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More Cooning with Cooners Featured in this week’s newsletter, More Cooning with Cooners, edited by Kalev Erickson and published by the Archive of Modern Conflict, is one Ohio family’s collection of vivid raccoon hunting Kodachromes taken during the 1960s. The book’s title is a reference to Otto Keuchler’s original 1924 publication Cooning with Cooners detailing tall tales of the highs and lows of raccoon hunting and the images inside this new book are strikingly curious. The photographs show an apparent enthusiasm for all aspects of the hunt. Captured within this series are photographs of the prized dogs, the chase of the hunt, collections of raccoon pelts and even the act of skinning these highly valued raccoons, but there are also a number of photographs depicting a subtle sense of admiration for the hunted animals. The dated clothes and cars of the hunters’ are oddly surreal and detail a sub-culture little changed despite the modern world quickly transforming around this ritualistic act. As with all AMC publications, the book’s design is fantastic and has the feel and look of an illustrated children’s book from the turn of the 20th century. Copies of this intriguing new monograph are now in stock and available for order.

The Prototype Work In a new expanded edition, The Prototype Works by legendary photographer Lewis Baltz offers stunning photographs taken from 1967 until 1973 depicting a corporate industrial takeover of the California landscape. Containing 27 previously unseen plates, the reproductions in this book are marvelous. Formally sculptural in appearance, the images focus on the simple geometry of unassuming stucco walls, industrial parking lots, straight street views and unused billboards that are transformed from the mundane to the socially relevant. They offer an intriguing view of an American landscape in drastic transformation. The anonymous structures depicted in Baltz’s work are a commentary on America’s homogenization after the Second World War. A leader in the New Topographics movement, Baltz’s images in this series are as relevant today as they were when taken thirty years ago. Copies of this seminal monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Also of note, Lonely Boy Mag., edited and designed by Alec Soth is a satirical version of a contemporary men’s magazine. Humorous in approach, but often alluding to dark undertones, this publication is a brilliant and unique addition to the Little Brown Mushroom collection. Read more about Lonely Boy Mag. on the photo-eye blog by clicking here.

America, 2006 by Obvious & Ordinary (AKA Martin Parr and John Gossage) is a photographic depiction of the two artists’ joint trip to Memphis to connect with fellow photographer William Eggleston. The photographs presented rarely give the appearance that these two photographers are working on the same project, as each tell the story with a distinctive style all their own. The differences in approach make for a surprisingly cohesive narrative that is remarkable in content. Copies of both Lonely Boy Mag. and America, 2006 are now in stock and available for order.

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Kalev Erickson
More Cooning With Cooners
Lewis Baltz
Prototype Works
Alec Soth
Lonely Boy Mag
Pierpaolo Mittica
Chernobyl: The Hidden Legacy
Bruce Haley
13 Million Tons of Pig Iron - SIGNED
Bruce Haley
Sunder - SIGNED
Olaf Unverzart
Leichtes Gepäck - SIGNED
Olaf Unverzart
Don't Fade to Grey - SIGNED
Ordinary Obvious
America, 2006
Phyllis Galembo
Ellen Jong
Getting to Know My Husband's Cock
William E. Jones

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