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Due to popular demand, Crusade For Your Art by Jennifer Schwartz is now sold out but will be back in stock next week. The book contains a wealth of resources for photographers looking to further their careers and reach their highest goals. From developing your brand to tightening up your work, Crusade For Your Art includes valuable insight from more than twenty-five of photography’s top curators, gallerists, editors and photographers themselves — providing a detailed road map for making your mark on the art world.

Camouflages by Joan Fontcuberta aims to question the variety of ways truth camouflages itself through science, politics, religion, photography and news. The artist camouflages himself as a scientific journalist, author and photographer through the images collected within the book. In one series, Sirenes, Fontcuberta poses as a journalist working for National Geologic offering fossil hunting tours of mermaids and other fabled creatures. Photographs of constellations are interspersed with photographs of dead mosquitos smeared across the artist’s windshield. Camouflages is a fascinating book that requires several sittings to fully digest. It begs the question, what do we believe in and why?

Author of the indispensible The Invisible Dragon and Air Guitar, Pirates and Farmers is a new collection of essays written by Dave Hickey. One of America’s most unconventional and provocative art critics working today, Hickey explores cultural phenomena such as 'the super collector,' the biennale, the loss of looking pervading the art experience and more in this new book.

Some Windy Trees by V.D. is a visual catalog of trees in the Himalayas, photographed in heavy winds. The artist intentionally left several pages blank within the book, as though to echo the wind in which the photographs were shot – a force that is felt but not seen. Limited to only 500 copies with each copy uniquely titled, signed and numbered by the artist on the back of the book, V.D. writes "some crazy copies are coming with a red scribble!"

Saul Leiter's Retrospective presents an insightful look into the oeuvre of one of the pioneers of color photography. Leiter found his inspiration in the streets of New York, documenting the bustling city alongside Robert Frank and Helen Levitt. In the late 40s and 50s, color photography was largely regarded as "low art" only used in advertising. Some forty years went by with his negatives untouched until his artistic color photography was rediscovered. In addition to his early black and white images, this retrospective includes Leiter's fashion photography, over-painted nudes as well as reproductions of his paintings and sketchbooks. The book is now in its second printing and was published on the occasion of his first major retrospective.

Care of Ward 81 by Bill Diodato was reviewed by Rena Silverman for photo-eye Magazine. Silverman writes, "Enter Ward 81, where the walls cake and crumble down into a pile of ruins once called a floor. Ahead, three symmetrical windows reveal a day's light, made leaden by cloud or snow (or dust stuck to the glass). Above, the patchwork of a ceiling hangs like a mouth without teeth, its framework bulging from humidity and neglect. Bill Diodato has captured empty rooms like this at a state mental hospital in Oregon, where mentally ill women dwelled in the 70s. (It is also the location where One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was filmed.)"

Johan Van Der Keuken moved to Paris from Amsterdam in the mid-50s, photographing his new surroundings in rich black & white with a sense of desolation. In 1963 he published a selection of these photographs in Paris Mortel. Fifty years later, the original book dummy is reproduced here with a selection of previously unpublished images. Paris Mortel was selected by Jeffrey Ladd as one of his Best Books of 2013.

Unmarked Sites is Jessica Auer's exploration of locations that were once prominent in Viking culture circa 1000 AD and in some locales, people predating this time period. Looking for clues of this history in the landscape, Auer creates a thoughtful investigation of the traces the past leave on the present. The accompanying text, which is in English and French, functions as a travel journal while giving a hint of information about how contemporary and historical cultures have used this land.

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This Week's Auctions

In this week's listings, ridiculously scarce material from long-time auction favorite Josef Sudek along with other Czech rarities from László Moholy-Nagy, Jaromir Funke and Vaclav Jiru; limited editions from Ruth Bernhard: Gift of the Commonplace (1/40 with a print) and The Collection of Ginny Williams plus a stunning, very Sudek-like print from her, Victorian House, 1963. Also on the block:
  • Todd Hido: Taft Street (One Picture Book No. 6) + Roaming
  • Rafal Milach: In the Car With R.
  • Anders Petersen: City Diary
  • Gregoire Pujade-Lauraine: The Significant Savages (signed)

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    Jennifer Schwartz with numerous contributors
    Crusade for Your Art: Best Practices for Fine Art Photographers
    Joan Fontcuberta
    Camouflages - SIGNED
    Dave Hickey
    Pirates and Farmers
    Some Windy Trees - SIGNED
    Saul Leiter
    Bill Diodato
    Care of Ward 81 - SIGNED
    Johan Van Der Keuken
    Paris Mortel
    Jessica Auer
    Unmarked Sites - SIGNED
    Ruth Bernhard: Gift of the Commonplace (Limited Edition with Print)
    Ruth Bernhard: Victorian House, San Francisco, 1963
    Ruth Bernhard: The Collection of Ginny Williams (SIGNED)
    Jaromír Funke: Fotografie + Pressfoto (Portfolio of 12 Prints)
    Vaclav Jiru: Slunecne Pobrezi Jugoslavie (The Sun Coast of Yugoslavia) --SIGNED
    Laszlo Moholy-Nagy: scarce SNKLU monograph
    Rafal Milach: In the Car With R
    Todd Hido: Taft Street (One Picutre Book No. 6)
    Todd Hido: Roaming
    Ernst Haas. Color Correction. 1952 - 1986
    Gregoire Pujade-Lauraine: The Significant Savages (SIGNED)
    Eva Rubinstein: Fotografie 1967-1990 (SIGNED!)
    Josef Sudek: Praze, 1939
    Josef Sudek: Kalendár Družstevní práce (Calendar of Druzstevni Prace), 1933
    Josef Sudek (Set of 12 Postcards, Orbis, 1962)

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