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Lonely Boy Mag Featured in this week's newsletter, Alec Soth's second installment of Lonely Boy Mag. The new issue features the photographs of Alec Soth, Chad States, Todd Hido and the oddly humorous dioramas of Peter Davidson. Beginning with Hido's project Suburban Souls, the reader is led straight into the underlying dark tones that encapsulated the first issue. Voyeuristic photographs of dreary streets, low-income housing and sexually-explicit female nudes combine to create a foreboding short story of erotic fantasy and treacherous behavior. Chad States' series Give or Take revolves closely around a short unreserved narrative of a young teenager losing his virginity in an older man's van at a local hook-up spot. Photographs of men sitting idly in parking lots and near underpasses progresses to imagery alluding to finding a space both hidden and comfortable enough for uninhibited sexual behavior. The final photographic sequence in LBM is Alec Soth's The Most Beautiful Woman in Georgia. Taken while on assignment for Magnum, this series explores Soth's own fascination with finding and photographing beautiful women in the Eastern European country. The light story of Soth's series creates a relief from some of the heavier content tucked within the pages of this new issue. Copies of this voyeuristic new title are now in stock and available for order.

Not Seen Not Said "The second volume of Orchard series,
Not Seen | Not Said, contains photographs by Raymond Meeks and Wes Mills, along with the minimalist drawings of Mills. The book shows Mills wandering in a barren land as Meeks follows, documenting the artist's inquisitive steps with his camera. The photographs were taken by Meeks between 2008-2010 in two locations, an orchard owned by Mills' family (apropos to the series title) and the John Day fossil beds near Kimberly, Oregon. Accompanying Meeks' photographs are 17 reproductions of text and drawings by Mills. Lovingly and carefully printed on green colored paper though also seemingly aged and discolored, they have been tipped into the books pages after binding." – from Melanie McWhorter's post on photo-eye Blog. Read the full post here. Copies of this unique series are arriving soon and available for preorder.

Seacoal Arriving soon to our bookstore, Seacoal by prolific photographer Chris Killip is a powerful documentation of the small English village of Lynemouth. A seaside community whose main industry of mining coal captivated Killip, causing him to persistently attempt to photograph the small village for seven years despite being violently informed to leave and never come back. At one point, after being given a busted lip, the determined photographer walked into a local bar to explain his honest intent and intrigue regarding the coal-mining community. With a little luck from an unknown friend, Killip was finally given permission to produce what has become an exquisite body of black and white images. While taken nearly thirty years ago, this engaging series of photographs explores a timeless example of the close-knit community industries that are slowly fading away as the world continues to evolve. Signed copies of this stunning monograph are arriving soon and available for preorder.

Just arrived to photo-eye Bookstore, three publications by Austrian photographer Paul Kranzler. In his newest monograph, Brut, Kranzler engages the viewer with an intimate depiction of his home environment including a beautiful mixture of family, friends and atmospheric settings. Edited from thousands of images, the photographs in this series highlight the basic elements that together form an individual throughout a lifetime. Kranzler's second monograph Tom is a private view into the world of an adolescent teenager of the same name coming of age in Upper Austria. Detailed images of Tom's family life and personal ambitions are captured in a strikingly unique form, highlighting the photographer's ability to take an average story of a domestic upbringing and create a vividly personal portrayal of humanity. The photographer's first monograph, Land of Milk and Honey, is a social documentation of Kranzler's friends, a poverty stricken elderly couple living out their years in a neighboring flat. While the photographs focus on the day-to-day existence of the couple, the intimate relationship Kranzler conveys in his images immediately grabs at the viewer. The photographer's ability to be hands-on in his approach is a visible factor within all three monographs, separating this young artist from many of his contemporaries. Signed copies of all three personal titles are now in stock and available for order.

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Todd Hido, Alec Soth, Chad States and Davidson
Lonely Boy Mag
Paul Kranzler
Paul Kranzler
Land of Milk and Honey - SIGNED
Paul Kranzler
Raymond Meeks
Not Seen | Not Said, With Wes Mills - 3 versions
Danny Lyon
Deep Sea Diver
Chris Killip
Seacoal - SIGNED
Koos Breukel
Faire Face
Aram Tanis
Urban Jungle - SIGNED
Morten Andersen
Black and Blue - SIGNED
Phyllis Galembo
Maske - SIGNED

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