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Darkroom "[In Darkroom] there is a sense that Bartos sees his subject as ... a relic to be photographed with a certain level of indifference. There is little emotional connection. Instead, Bartos has approached his subject similar to how an archeologist would photograph the evidence of a city's ruin, displaying the aging of time through dismantled enlargers and a discontinued dry-press. Bartos takes us into the artist's darkroom to gaze not only at their relics, but also to give us a small insight into their solitude. The only information given about each space is the location and how many years the darkroom has been in operation. And while no direct information is given about whose space we are looking in on, hints such as book dummies, oddly formatted negative carriers and a few working prints tacked to the wall might give a few of us some clues." — from Antone Dolezal's post on photo-eye Blog. Copies are now in stock. Signed Copies will be arriving in July and are available for preorder.

7 Days Athens November 2011 New from Super Labo, 7 Days Athens November 2011 by JH Engström & Margot Wallard shows the prevalent chaos and tension in the streets of Athens during the Greek economic crisis. Traveling to Athens for a lecture and workshop that was ultimately canceled, Engström and Wallard were put into a unique situation of documenting this important and volatile global event. The photographs are shown as though taken with an intense red filter, creating a heightened tension and state of urgency. Coming off of their highly acclaimed collaboration Foreign Affair, 7 Days Athens November 2011 is sure to be an equally sought after publication. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

The Picturesque by Belgian photographer Jan Kempenaers studies the ideal notion of landscape imagery. Often minimalistic, these photographs capture isolated fragments of the landscape, causing the viewer to consider what is ideal. Upon further investigation, many of Kempenaers' photographs depict some, if even the smallest, form of human intervention. Copies are now in stock and are available for order.

In this continuation of The Sochi Project, Rob Hornstra's Life Here Is Serious investigates the popular sport of wrestling in the North Caucasus region of Russia. The sport is highly revered as both a historically and culturally significant aspect of the day-to-day life of the people who live in this war-torn region. Accompanying the photographs of wrestling schools and portraits of the young athletes who attend them are texts describing the violent happenings in the region, furthering Hornstra's depiction of the importance of this sport as a symbol for hope and pride. Signed copies are now in stock and are available for order.

"Magnum photographer Olivia Arthur has shown a dedication to photographing the lives of women; particularly those who live on the cultural divide between the east and west. Invited to teach a photography course to a group of women in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah Diary is Arthur's exploration and attempt to photographically document the lives of the women she met there. She approached them earnestly, grateful for their friendship and curious about their lives, but photography in Saudi Arabia, particularly photography depicting women, is a complicated issue. It is a world that is perhaps not easy for a Westerner to understand, but Arthur's work gives us a glimpse into the intricacies of these women's lives." — from Sarah Bradley's post on photo-eye Blog. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

"There is something secret and sinister lurking in the depths of Dirk Braeckman's photographs. An omen that brings an uncanny atmosphere and uneasy tension I cannot quite put my finger on. It's this tension of unsettled mystery that keeps bringing me back, almost as if I could find myself hiding in one of the photographer's deep shadows or half empty interiors. And maybe this is it. Here I keep finding myself deep within these photographs, on some sort of journey, half lost and aimless." — from Antone Dolezal's review of Dirk Braeckman on photo-eye Blog. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

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We've got thirteen items on the block this week — featuring three items by Josef Koudelka. The first, a remarkably rare issue of the Czech news weekly "Respekt", where Koudelka's searing images of the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia appeared in 1990. For the second, a signed copy of Reconnaissance Wales, we started the bidding at the insanely low sum of $95 (seen elsewhere at upwards of $1000)!! Also available is the 2003 book Theatre Du Temps. Like Reconnaissance Wales it is an accordian-bound volume featuring Koudelka's haunting panoramic photographs, here focused on the city of Rome and its ruins. Another very different image of Italy can be seen in Guido Guidi's amazing, melancholy book from 1995 Varianti. Also on the block: the true first (French) edition of Robert Frank's Les Américains, Ed Van Der Elsken's Sweet Life (1st American Edition), and More.

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Josef Koudelka: Reconnaissance Wales (SIGNED!!)--LOW, LOW OPENING BID!!
Robert Frank: Les Américains (True 1st Edition!)
Friedlander/Dine: Work From The Same House
WassinkLundgren: Empty Bottles (1st edition)
Ed Van Der Elsken: Sweet Life (1st American Edition)
Guido Guidi: Varianti (Variations)
Sally Mann: Sweet Silent Thought (SIGNED)
Josef Koudelka: Respekt (1968 Prague Invasion Photos!)
Josef Koudelka: Theatre du temps
Hans Richter: Filmgegner von heute. Filmfreunde von morgen.(1929, 1ST Ed. in Dust Jacket!)
Allen Ginsberg: Photographs (SIGNED, with Flower Drawings)
Sally Mann: Flesh and Spirit (SIGNED)
Danny Lyon: The Bikeriders (1997 Twin Palms Limited Edition, Signed!)
Adam Bartos
Darkroom (SIGNED arriving in July)
Jh EngstrÖm & Margot Wallard
7 Days Athens November 2011
Jan Kempenaers
The Picturesque
Rob Hornstra
Life Here Is Serious - SIGNED
Bill Diodato
Care of Ward 81 - SIGNED
Olivia Arthur
Jeddah Diary
Guy Tillim
Petros Village - SIGNED
Dirk Braeckman
Dirk Braeckman
Bruce Haley
Max Pam
Ramadan in Yemen
Christopher Churchill
American Faith
Ian Van Coller
Interior Relations

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