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Slowlight Published by the Etherton Gallery, Slowlight by Kate Breakey offers a previously unseen selection of landscapes taken over the artist's 30-year career. Primarily known for her portraits of birds and flowers, Breakey's landscapes offer a different perspective on her view of the surrounding world. The photographs are often subtle, quiet depictions of ephemeral moments and are beautifully printed in this thoughtfully designed edition. Copies are arriving soon and are available for preorder.

Thomas Demand '"The Altogether is inspired by manufacturing and the manual workers who make and produce, craftsman who are skilled and work with their hands," says Chris Coekin of his latest journey through English working class culture.

Part of that craftsmanship is found in the book itself. Every detail is thought out and included so it connects into a narrative whole. First off, the book comes with a foil-blocked embossed cover of a man pulling on a rope. It's chalk white against coal black cloth, a touch-and-feel introduction to a book in which tactile, visual and auditory combine to perfect effect." — from Colin Pantall's review of The Altogether on photo-eye Magazine. Signed copies are arriving soon and are available for preorder.

The Stage by Sen Chao-Liang is a striking view of the mobile performing stages used by cabarets, song and dance ensembles and recreational bands traveling around Taiwan. Taken at night, these photographs display the stages' brightly illuminated presence on beachfronts, carnival settings and side streets. Chao-Liang's portraits offer an engaging look at both an oddity of popular culture and display of creative design. Copies are arriving soon and are available for preorder.

Taking the viewer through a revealing journey of what happens to the body after death, photographer Patrik Budenz has created a book showcasing what many of us choose to ignore. In Post Mortem, Budenz weaves together photographs of bodies traveling through cold rooms, crematoriums, autopsy rooms and cemeteries, creating an eye-opening portrait of the life of a body after death, dispelling many of our notions of what it means to die. Copies are arriving soon and are available for preorder.

"Dewi Lewis’ new publication Burke + Norfolk may be the best book I have seen come out this year. When taking into account content, design, reproduction quality and sequencing, this monograph is an exceptional over-sized object. Loosely rephotographic in nature, this book is Simon Norfolk’s revisitation of the work of little known 19th century Irish photographer John Burke. Burke was the first photographer to make images in Afghanistan while accompanying British forces during the years of 1878-1880. The result of Burke’s travels produced several photographic albums the photographer sold following the British invasion. Carrying a large wooden view camera and using a wet-collodion process, the shear task Burke undertook in the conflict-ridden country is worthy of great intrigue. But process aside, Burke’s stunning photographs are richly printed and the details from his large negatives are exquisite." — from Antone Dolezal's post on photo-eye Blog. Signed copies are back-in-stock and available for order.

'Nealy Blau's Elsewhere represents the wonderful play of possibility between the natural and the artificial. The full-color, analog photographs document diorama in natural history museums, masking through framing and focus the constructed nature of their subject matter. However, the images avoid becoming mere traps of illusion. Instead, they propel the viewer into the exciting and open spaces created by the gaps and gradients existing between the concepts of real and imagined.' — from Nicholas Chiarella's review of Elsewhere on photo-eye Magazine. Signed copies are back-in-stock and are available for order

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From Above by Paule Saviano is an intimate series of portraits taken of survivors of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan, as well as the firebombings of Tokyo and Dresden in 1945. Featuring commentary from Saviano's subjects, this book is beautiful in both design and its celebration of perseverance.

Lynda Frese's Pacha Mama: earth realm is a collection of hybrid landscapes inspired by religious iconography from the Italian Renaissance and indigenous cultures of South America. Including texts, poems and Sanskrit prayer, this collection follows a narrative based on the South American Earth Goddess Pachamama.

Fourteen People by Robert Fleischanderl examines the lives of fourteen Jewish refugees. Containing stunning portraits and interior shots, this book asks the question, When does a person cease to be a refugee? Here the viewer is given a thoughtful portrayal of humanity and the personal relationship to history and identity.

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This week in photo-eye Auctions, due to popular demand, Les Krims returns for an encore! Plus rare 50s & 60s company photobooks from Citroën (with photos by Willam Klein) and the Dutch electric compay PLEM. Also, super-rare Czech books featuring designs by Ladislav Sutnar and gravure printing by Neubert & Sons; plus signatures from Josef Sudek and Vaclav Jiru. Be sure to watch Eric Miles' presentation below. Good Luck bidding!

We are now accepting consignments of fine photobooks and prints. Be sure to contact Eric Miles if you have material you'd like us to consider. See our auction F.A.Q for guidelines.

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Josef Sudek: (1976 Pressfoto Portfolio of 12 Photographs)--SIGNED
Les Krims: Making Chicken Soup
Vaclav Jiru: Zrcadlo Zivota [The Mirror of Life]--SIGNED!!
Vaclav Jiru: Slunecne Pobrezi Jugoslavie (The Sun Coast of Yugoslavia)
Twenty Years of the Czechoslovakian Army in the Liberated State (Jiri Jenicek/Ladislav Sutnar)
Harpman/Becx, eds.: PLEM (Important Dutch Company Photobook)--Cas Oorthuis, Koen Lenarts
William Klein & André Martin: Rare Late 60s Citroën DS Catalogues (2 Books)
Albert Watson: Cyclope (Rare French Edition!)
Cesko-Slovenska Armada [The Czechoslovakian Army] --(Jiri Jenicek/Ladislav Sutnar)
Les Krims: Fictcryptokrimsographs (Limited Edition with Print!)
Vladimir Vlcek: Dnesni Moskva --Today's Moscow
Kate Breakey
Slowlight - SIGNED
Chris Coekin
The Altogether - SIGNED
Shen Chao-Liang
The Stage
Patrik Budenz
Post Mortem
John Burke & Simon Norfolk
Burke + Norfolk - SIGNED
John Gossage
The Thirty-Two Inch Ruler / Map Of Babylon - SIGNED
Nealy Blau
Elsewhere - SIGNED
Bohnchang Koo
Portraits of Time - SIGNED
Paule Saviano
From Above
Lynda Frese
Pacha Mama: earth realm
Robert Fleischanderl
fourteen people

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