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Chinese Sentiment Featured in this week's newsletter, Chinese Sentiment is a poetically personal journey of reconnecting with one's past. Traveling to his homeland of China, photographer Shen Wei weaves together a thoughtful series of images that are quiet in tone, while also existing as a strikingly powerful body of work. The solitary scenes in this book stray away from the larger Chinese cities, focusing instead on the private side of public parks, canals and rivers, alluding to a time when life and travel revolved around these waterways. There are also a number of beautifully lit portraits and still-lifes interwoven throughout, adding a personal touch to the photographer's ambition of reconnecting with his native culture. The images in this book are exquisite and offer an insight to Chinese culture often overshadowed by photographs of congested cities and industrial wastelands. Signed copies of this thoughtful monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Scar Tissue New from Nazraeli Press, Scar Tissue by Israeli-born photographer Assaf Pocker is a vivid engagement into the notion of trust and suffering. The photographs in this book are stunning and for some, may be somewhat disturbing, creating a haunting series of portraits of individuals affected by both emotional and physical scarring. Inspired by the artist's own struggle with childhood abuse, this series is an intimate collaboration between photographer and subject, creating a personal document that transcends the bounds of traditional portraiture. These beautifully constructed black and white images are dark in expression, allowing the viewer to thoroughly contemplate the weight of this profound work. Signed copies of this powerful monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Winter Also from Nazraeli, Winter by photographer Jeffrey Conley is an alluring monograph of landscape photography. Elegantly printed, this book delves into the photographer's ability to take stunning photographic images inspired by many of the medium’s great landscape artists, while also finding a unique voice of his own. Heavy fog, clear lakes and intense snowfall make up an arrangement of photographs that achieve a level of mastery that is both visually compelling and thoughtfully absorbing. Signed copies of this beautiful new monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Arriving soon to our bookstore, four new titles by independent publisher Mack Books. First, Le Luxe by Roe Ethridge portrays a unique design intended to convey the artist's exploration in disavowing the idea of a finished body of work. Combing through Ethridge's archive of personal and commissioned work, this book displays both the artist's unique conceptual imagery and flawless technical skill. Second, La Carte d'apres Nature is a book of images selected by the renowned artist Thomas Demand. Selecting the work of eighteen artists, Demand connects the imagery in this monograph through two ideas: tamed nature and Surrealism. The result is an exceptional exploration of the disjuncture between the representation of art and the representation of itself. Third, Film by the prolific photographer Paul Graham is a reflection on the physical science that makes the photographic medium a truly one-of-a-kind process. Scanning the blank edges and unexposed frames of his negative archive, Graham created a 'negative retrospective' of his work. By doing so the artist has created his own Eulogy to the existence of negative film in the digital age. Lastly, People in Trouble Laughing Pushed to the Ground by Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin is an examination of the language of documentary photography pertaining to the conflict in Northern Ireland. Selected from the Belfast Exposed Archive, the photographs in this book are a chronicle of many aspects of the conflict, including protests and acts of terrorism and the mundane simplicities of life, such as watching trains or drinking tea. Uniquely selected from the clues of past Belfast Exposed archivists, this book is an exceptional look into the uniqueness of this small archive. Copies of all four Mack Books titles are arriving soon and available for order.

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Shen Wei
Chinese Sentiment - SIGNED
Jeffrey Conley
Winter - SIGNED
Assaf Pocker
Scar Tissue - SIGNED
Syoin Kajii
Roe Ethridge
Le Luxe
Thomas Demand
La Carte d'apres Nature
Paul Graham
Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin
People in Trouble Laughing Pushed to the Ground
Jason Fulford
The Mushroom Collector - SIGNED
Eric Tabuchi
Hyper Trophy Box Set 1
Eric Tabuchi
Hyper Trophy – Box Set 2
Steve Mulligan
Earthworks - SIGNED

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