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Mexico/Roma Featured in this week's newsletter, a stunning new object by renowned photographer Graciela Iturbide. Published by Editorial RM, Mexico Roma is an intimate new book displaying an eclectic series of photographs taken in Mexico City between 1974 and 2009 and in Rome in 2007. The images embody each country's rich culture while also holding an air of mystery about the places Iturbide chooses to explore. Printed on a delicate off-white matte paper, these photographs are beautifully displayed and further the inherently personal documentation of life that the photographer has become well known for. Using labels Iturbide bought in Bolivia, the title is hand-written by the artist on the front and back cover. Available as both a trade and limited edition, this exquisite new book is arriving soon and available for preorder.

Coney Island Coney Island by photographer Harvey Stein explores the artist's forty-year journey of documenting the renowned vacation hotspot. America's first amusement park, Coney Island is celebrated as a fantasyland where cultures and characters converge to create a uniquely diverse place. The photographs in this book are superb and plentiful, focusing heavily on the people that make Coney Island a one-of-a-kind setting. The photographer's apparent admiration for the people and environment makes this book an intimate survey of a sometimes odd, but always lively staple in American culture. Signed copies of this highly acclaimed monograph are arriving soon and available for preorder.

Grace Before Dyingl Lori Waselchuk's Grace Before Dying is a powerful story of revolutionary change in the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. Previously known as one of the most violent prisons in the United States, a hospice program to comfort sick and dying inmates was created, creating a new environment in a place normally associated with isolation and punishment. Waselchuk's photographs focus on this new setting where fellow inmates participate on a volunteer basis to care for dying patients. The photographer's images prove to be a powerful documentation of humanity and change. Replete with text and quotations from the volunteers, the book documents a program built on the notions of caring for one another, a program that has transformed Angola into one of the least violent prisons in the country. Signed copies of this compelling body of work are arriving soon and available for order.

Gekijo by renowned photographer Daido Moriyama is a thoughtfully crafted book by Japanese publisher Super Labo. Modest in size, this book explores Moriyama's signature grainy black and white street photography. Many of the images are printed full-bleed, exuding an essence of Japanese city life and culture. The photographs are beautifully printed and the book is exceptionally designed, making it a superb addition to the abundance of imagery published by this prolific photographer. Copies of this absorbing new book are back-in-stock and available for order.

Previously featured in our New Arrivals Newsletter and selected by Laurence Vecten as a Best Book of 2010, Teufelsberg by Marie Sommer is a photographic investigation of an artificial hill in southwest Berlin created from the ruble left over from the city's air bombardment in the Second World War. Entirely man-made, Teufelsberg (The Devil’s Mountain) marks the boundary between Berlin's end and the beginning of the Grunewald forest. It has become a place of leisure for the city's residents, offering mountain bike paths and casual hiking grounds, but the hill was initially built on top of a Nazi military-technical college that turned out to be too well constructed to easily demolish. Also on Teufelsberg's peak exists an abandoned NSA American listening station erected during the Cold War. With no sign of any kind explaining the function of the spy center, this recreational area is as Sommer states, "a non-place in which today’s pleasures and the ruins of the past mingle." The photographs are beautiful and convey an ironic experience with the underlying knowledge of Teufelsberg’s history. Copies of this stunning monograph are back-in-stock and available for order.

* In our previous New Arrivals Newsletter, we made the mistake of misspelling the name of photographer Chris Killip. We would like to send our apologies to Chris Killip for our error.

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Graciela Iturbide
Mexico Roma - Trade and Limited Edition (Hand-printed labels by Iturbide)
Harvey Stein
Coney Island - SIGNED
Lori Waselchuk
Grace Before Dying - SIGNED
John Gossage
The Thirty-Two Inch Ruler / Map Of Babylon - SIGNED
Laurent Millet
Petites machines à images
Antoine D'Agata
Patrick Zachmann
Ma Proche Banlieue
Marie Sommer
Nicolas Comment
La Visite
Carl De Keyzer
Congo Belge En Images
Daido Moriyama
David Carol
40 Miles of Bad Road.. - Limited Edition (now available for $200)

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