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Announcing the new photo-eye Auctions!

We've updated our auction platform to include exciting new features:
  • Weekly Auctions! All lots open on Saturday and end on the following Thursday afternoon. Each week's new auction items will be announced in our New Arrivals+ newsletter.
  • No Reserves! Opening bid will take the item unless outbid.
  • Video Presentations! Rare book and print specialist Eric Miles will take an in-depth look at one or more of the week's most important auction items.
  • And more! Stay tuned in the weeks ahead for a mix of special offers, Limited Editions, prints and 'Buy it Now' books.

  • Click below to view Eric Miles' first video presentation for photo-eye Auctions, where he looks at the important 1967 Czech photobook, Toto mesto je vespolecne peci obyvatel (This Town is Under the Control of its Citizens).

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    In-Print New Arrivals and Forthcoming Books

    Edward Weston In celebration of what would have been Edward Weston's 125th birthday, AMMO books have published a stunning monograph depicting 125 of Weston's best-known works. Edward Weston: One Hundred Twenty-Five Photographs by Steve Crist is a masterfully produced book. Wrapped in a European gold cloth, debossed with Weston's signature and placed within a beautiful slipcase, it is an elegant addition to Weston's previously published monographs. The duotone reproductions, obtained by digitally scanning negatives from the Edward Weston Archive at the Center of Creative Photography in Tucson, Arizona, are striking and give ultimate tribute to one of the most important photographers of the 20th century. In addition to Weston's most accessible work, this book also includes previously unpublished photographs and a detailed written account of the photographer's place in the history of the photographic medium. Limited to 2,000 copies, this book is now in stock and available for order.

    From Uncertain  to Blue 'It is (Keith) Carter's "unsentimental eye" that drew me to this work. For me, Carter's more recent work is too sentimental, but this earlier work speaks in a language that I understand clearly. The photographs in this book are full of clarity and photographic description, much like the work of Walker Evans. Carter used this language of American photography to describe the various climates of Texas. His idea of the "nothingness" that he photographed is rich." — from Tom Leininger's review of From Uncertain To Blue by Keith Carter. Read the full review on photo-eye Magazine.

    Oculus Oculus by Ken Schles is a thoughtful exploration of the connection between images, perception and memory. Schles' haunting and eloquent photographs reflect upon his own personal philosophy that as humans we render the world through images, creating symbols and signs that describe the world we live in, but that do not necessarily actualize our experience. To Schles, "Seeing is not knowing." Accompanied with the authors' compelling prose, the photographs in this book look deeply at the metaphors humans make through imagery and understanding. Signed copies are in stock and available for order.

    Self Publish Be Naughty by the London based forum for self-published artists' books Self Publish Be Happy is a provocative collection of photographs depicting sexuality and desire. The photographs are often humorous and explicit and play on contemporary culture's attitude towards sex and love. While fun in nature, this publication is a notable addition to the growing collection of important self-published photography books. Featuring 75 artists previously featured on SPBH, this book allows the viewer to sequence the 122 images however they please. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

    Color’d by Jim Mangan depicts an odd journey of seven young men and women wandering through the lakes and meadows of Utah's Uinta Mountains. Published by Dashwood Books, this title reflects on the basic human impulse for discovery and exploration. The subjects of Mangan's project are painted in richly pigmented bear fat and often clothed with only an animal pelt. The freedom expressed in these photographs suggests an atmosphere where anything can happen. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

    Wiese by Anne Schwalbe is a delicate self-published object depicting intimate portraits of meadows. The up-close and soft imagery often become abstractions of the natural landscape. These beautiful reproductions detail wildflowers, often in bloom, but occasionally in the last stages of their short seasonal life. Presented in two envelopes and containing a small and elegant print, copies are limited to an edition of 500. Signed copies are now in stock and available for order.

