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Dead Eagle Trail In this week's newsletter, Dead Eagle Trail by photographer Jane Hilton is a provocative encounter with the cowboy way of life. Intimate portraits accompanied by wide-open landscapes give a sense of the personal freedom associated with a lifestyle slowly fading into the past. Hilton has beautifully captured the essence of those choosing to maintain this way of life. By following her subjects into their homes the photographer has found not only the intimacy of a personal life, but also an essence of the ideal her subjects are preserving. Western artifacts such as John Wayne memorabilia, belt buckles, guns and animal hides adorn the homes of the cowboys in this book. The notion of bringing the outside world into the home furthers Hilton's objective of displaying these men and women as being fully immersed in a lifestyle dedicated to personal independence, hard work and honorable living. The photographs in this series are highly engaging and take the viewer into a world that is far off the beaten path. Signed copies of this new monograph are now in stock and available for order.

The Hudson Valley The Hudson Valley by seminal photographer Stephen Shore and published by Blind Spot presents a collection of intriguing images representative of a particular place and time in the United States. This project was commissioned by a grant from the Wallace Funds in 1985, but the photographs in this series — many of which largely remained unseen — have not been viewed as a cohesive collection until now. Known for his beautiful photographs of an often banal but revealing view of America, Shore adds another chapter to his strong legacy with this new publication. This monograph is the first book in the Blind Spot Series presenting a suite of images from a single body of work and is limited to 1,000 copies. Signed copies of this exquisite monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Suburbia Mexicana "Alejandro Cartagena's Suburbia Mexicana is co-published by Photolucida and Daylight Community Arts Foundation. This monograph is beautifully designed and slightly larger than previously published books from the Critical Mass competition. The photographer's focus is on the suburban neighborhoods of Monterrey, Mexico, a city that has grown drastically in the last 60 years due to many American and Canadian companies setting up shop for profitable industry. The result has led to haphazard building and little planning regarding infrastructure, leading the photographer to focus on not only the homogenization of the suburbs, but also the environmental impact the rapid building of these small homes has had on the landscape. Portraits of families, children and lone individuals are also mixed into this series of images rounding out a very well-edited body of work that is both informing and visually captivating." — from Antone Dolezal's post on photo-eye Blog. Copies of this highly acclaimed body of work are in stock and available for order..

A Criminal Investigation by photographer Watabe Yukichi is a photographic novel closely following the criminal investigation into the murder of a young dismembered day worker from Tokyo. In January of 1958 the grotesquely disfigured remains of Sato Tadashi were discovered in an oil vat near Sembako Lake in Japan. The photographs in this series follow a dedicated detective throughout the investigation and his attempts to put himself in the killer's shoes and mindset. Walking through urban streets and warehouses the viewer is taken on a heavy journey of uncertainty and dead ends. By the end of A Criminal Investigation the viewer is given an odd explanation of unfortunate circumstances that ultimately identifies Tadashi's killer. And while the printing and design of this book make for a stunning object, it is easy to forget that this is a highly involved documentation of a real murder investigation. Copies of this engaging monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Also of note, the final two installments of Andreas Trogisch's series of six folders published by Peperoni Books. Desiderata and Asphalt are a continuation of the hauntingly beautiful imagery presented in the four previous volumes. Darkly lit streets and formally compelling compositions provide a cohesive narrative that is both illusive and visually striking. Of the six volumes only three are still in-print, Mercedes, Desiderata and Asphalt, with a very limited number of each available. Of the out-of-print titles, photo-eye has a few signed copies of Technik available for sale. Copies of both Desiderata and Asphalt are now in stock and available for order.

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Jane Hilton
Dead Eagle Trail - SIGNED
Stephen Shore
The Hudson Valley - SIGNED
Alejandro Cartagena
Suburbia Mexicana
Watabe Yukichi
A Criminal Investigation
Andreas Trogisch
Andreas Trogisch
James H. Evans
Crazy from the Heat
Yee Ling Tang
The Story of Four Generations - SIGNED
Keith Carter
Ezekiel's Horse - SIGNED (only 2 in stock)
Daido Moriyama
Farewell Photography
Abelardo Morell
Camera Obscura - SIGNED
Keith Carter
Opera Nuda - SIGNED

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