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American Faith
Surface Series by Batia Suter contains a unique sequence of images initially put together for a site-specific installation at Culturgest Porto. The photographs here have been published in several of Suter's earlier books, however Surface Series continues to demonstrate the artist's ability of fostering new relationships between recurring photographs and fragmented images. Tucked in the back of this book is a small poster detailing Suter's large-scale installation and serves as a reference point for the design of Surface Series. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

Thomas Demand
Paying tribute to architect John Lautner, Model Studies by Thomas Demand is a beautifully produced object. While small in size, this book captures Demand's intent of looking at Lautner's work in close-detail by reexamining the architect as sculptor. Photographing the architects maquettes housed by The Getty Research Institute, Demand not only pays tribute to a renowned architect, but also investigates the intersections of art and architecture. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

About Love About Love by Gay Block is a stunning survey of the artist's extensive photographic career. Spanning more than 30 years, the photographs in this book are presented chronologically with a book design that replicates the intimacy of a family album. Block began to photograph her affluent Jewish family and community in the early 1970s as a means to connect with an upbringing she felt conflicted with. For Block, photography was a means to learn about family love and in this over-sized volume her connection to her subjects displays a level of intimacy that is both telling and deeply personal. Signed Copies are in stock and available for order.

Christophe Agou's In the Face of Silence is a vividly detailed body of work taken throughout the photographer's homeland in the rural Forez province of France. Winner of the European Publishers Award for Photography, the images in this series are a quiet depiction of farm life, navigating between portraits displaying a livelihood of hardship, but also a livelihood of great reward. The incorporation of intimate interiors and portraits alongside images of landscapes and farm life create a significant and cohesive body of work that places the viewer into direct engagement with the photographer's subjects. The photographs are breathtaking and offer an insight into a world from an insider's perspective. Signed copies are in stock and available for order.

The Wedding by Boris Mikhailov is a bizarre and engaging portrait of human desperation. This series presents a simulated wedding between two homeless people living in post-communist Eastern Europe. Under Russia's new economic regime, these individuals are living on the fringe of society without care or social support. While the images contain a tinge of humor through sexually explicit poses and a strange take on traditional ceremony, the grim reality is that the subjects are disregarded outcasts of society. Mikhailov's deliberate creation of the wedding and posing of his subjects stands in stark contrast to this reality, creating an environment of intentional insanity. The intriguing qualities in this book lie in the photographer's ability to heighten the tensions of an otherwise harmonious ceremony into a flurry of madness and despair. Copies are now back-in-stock and are available for order.

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Rookery by Tim Edgar is a delicate book containing 10 images of bird rookeries located in southern Dorset, England. These breeding grounds are photographed uninhabited and display an unsettling atmosphere. Here Edgar explores scenes of ritualistic animal behavior by creating a haunting landscape of absence that brings forth a compelling dialogue.

P.I. by Nico Bick goes deep beyond the walls of the Penitentiary Institution Over-Amstel, the most well-known prison in the Netherlands. Bick focuses his lens on prison cells, isolation cells, communal rooms and prison perimeter walls creating an investigative document that shows the typology of confinement and functionality. The photographs are presented as loose pages, divided into sections depicting different parts of the prison complex and offer an engaging insight into the function of the prison institution.

Dark Zone by Hannes Helkura is a series of eerie portraits and cityscapes. These black-and-white images contain rich blacks and over powering forms determined by the photographer's approach of using shadows and dim light. The beautiful reproductions in this book create and undefined space that is reminiscent of a film noir.

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Hellen van Meene: Untitled (Scarce 1st Monograph)
Machiel Botman: Drifting (Limited Edition with Print)
Thomas Struth: Unconscious Places (Unbewußte Orte)--Scarce Early Catalogue!
Boris Mikhailhov: Case History (In Shrinkwrap)
Peter Beard: Fifty Years of Portraits
Michael Kenna: 1990 Gallery Min Catalogue (Scarce Hardbound Edition)--Signed!
Xu Yong: Xiaofangjia Hutong
Danny Lyon: The Bikeriders
Les Krims: Fictcryptokrimsographs
(Anonymous) Mao Tsetung: A Selection of Photographs
(Anonymous) The Great Hall of the People (Portfolio of Twenty Photos)
Todd Hido: House Hunting (SIGNED)
Ruth Bernhard & Melvin Van [Peebles]: The Big Heart (SIGNED BY BOTH)
André Kertész: The Manchester Collection (SIGNED Limited Edition!)
Batia Suter
Surface Series
Gay Block
About Love - SIGNED
Thomas Demand
Model Studies
Christophe Agou
In the Face of Silence - SIGNED
Patrick Nagatani
Desire for Magic - SIGNED
Boris Mikhailov
The Wedding
Shuichiro Shibata
Bus Stop
J H Engstrom
La Residence
Tim Edgar
Nico Bick
Hannes Heikura

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