NEW ARRIVALS +  01.22.10 Vol 7.4

For the second week in a row, we're dedicating our New Arrivals newsletter to highlight selections from the Best Books of 2009, our annual end of the year survey, featuring individual lists from Marco Delogu, Antone Dolezal, Daniel Espeset, Tricia Gabriel, Richard Gordon, John Gossage, Todd Hido, Anne Kelly, Jeff Ladd, Lesley A. Martin, Melanie McWhorter, Ron Jude & Danielle Mericle, Jeff Mermelstein, Eric Miles, Laura Moya, Martin Parr, Andrew Phelps, Markus Schaden, Paul Schiek, George Slade, Alec Soth, Douglas Stockdale, Ed Templeton, Sara Terry, Jennifer Thompson, Erik van der Weijde and Michael Wolf.

The parenthetical following the book titles below denotes the contributor who selected it for the Best Books of 2009.

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Chauncey Hare
Protest Photographs (Jeff Mermelstein)
Anders & Jh EngstrÖ Petersen
From Back Home (Eric Miles)
Pieter Hugo
Nollywood (Laura Moya)
Oliver Sieber
J_subs (Martin Parr)
Bernhard Fuchs
Roads and Paths (Andrew Phelps)
Cary Markerink
Memory Traces (Markus Schaden)
Mark Borthwick
Not in Fashion (Paul Schiek)
Lester B. Morrison
Lost Boy Mountain (George Slade)
Doug Dubois
All the Days and Nights (Alec Soth)
Sarah Stolfa
The Regulars (Douglas Stockdale)
Dana Popa
Not Natasha (Ed Templeton)
Christopher Anderson
Capitolio (Sara Terry)
Judith Fox
I Still Do (Jennifer Thompson)
Melanie Bonajo
Furniture Bondage (Erik van der Weijde )
Taiyo & Nico Krebs Onorato
The Great Unreal (Michael Wolf)

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