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Allerseelen “Alexander Binder's new publication Allerseelen (German for the term 'All Souls') is a fantastic object produced by Morel Books. The title refers to those who are cast into purgatory, waiting for their coming redemption. Wandering through dense forests, Binder creates a short series of mythical images reminiscent of what one might expect to see if they suddenly woke up in Middle Earth. Intense figures seemingly pulled from the middle ages or futuristic film sets meander through the psychedelic landscapes of dense forests and ancient graveyards. The artist addresses symbolic elements of good and evil, using recognizable, but terrifying characters as protagonists to heighten the underlying intensity of his story.” — from Antone Dolezal’s post on photo-eye Blog. Copies of this intriguing book are now in stock and available for order.

Supreme Vice Supreme Vice by Czech photographer Tereza Zelenkova is an intriguing new title published by Morel Books. Zelenkova’s photographic vision is a uniquely surreal view of occult symbolism, combining desolate landscapes of the American West with odd studio portraits to create a stunning series of imagery. The dark overtones presented in these photographs provide a captivating narration that takes the viewer on a mysterious spiritual journey. The reproductions are gorgeously printed and concisely edited making for a series that is both visually engaging and direct in focus. Copies of this superb new book are now in stock and available for order.

Quebec is a beautiful hand-bound book printed on archival pigment paper by an anonymous photographer. The imagery is often quiet, reflecting on the photographer's travels through the Canadian province. Solitary structures and overcast landscapes portray a sense of an isolated environment and depict a perspective from a thoughtful and lonely wanderer. Numbered and signed with the photographer’s thumb-impression, Quebec is limited to an edition of 25 copies (listed as [BOOK]). The book and print combination (listed as [PHOTO]) is accompanied with an image not included in the book. Read Nicholas Chiarella's review of Quebec in photo-eye Magazine here and the interview with the anonymous photographer of Quebec on photo-eye Blog here. Copies of this thoughtful book are now in stock and available for order.

"The second volume of Orchard series, Not Seen | Not Said, contains photographs by Raymond Meeks, along with the minimalist drawings of Wes Mills. The book shows Mills wandering in a barren land as Meeks follows, documenting the artist's inquisitive steps with his camera. The photographs were taken by Meeks between 2008–2010 in two locations, an orchard owned by Mills' family (apropos to the series title) and the John Day fossil beds near Kimberly, Oregon. Accompanying Meeks' photographs are 17 reproductions of text and drawings by Mills. Lovingly and carefully printed on green colored paper though also seemingly aged and discolored, they have been tipped into the books pages after binding." — from Melanie McWhorter’s post on photo-eye Blog. Copies are now back-in-stock and available for order.

Burke + Norfolk: Photographs from the War in Afghanistan brings forth Simon Norfolk's photographic response to the obscure nineteenth century Irish war photographer John Burke. The beautiful cover reveals little of the stunning photographs inside. Divided into three sections, City, Portrait and Military, the photographs within the book present Burke's images from both the 1878-1880 British conflict and Norfolk’s contemporary photographs from the current decade-long war. The expanse of Burke's photographic vision is extraordinary, shifting from archeological sites, street scenes, battlefields and portraits of both British officers and Afghans and displays not only a complex documentation, but an important visual record. Loosely re-photographic in nature, Norfolk's images taken with a 4x5 camera, hold an equally intelligent portrayal of the complexities associated with the current Afghan conflict. Read Antone Dolezal's post on photo-eye Blog. Signed copies are in stock and available for order.

The Wedding by photographer Boris Mikhailov is a bizarre and engaging portrait of human desperation. This series presents a simulated wedding between two homeless people living in post-communist Eastern Europe. Under Russia's new economic regime, these individuals are living on the fringe of society without care or social support. While the images contain a tinge of humor through sexually explicit poses and a strange take on traditional ceremony, the grim reality is that the subjects are disregarded outcasts of society. Mikhailov's deliberate creation of the wedding and posing of his subjects stands in stark contrast to this reality, creating an environment of intentional insanity. Copies are now back-in-stock and available for order.

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Featured this week on Publisher Direct, two books by photographer John MacLean. The artist's 6th self-published book Two and Two is an endeavor in taking two separate photographs of the same subject, creating a dialogue about the artist's decision making process. MacLean presents these two distinct images side-by-side, aiming to challenge both the viewer and himself in the process of approach when dealing with the language of photography.

MacLean's 7th self-published book A to B was inspired by director Stanley Kubrick's approach to wearing down his actors by shooting up to 30 takes in one scene, forcing the actors into an honest emotional state and new perspective. Similar in approach, MacLean chose two points (A and B) on his map of London to drift back and forth between, recording the walks with his GPS unit and mapping out his meandering. This book became a spontaneous engagement to the photographer’s own photographic process, creating a series of absorbing images.

Filipe Casaca’s my home is where you are is a beautifully designed and printed object that is a reflection of the private life shared between the photographer and his wife. The elusive lighting and rich printing is splendid and further enhances the author's personal insight into an intimacy that can only be portrayed by an individual close to their subject. Limited to 300 signed copies, my home is where you are invites the viewer into a world of deep devotion.

Paula Gillen’s Oh, So Big is a humorous and erotic book about the trends of 1970's soft-core pornography. By cutting and pasting images from three pornographic magazines the artist has created a light-hearted object that also addresses serious issues about pornographic culture with regards to race and the male gaze. Limited to an edition of 100 copies, Oh, So Big is an unusual look into at the peculiar culture of sexual behavior and freedom.

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Tereza Zelenkova
Supreme Vice
Alexander Binder
Miroslav Tichy
Form of Truth
Quebec - SIGNED and Limited Edition
Boris Mikhailov
The Wedding
John Burke & Simon Norfolk
Burke + Norfolk - SIGNED
Raymond Meeks
Not Seen | Not Said, With Wes Mills
John MacLean
A to B
John MacLean
Two and Two
Filipe Casaca
my home is where you are (a minha casa é onde estás)
Paula Gillen
OH SO BIG: The Issue is Race

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