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Fringe Phenomena Featured in this week’s newsletter, Fringe Phenomena by Dutch photographer André Thijssen is a uniquely designed two-volume set focusing on the artist’s interest in capturing ordinary "non-events" that often go overlooked or unseen. The twin books are presented together inside a scored and folded, stiff illustrated jacket. When opened, one book is on the left and the other on the right, creating an unusual design that lends itself to exploration of both the humor and the mystery displayed in Thijssen’s photographs. The first volume with images selected by publisher Erik Kessels, includes previously unpublished photographs from Thijssen’s archive. With such a diverse range of material, Kessels’ selection focuses on the beautifully odd and humorous objects the artist interprets with his camera. The images in the second volume of this set were chosen by Thijssen himself and create a more mysterious tone than the first book. Soft focus, shadows and darkly lit interiors provide an enigmatic series of photographs that are both beautiful and unsettling. The two volumes together provide for an engaging juxtaposition to Thijssen's view of our unnoticed surroundings. Copies of this two-volume set are arriving soon and available for preorder.

Kaddu Wasswa The Kaddu Wasswa Archive, edited by Andrea Stultiens, Kaddu Wasswa and Arthur C. Kisitu, explores the personal visual biography of Ugandan Kaddu Wasswa, a community teacher and social worker, as well as an avid writer, photographer and photo collector. Featuring the scrapbook pages of Wasswa’s collection, the book also includes an assortment of letters and newspaper clippings often annotated with his personal commentary. Wasswa began his collection in the period when Uganda was seeking independence from Great Britain and the objects captured in the book’s pages share a fascinating perspective on Uganda’s first fifty years of independence. The items included in this book are presented as one would imagine an individual’s archive to be — carefully organized and in a very personal order of preference. Copies of this intimate monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Also of note, Foto & Copyright Vol. 2 by G.P. Fieret is the second installment to the highly sought after and collectible Foto & Copyright Volume 1. Fieret, a self-taught photographer, took photographs of everyday life with a strong focus on photographing women. His prints — solarized, fogged and printed with high contrast, were often accompanied by his copyright stamp which became a signature to his imagery — adding a unique take on the photographer’s personal and private creative journey.

Kyklades by Ali Bosworth is a modest softbound edition published by Gottlund Verlag. Taken throughout the Kyklade islands in Greece, the photographs, helped by the wonderful editing, give a sense of a dreamlike memory and are far removed from the tourist locations that have sprung up throughout the islands. While there is a little of everything depicted in the book, Bosworth’s recurring subject, a young red-headed female, brings the full spectrum of photographs together. For more on Kyklades read Antone Dolezal’s post on photo-eye Blog by clicking here. Both Kyklades and Foto & Copyright are now in stock and available for order.

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Nicola Dill
Sea Etchings
Andrea Stultiens
The Kaddu Wasswa Archive
G.P. Fieret
Foto & Copyright. Volume 2.
Ali Bosworth
Anne Schwalbe
Blindschleiche und Riesenblatt - SIGNED
Ian Van Coller
Interior Relations
Michael Kenna
Images of the Seventh Day
David Goldblatt
Intersections Intersected
Jocelyn Lee
Nowhere But Here
AndrÉ Thijssen
Fringe Phenomena
Eloi Gimeno

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