by RJ Shaughnessy is a celebration of the energy and importance of youth. The photographs show skateboarders, attractive models and a few mischievous adolescents roaming busy city streets in the summer heat. Carefree and at times antagonizing, the subjects of Shaughnessy's story remind us of our own youth and how quickly it disappears.

Also arriving soon are two DVD films depicting the fascinating lives of two highly accomplished artists. First, The Woodmans details the intricate and complex life of Francesca Woodman and her short artistic career, as well as the underlying psychological and competitive relationship of her parents. Second, The Decisive Moment features a rare look inside Henri Cartier-Bresson's thoughts on photographic practice as well as its possibilities and challenges. This film, made in 1973 from a series organized by Cornell Capa, is a unique and insightful view into the mind of one of photography's most celebrated masters.

All New Arrivals titles are arriving soon and are available for preorder.

We hope you enjoy this week's selection of New Arrivals and wish you and yours a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend!

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This week finds Eric and his family up in the Western Massachusetts countryside celebrating the July 4th holiday, plus one of those auspicious, decade-marker birthdays! But never fear: on the block this week, eleven stellar selections! Most notable among them, Dirk Alvermann's 1960 tour d'force, Algerien. Anders Petersen's Cafe Lehmitz, called by Parr and Badger, one of the best photo books of the 70s, is one of the best documentaries of seedy, urban misfits ever produced. Here it's accompanied by a fantastic piece of ephemera. We've got two signed Sally Mann books, plus much more. Enjoy the Holiday Week!!

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WassinkLundgren: Empty Bottles (SIGNED by Both! )
New Nude2: From Nude to Naked [Fukase, Uelsmann, Samaras, Bellmer & Many Others!! ]
Anders Petersen: Cafe Lehmitz (1st edition!)
New Nude 3: Beyond Gender [Kitajima, Kurata, Moriyama, Witkin, Maccheroni, Fukase, Many Others!!
Paysages Photographies [Landscape Photographs]--Bernarad Latarjet and Francois Hers, eds
Jean-Paul Goude: Jungle Fever
Sally Mann: Immediate Family (SIGNED!)
Sally Mann: Proud Flesh (SIGNED)--LOW OPENING BID!!
Dirk Alvermann: Algerien
Ryan McGinley: (2002 Index Monograph)
Kishin Shinoyama: Arabia (SIGNED)
Antoine D'Agata
Stigma - Limited Edition
Beata Szparagowska
Hide & Seek - SIGNED
Erik Van Der Weijde
This Is Not My Wife - SIGNED
RJ Shaughnessy
Stay Cool - SIGNED
Antoine D’agata
Insomnia - Limited Edition
Uta Barth
To Draw With Light - Hardcover and Limited Edition
C. Scott Willis
The Woodmans DVD
Henri Cartier-Bresson
The Decisive Moment DVD
Leigh Ledare
Pretend You're Actually Alive
Richard Misrach
Mark Klett
The Half-Life of History
Mark Dion

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