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Spomenik Just arrived at our warehouse, copies of Spomenik, the new monograph by Antwerp-based photographer Jan Kempenaers, published by Roma Publications. Throughout the 1960s and 70s the Soviet regime in the former Yugoslavia erected dozens of "Spomeniks" (memorials) dedicated to the tragedies of the Second World War and subsequent domestic massacres. Erected as an attempt to build a unified identity for the troubled region, these modernist giants became wildly popular tourist destinations through the 1980s. Now, after decades of conflict, they stand as untended and forgotten monoliths to an abandoned stream of history. Kempenaers' images of these modernist giants are stunning, and profoundly evoke their tangled history and pluralized significance. Copies are now in stock.

Grid-Portraits We are proud to offer signed copies of Grid-Portraits, a new monograph from Nazraeli Press, presenting a seminal body of work from photographer Stu Levy. In the mid 1980s, frustrated by the limitations of traditional photography, Levy began his Grid-Portraits, massive portraits composed of a grid of individual 4x5 negatives. This approach draws an easy comparison to the much vaunted photographic explorations of David Hockney (himself a subject of Levy's), while Hockney usually explored a quotient of time, a board game, meal or gesture, Levy's compositions are longer-term, more authored fragmentations of time and space. The portraits, usually of artists in their home or studio, are often composed of parts which may have been shot months apart or in different rooms. They are, without a doubt, some of the most richly narrative single works of photography. Signed copies of this stunning monograph are now in stock.

Also of note, Grimaces of the Weary Village by Lithuanian photographer Rimaldis Viksraitis is a personal and humorous look at the villages and people the photographer lives near. Often partaking in dysfunctional behavior, Viksraitis’ subjects give the appearance of a life full of hard physical labor, while at the same time providing a comical relief from these hardships. Alcohol is a prevalent component in many of these photographs, often leading to the absence of clothes and strikingly out of the ordinary behavior. The photographs are surreal, and the insanity that ensues within these surreal scenes gives a glimpse at a life most of us will never be invited to partake in. Signed copies are now in stock.

Oculi is a beautiful new book by the Australian Photography Collective Oculi, offering an in-depth survey of some of Australia’s leading contemporary photographers. Oculi is a collection of 250 brilliant photographs, marking the 10-year anniversary since the inception of the collective, and focuses on the documentation of these photographers' homeland. Many of the photographs in this anthology are environmentally themed, exploring ideas of environmental consequences, as well as Australian culture as a whole. Signed copies are now in stock.

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Jan Kempenaers
Stu Levy
Grid-Portraits - SIGNED
Rimaldis Viksraitis
Grimaces of the Weary Village - SIGNED
Oculi Photography Group (Australia)
Oculi - SIGNED
Mariken Wessels
Queen Ann. P.S. Belly Cut Off
Karel Teige
Alphabet (Postcard Book)
Vladimir Mayakovsky
Mayakovsky 22 Postcards
David Grant Noble
In the Places of the Spirits
Rose-Lynn Fisher
Peter Funch
Babel Tales - SIGNED
Stephen Gill
B Sides - SIGNED
Stephen Gill
Coming Up for Air - SIGNED

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