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This week's featured books are all gems — signed editions brought back from our recent trek to SPE in San Francisco! photo-eye's pop-up bookstore hosted a number of signings and we made sure to bring back a collection of great signed books for those who could not attend.

Trade Chad States' Trade is a new collection of photographs acquired through smart phone cruising applications. For these cruising sites that provide an intimate connection between men looking for physical romance and contact, each participant provides a provocative photograph of themselves. Presented in an elegant envelope are 25 individual images, each edition limited to 40 copies. Additional publications from States' Trade series will be released seasonally with a new set of photographs. Signed copies are in stock and available for order.

Lonely Boy "Issue two of Alec Soth's Lonely Boy Mag (No. A-2 Boys and their Cars) was a challenge for me to digest. I originally wrote about this title in photo-eye's New Arrivals Newsletter, and had to spend a fair amount of time contemplating the bizarre scenarios inside the book. When writing the original draft for the newsletter, Melanie McWhorter and I had a spirited discussion on my inability not to pass judgment on the work, as I thought the photographs (which are fantastic) were dismal, taking me to places I wasn't completely comfortable being." — from Antone Dolezal's review of Lonely Boy Mag No. 2 on photo-eye Blog. Copies signed by Chad States are now in stock and available for order.

The Mushroom Collection
"The Mushroom Collection isn't just an exhibition catalogue — it's also an extension of Fulford's ever expanding Mushroom Collection project, which now includes several books, sculptures, video and performance pieces. In this small volume, The Mushroom Collection becomes participatory, inviting the reader of the book to contribute by gluing each of the 30 stickers featuring images from the exhibition onto one of the 30 Xs that appear through out the pages of the book (and one on the cover)." — from Sarah Bradley's review of The Mushroom Collection on photo-eye Blog. Signed copies are in stock and available for order.

"In History's Shadow from Nazraeli Press, David Maisel goes inside and out and finds another way to show us something we’ve never seen before. Maisel's disarmingly beautiful past series of aerial photographs have belied their derivation from our despoiled environment. Now, he has found another uncommon vantage point from among the conservation X-rays of ancient objects at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco."— from Karen Jenkins review of History's Shadow in photo-eye Magazine. Signed copies of History's Shadow and Library of Dust are in stock and available for order.

"The State of Ata is a little like a combo of [Lee] Friedlander's appreciation of the American monument and [Robert] Frank's curiosity about the icons that might symbolize a time in this country's zeitgeist. In this instance, when Chantal explained to me the ubiquitous presence of the public imagery of Atatürk, the dead leader of the Turkish revolution subsequent to the Ottoman collapse after World War I, and how his imagery has become embroiled in the contest between secularism and political Islam in Turkey. It seemed like a natural opportunity for Chantal and me, Turk and American, to initiate a project together from the perspective of outsider/insider." — Mike Mandel. Originally published as an interview between photo-eye, Mike Mandel and Chantal Zakari on photo-eye Blog. Signed copies are now in stock and available for order.

"The Half-Life of History: The Atomic Bomb and Wendover Air Base, published by Radius Books, is a collection of photographs by Mark Klett and text by William L. Fox that explore Wendover Airbase, where in the 1940s the US Army Air Corps trained to drop atomic bombs from Boeing B-29 Superfortress aircraft. The book opens with photographs whose rough half-tone pattern indicate they are taken directly from historic archives. These photographs include a B-29 construction and dedication, a close-up of names written on 'Fat Man,' the atomic cloud over Nagasaki, and the ruins and survivors of the blasts." — from David Ondrik's review of The Half-Life of History in photo-eye Magazine. Signed copies are in stock and available for order.

"The title Road Ends in Water comes from an image of a road sign Eliot Dudik encountered while traveling along U.S. Route 17 across the low country of South Carolina to make the images for his first book. Water, land, and the people who inhabit this particular place make up the 38 large format color images of Dudik's monograph. Dudik is adept at handling the space of this area. It feels accessible and secluded at the same time. I can feel the trees hanging over me. Open spaces are rare because of the dense vegetation. The land is clearly Dudik's main subject since it overrides people and architecture in his framing. He is able to suss out the beauty that is not always apparent." — from Tom Leininger's review of Road Ends in Water in photo-eye Magazine. Signed copies are in stock and available for order.

photo-eye Auctions

For this week's offerings, we're serving up estate prints by Walker Evans; a signed 1st edition of Bill Burke's I Want To Take Picture, an absolutely iconic image of Truman Capote by Cecil Beaton and more!! Eric Miles has the week off, but be sure to check out all of his past presentations HERE.

We are now accepting consignments of fine photobooks and prints. Be sure to contact Eric Miles if you have material you'd like us to consider. See our auction F.A.Q for guidelines.

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Please note that adding a book to your shopping cart does not reserve a copy; orders must be finalized to appear in our system. However, due to the extremely limited number of some books, we cannot guarantee a copy for every finalized order. New Arrivals and Back-in-Stock items were in stock at the time that this newsletter was sent. Orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis until sold-out. We reserve the right to limit quantities.

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Cecil Beaton: Truman Capote in Morocco, 1949
Josef Koudelka: Gypsies (1st Printing)
Bill Burke: I Want To Take Picture (1st ed., SIGNED)
Walker Evans: Chicago. 1946 (3 prints)
Todd Hido: Roaming (SIGNED)
Peter Beard: Diary
Otto Steinert: (ed.): Subjektive Fotografie + Subjektive Fotografie 2 (2 Books)
Walker Evans: 'Man in a White Suit', 1933
Herbert Baldwin: A War Photographer in Thrace (1912 edition!)
John Werge: The Evolution of Photography (1890)
Helen Levitt: A Way of Seeing (1981 reprint)
Chad States
Trade - SIGNED
Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Forty Years of Self-Portraits / Still Not There - DVD
Mike & Chantal Zakari Mandel
The State of Ata - SIGNED by Mike Mandel
David Maisel
History's Shadow - SIGNED
David Maisel
Library of Dust - SIGNED
Mark Klett
Wendover: The Half-Life of History - SIGNED
Jane Alden Stevens
Tears of Stone - SIGNED
Eliot Dudik
Road Ends in Water - SIGNED
Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Beth Yarnelle Edwards
Suburban Dreams - SIGNED
Lonely Boy Mag - SIGNED by Chad States
Jason Fulford
The Mushroom Collection - SIGNED

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