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The Brothers Featured in this week's newsletter, The Brothers by photographer Elin Høyland is an intimate monograph documenting two elderly brothers living in Tessanden in the middle of rural Norway. The brothers, Harald and Mathias lived their entire lives on a small rural farm working as loggers and carpenters in order to sustain an existence of simplicity. These photographs bear witness to their fading way of life and offer a uniquely subtle approach to documentary photography. The viewer is rarely given a glimpse of the psychology of these two men; rather the photographer approaches her subjects with a sense of delicate restraint. A stoicism is implied in the brother's body language, while they may be elderly these men are a capable hardworking pair who are more often than not photographed from a respectful distance. Høyland's quiet approach is undeniably telling of the life these men led, a life of quiet simplicity rarely seen in the modernized world. Copies of this engaging monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Berlin Berlin by photographer Mitch Epstein is a stunning new monograph published by Steidl. In 2008 Epstein was awarded the Berlin Prize and began a six-month residency at the American Academy in Berlin. As a Jewish American, Epstein became drawn to the city that was the epicenter of Hitler's plan to, as Epstein puts it, "annihilate my ancestors." The photographer — with his 8x10 view camera — began a journey of documenting the remnants of the city’s wartime and postwar histories. The result is a staggering series of photographs depicting a contemporary city that has become a beacon of intellectual Germany, while also leaving behind artifacts within the city's landscape reminding all Germans of their country's past. Referring to Berlin's residence, Epstein brilliantly states, "They have understood what a largely amnesiac America has not: reform relies on memory." Copies of this impressive new monograph are now in stock and available for order.

In the Face of Silence Christophe Agou's In the Face of Silence is a vividly detailed body of work taken throughout the photographer's homeland in the rural Forez province of France. Winner of the European Publishers Award for Photography, the images in this series are a quiet depiction of farm life, navigating between portraits displaying a livelihood of hardship, but also a livelihood evident of great reward. The incorporation of intimate interiors and portraits alongside images of landscapes and farm life create a significant and cohesive body of work that forces the viewer into a direct engagement with the photographer's subjects. The photographs are breathtaking and offer an insight into a world from an insider's perspective. Copies of this acclaimed monograph are now in stock and available for order. Signed copies will be arriving in 2-4 weeks.

Teenage Kissers by Ed Templeton is a collection of photographs depicting exactly the title of the book, teenagers kissing. The uninhibited nature of these photographs display Templeton's trademark photographic perspective, exposing the coarse nature of society's youth. The images in this series are often humorous and awkward, representing both a sense of voyeurism alongside a true depiction of a well-documented discovery of sexuality. photo-eye will have a limited number of signed copies available. Copies of this adventurous new book are arriving soon and available for preorder.

KesselsKramer's new book In Almost Every Picture # 10 continues the publication’s tradition of printing some of the most unique photographic collections around. In this new edition titled Pig photographer Michel Campeau shares his odd discovery while clearing out his mother's house. Campeau stumbled upon a single image of a piglet being fed milk in the 'Au Lutin Qui Bouffe' restaurant in Montreal. Obsessed with this single image, the photographer combed through his mother's belongings looking for more images of the mysterious pig, ultimately leading to the discovering of 200 similar photographs. The most curious of these photographs have been put together in this new collection and shed light onto both Campeau's obsession with collecting these images and the anonymous photographer's obsession with taking them. Copies are arriving soon and available for preorder.

Announcing photo-eye's Publisher Direct

With the exciting explosion in the number of independently published and small press photography books, Publisher Direct enables photo-eye to continue its legacy as a resource for promoting books of importance to our eclectic and sophisticated audience.

Publisher Direct is a curated, invitation only service that provides photographers and independent book publishers with an avenue for promoting their titles on photo-eye's popular website, allowing their publications to be viewed by a large audience of photobook enthusiasts. Purchases and fulfillment are through the publisher themselves instead of photo-eye. For more information on Publisher Direct click here .

Featured this week through Publisher Direct, Coen Hagedoorn Bouwgroep by Bert Teunissen is a collection of images taken of the Hagedoorn Construction Group staff. Beautifully designed by Erik Kessels and Sophie Gerrard at KesselsKramer, this title is in an edition of 1000 with only 200 copies for sale. Nicosia in Dark and White by Thodoris Tzalavras is a hauntingly mesmerizing look inside the long abandoned buildings adjacent to the Green Line in Nicosia, Cyprus. The photographs in this series are simply beautiful and offer an intimate view of a neglected part of an otherwise lively city. 75003 by Gianluca Tamorri is a gorgeously printed investigation of the historic Le Marais district of Paris. This title is limited to an edition of 150 hand numbered copies with a limited edition of 25 signed copies that include a 5x7 gelatin silver print. Toward a Human Face by Dennis Letbetter and Solomon Rino is a striking homage to John Deakin and Francis Bacon. Offering Rino's series of collaged pieces atop portraits of himself taken by Letbetter this project is a playful take on art history. All Publisher Direct titles are available for order through the publisher via a special link within their listing.

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Elin HØyland
The Brothers
Mitch Epstein
Christophe Agou
In the Face of Silence - SIGNED copies arriving in 2-4 weeks
Mark Gonzales
Instead of Eros Avenged
Hans Eijkelboom
New York by Numbers - SIGNED
Hans Eijkelboom
Amsterdam by Numbers - SIGNED
In Almost Every Picture 10: Pig
Ed Templeton
Teenage Kissers - SIGNED
Bert Teunissen
Coen Hagedoorn Bouwgroep
Thodoris Tzalavras
Nicosia in Dark and White
Gianluca Tamorri
Dennis Letbetter
Toward a Human Face

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