    Seismic Shift by Colin Westerbeck traces the steps of early landscape photography from Ansel Adams to Edward Weston and focuses on the shifts of tradition and aesthetics beginning with Minor White and extending to the New Topographics movement. While American Western landscape photography began with deep roots in Northern California, this book focuses on its eventual migration to Southern California with photographers such as Joe Deal and Lewis Baltz. This younger generation, which also included Robert Adams, Henry Wessel, John Divola and Catherine Wagner not only became highly recognized but also created a new way of thinking about the realities of the Western landscape. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

    Immortality by Geirmunder Klein is a thoughtful look at Rotterdam's development of the polder east of the city. Focusing on one section of this new urban area, Klein has narrowed his vision to the parts named after writers who have received the Noble Prize for literature. This self-published book is beautifully printed and bound and comes in an edition of 10. Copies are now in stock and available for order.

    Sasha by Claudine Doury is an intimate portrait of one young woman's coming of age. Using a soft light and color palate, Doury shows her daughter, Sasha's, unique transformation, along with her confidence and vulnerabilities in both a literal and symbolic fashion. The photographs are touching, as well as revealing, becoming an important witness to Sasha's evolution.

    "Her mother, photographer Claudine Doury, watches through the camera and we are all witness to what Doury selectively chronicles: the adventures of the child, not so young, but close to the completion of her childish follies. The forest surrounds Sasha and her cohorts from the late summer into the fall of the year, from green to brown, from alive to dying." – from Melanie McWhorter’s foreword in the book Sasha.

    Copies are arriving soon and are available for preorder.

    photo-eye will be receiving a limited number of signed copies of the now out-of-print Essex County by Stephen Shore.

    photo-eye's Publisher Direct

    This week on photo-eye's Publisher Direct we have two new superb titles.

    Turns by Davi Russo is a dream-like series of images depicting the photographer's short but poignant human exchanges. The design and printing of this book are beautiful. The images refer often literally, and sometimes symbolically, to feelings of falling in love, throwing it away and getting lost in the mix of it all.

    Santiago Albert's Guatemala: People of Tradition is a stunning collection of images taken of the feasts and festivals of Guatemala. The photographs range from shots of crowded processions to depictions of reflective acts of prayer and offer in-depth and insightful views of the Guatemalan people, emphasizing the importance of traditions passed from one generation to the next.

    All Publisher Direct titles are available for order through the publisher via a special link within their listing.

    Please note that adding a book to your shopping cart does not reserve a copy; orders must be finalized to appear in our system. However, due to the extremely limited number of some books, we cannot guarantee a copy for every finalized order. New Arrivals and Back-in-Stock items were in stock at the time that this newsletter was sent. Orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis until sold-out. We reserve the right to limit quantities.

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    Vaclav Jiru: Zrcadlo Zivota [The Mirror of Life]--SIGNED!!
    Miroslav Peterka/Bohumil Hrabal: This Town is Under the Control of its Citizens
    Vaclav Jiru: Slunecne Pobrezi Jugoslavie (The Sun Coast of Yugoslavia)
    [Various photographers]. XI Slet Vsesokolsky (Design by Vilém Ambrosi)
    Josef Sudek: Nás Hrad (SIGNED)
    Karel Hajek: Norimberk : zlocin a soud (Nuremberg: Crime and Court)
    Twenty Years of the Czechoslovakian Army in the Liberated State (Jiri Jenicek/Ladislav Sutnar)
    Jaromír Funke: Fotografie
    Steve Crist
    Edward Weston
    Self Publish Be Happy
    Self Publish Be Naughty
    Colin Westerbeck
    Seismic Shift: Lewis Baltz, Joe Deal and California Landscape Photography, 1944 – 1984
    Keith Carter
    From Uncertain to Blue
    Anne Schwalbe
    Wiese - SIGNED
    Geirmundur Klein
    Ken Schles
    Oculus - SIGNED and Limited Edition
    Jim Mangan
    Claudine Doury
    Mathias Grate
    Before Silence - SIGNED
    Stephen Shore
    Essex County - SIGNED
    Shannon Richardson
    Route 66 - SIGNED
    Karel Hajek
    Norimberk : zlocin a soud (Nuremberg: Crime and Court)
    Miroslav Peterka/Bohumil Hrabal
    This Town is Under the Control of its Citizens
    Davi Russo
    Santiago Albert
    Guatemala: People of Tradition

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