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Parking Lot Hydra Arriving soon, copies of Parking Lot Hydra by French photographer Estelle Hanania, published by Decathlon Books. Hanania traveled to the Balklands to photograph a traditional Winter Masquerade, a small town festival where celebrants dress head to toe in fur costumes and two faced masks, hoping to ward off the darkest parts of Winter. By restricting her image making to the parking lot and outskirts of the festival, Hanania presents a sort of in-between world when the costumed throngs stop to converse and half undress to smoke. The production is exceptional, mixing luscious color images with monochromatic spreads printed on colored paper, including a conversation between the publisher and artist as an accompanying text. Copies will be arriving soon, and are now available for preorder.

Opera Città Also coming soon, copies of Opera Città by the legendary Tod Papageorge, published by Punctum Press. Papageorge was awarded the Commissione di Roma 2010, a prestigious commission to produce a photobook about Rome, a task Papageorge approached with the full weight of his background in street photography. The result is a gorgeous accordion fold monograph, presenting seductive, nuanced images of Rome's iconic streets. Notably, the photographs are in color — a rarity for Papageorge and true pleasure for the viewer, who is easily convinced that Papageorge's unique mastery of images extends well beyond his comfort zone. Copies of this extraordinary monograph are arriving soon, and are now available for preorder.

The Family Also of note, Swedish photographer Stefan Bladh’s monograph The Family published by Nouvel Publishing. Bladh followed a Turkish nomadic family for seven years, observing and documenting their struggles, as well as the perseverance of their human spirit. Extraordinarily edited and sequenced The Family offers beautiful photographs in both color and black and white that express an intimacy rarely executed to such a high degree. Bladh’s connection to his subjects and their hardships are both telling and tender. As Anders Petersen states in a brief afterword, “Stefan is invited both as a friend and a photographer and he is aware of the responsibility this invitation brings. You’ll find his pictures full of despair and tenderness, focusing on the humanity we share.” photo-eye has just sold through all of our copies; more copies of this book will be arriving soon.

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Stefan Bladh
The Family - SIGNED
Gita Lenz
Gita Lenz
William Christenberry
Jeffrey Silverthorne
Boystown, The Perfume of Desire
Estelle Hanania
Parking Lot Hydra
Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin
The Color of Hay - SIGNED
Six By Six
Six by Six - Limited Edition
Martin Barnes
Shadow Catchers: Camera-less Photography
Tod Papageorge
Opera Città
Eric Tabuchi
Alphabet Truck – Vol.2
Eric Tabuchi
Twentysix Abandoned Gasoline Stations
Josef Hoflehner
Yemen - SIGNED

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